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Updated on April 02, 2013
D.C. asks from Jamaica, NY
18 answers

Hi everyone! Just wondering what hobbies some of you have. I am searching for something that would keep me busy, but also somethig that I would enjoy doing. Any ideas?

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answers from Anchorage on

I quilt, paint, and take photos. I am not that great and don't sell any of it, but it makes me happy when I create.

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answers from Binghamton on

I sing in a choir. We practice one night a week, and I practice on my own over the rest of the week. It is great fun and I have met a lot of fantastic people.

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answers from Sacramento on

Yep, mamapedia is my hobby!

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answers from Philadelphia on

I started making stained glass windows about 13 years ago. Over the last few years I started making mosaics out of glass. My art is now in a gallery:). So exciting. Never even dreamed that would happen. I have a degree in business.
FYI... I tried painting, drawing, swimming, skating (ice and rolder blading)and photography before I found glass art. My interest developed however because our first house was a cape cod that had really short, wide windows. I didn't know what to do with them in terms of window treatments and my neighbor's mother suggested stained glass. When I looked it up, I found out it would be a minimum of $800 per window, I had two. Since we knew we would be moving I didn't want to make the investment. I saw that glass stores however gave classes so I thought I could make my own. Best of luck finding something you can be passionate about. My hobby has enriched my life more than I ever anticipated.

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answers from Dallas on

My hobby started 7 years ago. I started making hairbows for my daughter and friends and painting custom kids clothing. My hobby is now my full time job from home and I am a single mom. Totally blessing. It's amazing how hobbies can grow into other things!!!

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answers from Chicago on

My hobbies include running the Scholastic Book Fairs for my son's schools (a good one takes time and prep), make up (right now helping our local high school's production), the community choir, and I am in talks with a local librarian on helping with some "sensory reading" programs. So, I guess my hobby is volunteering as an overall theme.

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answers from San Francisco on

Small scale gardening, photography/album making, home decor/home improvement projects, reading (I just joined a book club!) and walking/working out with friends and/or my dog. I also consider cooking a huge hobby because even though it's something I have to do every day I love to experiment with it and try new things.
I volunteer with an animal rescue group one morning per week.
I collect vintage photos and re-purpose them into gift tags/cards.
I make and sell diaper cakes:
I just joined a roller skating club (mostly women in their 40's) that meets about once every six weeks, and I used to do Jazzercise but am thinking about starting Zumba soon. I would also like to get back into Yoga, I just need to find a class that fits my schedule :-)

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answers from Baton Rouge on

I do needlework (knit, crochet, cross-stitch, beading) and community theater.

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answers from Los Angeles on


Working out. Exercise in general.



10k runs.

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answers from Sioux City on

Mine must be cleaning. It keeps me busy and I do enjoy when it is done....... it doesn't seem to stay that way for long though. I really enjoy fixing up our home. We picked up a repossession home and it needs a lot of work. I have floated walls, retextured, taken down wallpaper, taken up carpet, put up new light fixtures..... Next I will be making new quilts and curtains for my youngest two daughters and, after taking down their wallpaper, paint their room. In our hold home I drywalled, taped and mudded rooms and laid flooring.

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answers from Portland on

I love to work in my garden. Write. Play word games (bananagrams, crosswords, usually solo stuff-- husband could care less). Reading is like breathing- not a hobby, just can't not read.

Also, drawing is a nice way to spend an evening. I had no training, just enjoy using reference pictures from books and drawing what I enjoy looking at.

Some nights, cooking can go from chore to hobby, provided I have time to research what I'm wanting to make. Sewing is fun for me too.

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answers from Atlanta on

I LOVE to scrapbook, and in the spring and summer, I also garden. Gardening is a huge stress-reliever for me, and I get a lot of emotional satisfaction out of scrapbooking. I had just started teaching myself to sew when we moved in September, and I haven't picked that back up yet, but I still intend to. I just have to get the rest of my life organized first.



answers from Rochester on

I like baking and watching t.v. and movies. I use to write and draw. I like photography--taking pictures, and being out and about--especially on nice days.



answers from Houston on

I read about natural health; it keeps me very busy! I also make hair bows and put bows on flip flops. I learned how by watching You Tube videos. It's a lot to buy getting started, but it's fun and I even sell them sometimes! Mostly I make them for my 2 girls (who keep me happy and busy most of the time!), but I also give the bows as presents, and my friends buy from me for their friends gift for birthdays :)



answers from New York on

I embroider, paint and crochet.



answers from New York on

I cross stitch. I also like to do word puzzles, read a lot and try out new recipes. I don't have as much time for these as I'd like, but I hope that you find something you enjoy in your spare time.



answers from New York on

I don't really have time for my hobbies anymore, but I've got a list of hobbies and things I want to do when I finally get the time. Here they are:
1. Play the ukulele - You've got to try it. I know it sounds corney, but the uke is actually a great instrument and easy to learn. Most people don't even realize it's in a lot of pop music. Train uses a tenor ukulele in "Soul Sister." No that is not an acustic guitar being used. Free lessons can be found at Everyone shold go to that website and see what Aldrine does with a uke. He is soooooo good and can sing too. He will even do requests for teaching various pop tunes.
2. Gardening - Ok, so I'm already doing it....Just want to do more.
3. Crocheting - I want to do more than Granny squares.
4. Exercise - Already do and love it!
5. Drawing - I love to draw and usually use colored pencil, but I want to learn pastels.
6. Repair furniture - Just something I enjoy.
7. Tiling - Beware....working with tile can get addicting. Can't wait to do a backsplash for the kitchen. Waiting for hubby to finish the wall first. After that....I'm going to make tiled tables and chairs for outside.
8. Read the books I didn't have a chance to.
9. Create an online advice column.
10. Learn Spanish.



answers from Chicago on

Reading and cooking. When the kids get older, I'm going to learn how to play the cello.

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