Do You Have to Have Your Inspection Current to Renew Your Registration?

Updated on September 21, 2012
N.G. asks from Arlington, TX
12 answers

My inspection is expired because my stupid catalytic converter crapped out because my (insert expletive) husband improperly installed new spark plugs. Long story, but it's costing me $2500 to get my car inspected, which we are doing next week. My registration is expired, and I got a ticket for both of the stickers being expired. I can get them dismissed if I get the car registered, but can I do it before the car is actually inspected? Or do I need one to get the other?

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answers from Dallas on

Like another mama said I have heard police can tell if you have paid but do police tell if you have paid for either registration and/or inspection? Does anyone in TX know. I have always wondered. (I am guilty that when I do buy my registration tag I don't always place it on my car right away but I paid for one).

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answers from Dallas on

NO, you don't. (In Texas.) You just need your current insurance and registration form.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I'm not sure how it is in TX but in PA you need to show a current registration and insurance card to get your vehicle inspected. You do not have to have the vehicle inspected to renew the registration with the state.

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answers from Washington DC on

OUCH!! $2500 to replace the Catalytic Converter??? And it smells like rotten eggs!!!

For us, here in VA, you must have your vehicle inspection done (they submit it electronically to the DMV) PRIOR to registering your car...

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answers from Portland on

You can get an accurate answer by looking at the DMV web site or by calling their office.

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answers from San Francisco on

Here in CA, you can pay your registration with or without your smog check. You don't receive your current registration stickers until you have your smog check current and submitted to the DMV, but if you're pulled over by a police officer, they will see that you've paid, and they won't give you a ticket.

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answers from Dallas on

You only need your registration renewal form and proof of insurance for your registration sticker.



answers from Dallas on

I think you can register your car in your county at the assessors office as long as you have insurance. You won't be able to renew anywhere else (by mail or at a grocery store)


answers from Kansas City on

In Missouri you do...not sure about TX.


answers from Lakeland on

We don’t have inspection here is Florida, but when I lived in PA and NJ you needed the registration to be current to get the inspection done.


answers from Dallas on

I know when my son went to register the car he bought, he could not register it until it was inspected.



answers from Phoenix on

Did you check with the Dept of Motor Vehicles for TX? I'd imagine that their website has this info listed on it. That way you can get a 100% factual answer.

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