Do You Have a Mom Car?

Updated on September 21, 2011
F.O. asks from Beverly Hills, CA
21 answers

Oh-Em-Gee! I can't tell you how many times a week I clean/clear out the car!!!!! Toys, food, clothing, papers, etc, you name it, it all seems to double up right after I clean the car.

How often do you clear the car?

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answers from Philadelphia on

My kids are not allowed to eat, drink or bring their junk in my car. They can take a book but that is it. I don't eat or drink in my car either. This really does keep it clean.

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answers from San Francisco on

oh yeah! I have a suitecase literally in the back with my kiddo's clothes in it just in case we need to stay out or need a change of clothes as well as food, water, snacks, diapers etc. Magazines--lol, books. Yup, a mom car.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Yes, I have THAT mom car.
How often do I clean it? ha ha
Hmmm....only when I absolutely have time which isn't that often.
The good side is that while my car is now gross (ha ha) my kids are happy, well fed, well taken care of and played with.
So I figure I'm ahead on the dirty car scenario. :)

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answers from San Diego on

This made me laugh! We tried to clean out the car today and gave up. I think we could survive a small disaster out of the back of our trunk. I get so tired of not having things we need all the time that we never take them out unless we are actively using them. We keep the rain cover for the stroller in there year round now after being caught on an outing without it and got soaked when rain showed up when it wasn't forecast. We keep a couple old towels that can be used for everything to covering the carseats on a hot day to being tossed at a child that suddenly starts throwing up. The list goes on. Even when we take out what doesn't belong in there we have a ton of stuff in there.
I keep saying I'll get my 4 door, 4 wheel drive mini-cooper when I no longer have to taxi my kids around LOL

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answers from Eugene on

It's been too long since I cleaned out my car. But if we ever had an earthquake or other emergency, you could probably find everything you need to survive for a week by digging around behind the seats of my mom-vehicle.

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answers from Las Vegas on

pfffhhhhh! I used to clean my car once a week before baby :) now once a month if I'm lucky I'll do a deep clean. As long as there's no nasty smells or spilled food on your seats don't stress it! Then when you have a minute to yourself go drop the car off at a local wash and take a mommy time out to read a good book while some else cleans it for you!

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answers from Boston on

There is no food, drinks, toys, etc allowed in my mustang. That is my third baby. The Durango on the other hand is a mom car but she is getting cleaned and hubby s taking it to get detailed this weekend and the same rules are going to apply.

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answers from Chicago on

I have a mom car (minivan) and it is LOADED with the kids' stuff! I clean it out every Thursday night as I am taking our weekly trash to the curb.

Hubby has our date night car (which I got to drive tonite when we went out.)

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answers from New York on

Oh, ha... I clear out the debris once or twice a month, but I have to do a full detailing every other month or so because my DEAR DEAR son likes to intentionally spill his beverages in my car.

(No, he doesn't get ANYTHING but water anymore because when he was little he developed a very bad habit of splashing his milk around to see what kind of reaction it got from Mommy.... needless to say, now he's 5 and he.gets.NOTHING. besides water, and he.knows.why.)

Anyway, the damage is done, and my car perpetually smells like a cross between "wet dog" and "dumpster". Yum.

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answers from Kansas City on

I try to clean it out once a week, but sometimes I just don't worry about it because I get tired of it. I'm so glad to hear I'm not alone with a messy car!!

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answers from Milwaukee on

I dump the trash as soon as we get home. I even moved a garbage can so I can dump stuff right out my window.

It DESPERATELY needs to be cleaned but it's not horrible. We snack in my car and I make a bigger mess than our son does! OOOPS!

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answers from Chicago on

I just let it pile up until it starts to fall out then clean it up ... it's just TOO much.

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answers from Washington DC on

We cleaned ours Sunday morning at 7 before we had to pick up a friend of my daughter's. We even vacuumed. Before that, ummmmmmmm, yeah I have no idea.
Mine is the haul it vehicle. We take the garbage to the dump with it, get all the Lowe's supplies, wood, mulch, dirt, all the groceries. I take the kids everywhere.
His is the new Prius. He also picks up riders to the Pentagon so that one stays very clean, no food or drink and we keep Carpet cleaner in there just in case.
I do keep Lysol in mine. ;o)

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answers from New Orleans on

We just clean our van out today also. Had old french fries,torn up paper (that the kids was writing on in the van and decided to tear it all up afterwards.) More trash and old empty juice boxes. Also had 3 small bikes in the back of the van that we had when we went to the park about a month ago.(Its been riding in our van that long.)

We try to clean it out maybe twice a month or a month if were lucky. Also depends on how much trash and so on is in there. :)

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answers from Dallas on

not often enough. my whole backseat is strewn with my son's toys & blankets lol.



answers from San Diego on

Daily I clean out the stuff, but the car itself is NOT clean. I'm a downsizer. Hard for me to have any clutter.


answers from Lansing on

How often? Well my husband needed it this past weekend to take a bunch of guys to the Lion's game. So...I cleaned it.
I try to keep it picked up but geeze in life I have so much more to worry about...


answers from Boca Raton on

My car is always clean... I hate a mess! I clean it as I go, I don't leave things in my car... You might call me OCD, lol..



answers from Los Angeles on

All the time, is that the right answer, you name it I have it in the car. Everything in my car, Sports gear, shoes, outside chairs for the softball games, socks an empty cup Ugh it’s endless. Make me feel better when the car wash guy comes to my job. I try to normally have it clean it and vacuum the inside and throw everything in the trunk, LoL...I hope he comes today :/



answers from Honolulu on

We have a family van.
I have a box in it.
All my kids things go in it.
We also have a bag in there, for 'just in case stuff' like extra clothes/underwear/slippers.
And a Kleenex box.
And a rubbish can bag.

It stays clean.

Things that are transient, goes back in the house whenever we go home.

I clear the van about once a week.
But it doesn't get that bad.



answers from Denver on

Mine is always a mess and I'm constantly picking up fish crackers, toys, wrappers, etc - it makes me crazy.

I actually thought this was about the type of car you drove - so to add on - i have the worst mom mobile ever - a subaru outback - it is a total slug and such a kid toter - grocery getter. lol

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