Do You Have a Facebook Page?

Updated on July 28, 2012
E.J. asks from Hialeah, FL
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I know most of you probably have a fb page, right? FB is like a public diary! If you wanna know anything about aybody, just log on! I am in disbelief and amazed at some of the things peple put on there. I know it says, "what's on your mind" but dayum! I know when, where youre going., and who you are with.You take pictures while youre there and post it. I know when and if any type of drama is going on in you, your friends and family life because ou write about it. Some days you are cursing up a storm! Then the next day you trying to be inspirational and thanking God.I know that some of you are these people and probably be offended by it. Am I the only person that feel this way? Myself personally, I just go on to play games and check out the latest drama. I also "like" pics occassonally. And I may change my profile pic every now an then. But thats me. As the older people say, "A hit dog will holla" Meaning that, noone said it was you. But if you react to it, it must be you.

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So What Happened?

I agree..fb is good for ifnding old classmates, old friends and family. FB is also good for seeing whats goig on in our teenagers lives. I just ant believe some of the stupid stuffpeople put on there. lol. But I love it because I am nosey and this way I dont have to actually be there or call to see what happened. I jus log on to fb!

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answers from Colorado Springs on

I like Facebook because I can keep in touch with people I don't travel in the same circles with any more. Like Nicole P., I write better than I talk, so FB is a comfortable means of communication.

Some people use FB and Twitter to post their whole lives, and if I want to read all their information and opinions, I do. If I don't, I don't. It takes all kinds of folks to make up a world! I think FB is like a big party, and I don't have to pay attention to all the conversation that's going on. I just need to be careful what *I* say.

I've used it recently to keep long-distance friends updated regularly on some serious things that were happening. I've appreciated that sort of posting from others, too. So it has its practical uses.

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answers from Kansas City on

I mostly put updates about my kiddo. My family lives far away and this is the only way they get to see her growing up. Most of the posts I see that are like what you describe are teenagers.

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answers from Grand Forks on

I love facebook. I have been able to reconnect with the peopleI went to elementary, middle and high school with, college friends, the people I worked with and far away relatives. I usually just post every couple of days where we went or what we did. I read over my friends updates and comment if I have something to say. Sometimes there are disagreements over politics or religion. I have one friend who has all kinds of drama going on, but I try to ignore her. It's like she never grew up. I love to post pics and to look at others pics. It's kind of amazing that I can see a friend I haven't seen since grade six, all grown up with a family of her own. I never play the games, it seems like a waste of time. When I have a question or a problem I can post it on facebook and get 10 solutions in 10 minutes. My coffee maker broke a while back, I posted it on facebook and had a friend drop one off on my doorstep within an hour. What I'm trying to say is I love facebook!

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answers from Seattle on

It's what you make of it.

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answers from Redding on

I love facebook. I stay connected with friends and family that I otherwise would hardly ever have a chance to talk to if it hadn't been invented.

Yeah, people are candid there, but I figure when I am actually physically with friends and family we are candid in real life too.

The ones that dont say much, those are the ones that we might think have a stuffy, boring life...?

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answers from Austin on

I think it depends on who we are friends with. I also am probably older than you. If there is any drama on FB it tends to be politics and religion..

Otherwise it is fun memories, quotes, jokes, photos of friends and family.

We have a good time keeping up with each other, watching each others children and now grandchildren for some of them, cheering them on. Some of my old classmates are so funny. I just laugh and laugh atthe stuff they post.

The people that may have way different beliefs or people that just do not seem happy with life,I just "hide" them.if they want to tell me something or ask me something. They can post on my wall or message me.

I do this in my every day life. I do not tend to hang out with people that have issues or irritate me, negative people are the worst.

If they need or want to talk with me they can call, but I do not seek them out to spend time with them.

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answers from Muncie on

I moved a lot growing up and lived overseas a good while, the only way to be in contact with people is through FB. I think people are slowly learning that FB is not secure and they need to be careful what they post and share.

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answers from Norfolk on

I'm like you. I am on facebook, but mainly I stay in touch with old high school classmates. There isn't too much drama though, perhaps because I'm 52-years- old. I don't ever say anything really personal on Facebook, and have my privacy controls tight. I won't be friends with anyone who continuously curses, or is downright obnoxious. Both of my adult children are on Facebook, as are my nieces and nephews. I've had mostly a positive experience with the whole thing!

