Do You Have a Facial Hair Removal Regimen?

Updated on April 18, 2016
L.B. asks from Carefree, AZ
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Does anyone shave, wax or cream (Nair, Veet, etc.) off their facial hair -- everything except brows? Please let me know what has and has not worked for you. Any product recommendations and place of purchase would also be very helpful. Ideally I would like to take care of this at home. Thank you!

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So What Happened?

I think I am going to try the shaving route on my jaw line and upper lip. I cannot believe it has come to this...but I think my make up will apply better without all the peach fuzz.

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answers from New York on

I'm with Gidget. I do my mustache like that too. I have spent money to have it waxed. Two days later it's back. So I shave it too!

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answers from Springfield on

I shave my chin everytime I shower. I know people say if you shave more will grow back or the hairs will get darker or ... there are so many "Old Wive's Tales." The truth is ... nothing happens if you shave. So, I shave. I take a little bit of shampoo from the top of my head. Takes me about 2 seconds in the shower, and I'm good to go.

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answers from Norfolk on

It wasn't a problem till menopause hit but now I have a few stray chin hairs to pluck every so often.
Since they are white, they are hard to see but plain old tweezers work well.

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answers from Sacramento on

Suddenly my facial hair got to be noticeable in my 40s. Blonde, but still too much. I shave the mustache with an electric razor maybe once a week. Takes less than a minute and no irritation.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

If I have a hair I pluck it out.

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answers from Portland on

I wax above my lip, but the hairs seem to grow at different rates, so I then end up plucking the more stubborn ones. They are white which you think would not show, but they seem to be thicker as I get older (almost 50). Hard to pull out. So I am considering laser.

Chin hairs - pluck.

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answers from San Francisco on

Shave. Chin. Electrolysis.

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answers from Washington DC on

Try shaving and if that doesn't work well (it doesn't for me -- it leaves dark bumps where the hair follicles are), then pluck. Plucking lasts longer, for me; shaving has to be daily or every other day. I have tried a cream product that promised to remove hair and only burned my skin so I'm very leery of product promises and find that plucking is what works best for me, both in terms of hair removal that lasts a bit, and in terms of not irritating my skin.



answers from Miami on

I know people say that if you remove facial hair it is not going to come in darker and thicker and that it is a myth, but my own body and face say otherwise, though I do have PCOS and a high level of the testosterone hormone, if that makes any difference. Luckily, with the exception of a few hairs I had removed in the past (through waxing) that came in darker and thicker, the rest is still very much like peach fuzz.

I do not remove my facial hair due to my own experiences plus the fact my skin is sensitive, but I bleach it. The dark, thick hairs on my chin that I keep mentioning will not react to bleach, but luckily, there aren't too many, so I just pluck those out with tweezers. I bleach any hair on my face, jawline and neck maybe once a month, or every couple of months, when I see new growth coming out.

My sister had the same issue and she had electrolysis on her upper lip and chin, though her hair was darker than mine, but not as abundant as mine. If you have the money to spend or your hair grows in massive lengths and amounts, then electrolysis is a good option.



answers from Chicago on

I shave my upper lip and mole every time I shower, and then every week or so I do my chin and sides of the lip since I am getting older and having darker hair now in those places. I've shaved those things with a regular razor and facial cleanser since I was a teen.

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