Do You Have a Mounted Tv?

Updated on September 07, 2011
J.F. asks from Doylestown, PA
8 answers

If you have a mounted tv to save room, where do you put the wires, and also where do you put the dvd player? Ideas?

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answers from Washington DC on

We purchased our mounted TV stand at Best Buy - it holds up to a 32" TV and it has the DVD player below the TV .

For the Big Boys? 42" and above? The wires go behind a vinyl cover that go down the wall to the outlets - that's what we have done...the vinyl cover can be painted the color of the room so it doesn't "stand out".

The DirecTV box and DVD player are in a stand below the TV with the XBOX.

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answers from St. Louis on

We have ours mounted above the fireplace. Ya ever notice, well back in the day, that they never have TVs in the displays? I remember moving in and thinking I thought this room was bigger. :)

Anyway it looks plenty big now but I digress.

Since it is above the fireplace I have one HDMI and the power cord bundled together running behind the what not on the mantle. There is a tower next to the fireplace that has all the equipment. Everything is routed from the receiver which is how we get by with only two wires going to the TV.

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answers from Los Angeles on

We have a mounted TV and all the cables with exeption of the power cord go through the wall. The power cord should not be put in the wall, they are not rated for this. We had an electrician install an electrical outlet right behind the TV where it is mounted so you cannot see it. The other cables go through the wall to the DVD, cable box, etc. that are stored in an emtertainment center. You should choose an interior wall to mount the TV, because, they typically do not have insulation. Also, if you do not want to bother with putting wires in the wall you can always buy a cover that attaches to the wall to go down to your entertainment center. But it does look as "neat".

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answers from Seattle on

Mount the tv on the wall, then tape together the wires and tuck them behind the tv. Also, put a shelf J. below the tv to put the dvd player and other things. We have two big standing shelves on either side of our tv and they hold the movies and all that so everything is out of reach for my son.

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answers from Phoenix on

DH mounted ours flat to the wall. He cut holes in the wall, behind the TV & behind the TV stand to hide the wires. The DVD player goes in our TV stand. It's a pretty good set up.


answers from Orlando on

We have our tv mounted as well...when buying our living room furniture 2 years ago, we went ahead and purchased the sofa table when we bought the regular coffee tables. A year ago we moved from Texas to Florida and decided to mount our tv in the new house and use our sofa table (it's pretty tall) to sit under the tv, about six inches, and hold the DVD and cable DVR box. My husband bundled the cables and wires and taped them to the back of the sofa table so you see very minimal cording. We did it mostly out of necessity because we didn't have room for the sofa table behind the sofa but we've gotten many compliments on how it looks by visitors so it worked out great in the end.


answers from Spokane on

we have a mounted flat screen tv and as far as the wires we didn't do anything special to hide them but they don't show much. As for the dvd player we have it sitting on top of a 2 drawer filing cabinet under the tv. This filing cabint serves as our dvd storage so it works out great for us.



answers from Pittsburgh on

When we were considering a mount, we were going to buy a freestanding shelf to attach to the wall underneath the TV to put the dvr box (you can find them if you do a google search).

However, you can definitely think out of the box if you are getting a flat screen TV. A TV stand or a mount aren't the only options. We actually decided to put ours on top of a standard 4 ft bookcase. We J. set the TV on top, we use the top shelf of the bookcase for receiver and dvr. The rest of the bookcase is filled with our usual books. It takes up a LOT less floor space than a TV stand that you would buy in the store.

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