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answers from Chattanooga on

I post a lot of my life on Facebook. I live on the other side of the country, and my family has only been able to meet my daughter once. Facebook is a GREAT way for me to keep everyone back home 'involved' our lives. We still talk on the phone and everything... but I have been told many many times by my family how much they appreciate the effort I go through via Facebook to keep them updated in our lives.

That said, I also get SOOOO annoyed by the drama-seekers and big-talkers. I only add people who I actually know in real life, so I get a kick out of some of their online personalities. If someone is constantly posting nothing but drama I will either block them, or grab a bowl of popcorn and enjoy watching it unfold. lol.

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answers from Boston on

I do, I have found so many old friends that way. I think it is especially helpful when you have something you need to tell so many people about. It gets it out their , and its easier then making phone calls. However, anything too personal, I don't advertise on there. My husband doesn't even want his picture on there, so my photos are edited for just friends, etc.

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answers from Seattle on

I have a facebook page. I am not one to post a lot on it, but I tell ya what...the LAST thing I do on it is play games. bleh. I hide my friends that do because I could care less what score you got on Robot Land.
I try very hard not to post negatively on there, but sometimes a good rant is needed about my STOOOOPID neighbors that live upstairs. I also love to be able to see my cousins, brothers, parents, pictures and I am able to share my own.
I have 65 friends. 50ish of them are my family and my husband's family and the rest are friends. Most of my family wants to see the kids, especially the ones that live out of country.
I too hate the drama and am glad that for the most part I don't see it.

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answers from Washington DC on

I like facebook because I have friends and family all over the world. It's a quick way to keep up with people. Previously, it would be years before I would talk or get updates on these people.

Now I see pictures of their kids and I post mine. Granted, some of it is tiring to read...I really don't want to see what game they're playing or what their other friends are doing ( I have no idea who they are), but you can change your settings to eliminate some of the trivial stuff.

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answers from Chicago on

I have no FB for the exact reasons you described ... i do not care about you that much to know it ALL. If I did, we would be friends and talk on the phone.

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answers from Chicago on

No, I used to though.

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answers from Topeka on

Where is the fine line of posting too much info about yourself family kids etc.No I don't have a page did for a few months but I really didn't want to read the drama others where posting even if it was relatives I had my own thoughts shared them from time to time but to speak of my personal buisness no I don't think so, real names are used on FB friends and family on there if I want them to know something i'll call them.I have considered getting on again just for kicks to sit back and laugh what people post

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answers from Washington DC on

This is why i dont have aFB anymore. such a waste of time.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I have to admit, I love Facebook! I have 3 pages...a personal, a family group page, and a page I post coupons, savings and deals for restaurants, stores, theme parks, and products, household tips, recipes, craft ideas, whatever helps make life easier, more fun or saves money...I posted some cool ideas this morning, a "Snow Globe" to present a gift card in and some neon illuminated Mason jars.

I started out on FB playing games, then I realized I could reconnect with people and started looking for relatives, high school classmates, and people I used to work with. I hooked up with a HS classmate, she's in Arkansas, and we planned a high school reunion we held in June. Our family reunion is a week from today, I've been posting reminders the past few Saturdays and old pictures of family now gone. On my personal page I share photos and links, stay in touch with my granddaughter in Germany, my son and grandson in NJ, my grandkids here in SoCal, my dear friend in OK and the many former classmates i have reconnected with. I reconnected with someone I used to work with, and was able to be there for her when they found out her husband had cancer and ultimately died from it. Now i am rejoicing with her as her daughter prepares to get married.

Earlier this year when my Dad was dying and we were doing in-home hospice for him my many family and friends were there for me to reach out to from all across the US and Europe. I poured out my feelings of frustration, helplessness, and sadness, and when he passed my utter grief, and they were all there for me to offer encouragement and love. I was able to give them updates throughout the past few months of him being ill, information about his services once he had passed, share his obituary, which helped me locate a lifelong friend of his who had moved out of the retirement home he was in until last year, and I was able to share a photo album I created of him being laid to rest in a military cemetery so everyone could see how he was honored.

Yes, I use Facebook and love it. As Riley said, it's what you make it ツ

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answers from Dallas on

I have one mainly to connect with family and friends that are out of town. I love hearing how my extended family are doing. I have also connected with quite a few friends I have lost touch with. I am very careful about what I post though. I don't post where I am, where I am going or what I am doing until after it's happened. I am also very careful about what I say on FB. I definitely don't post anything about any issues with my family or friends. That is for a personal conversation. And I just ignore what others post along those lines. If you don't like what someone is posting, block or unfriend them.

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