Do You Have a Crush?

Updated on July 09, 2011
C.J. asks from Racine, WI
13 answers

I have been seeing the same chiropractor for five years. My son has been going since he was born four years ago and NOW my husband has seen the light and is going to him.

I have a RAGING crush on my beloved 'Dr. Don' and my husband is ruining it because he has a 'man crush' too. I always tell both of them I'd married him in a heartbeat and they just laugh.

Can't a girl just have SOMETHING to herself?

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So What Happened?

Interesting...Mark Ruffalo is from Kenosha, a mere 15 minutes away from me!

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answers from Rockford on

Ok Love My Boys <3 - you cannot have Ryan Reynolds because my HUSBAND is crushing on him, LOL! He always calls him his boyfriend!

As for me, I have always thought John Cusak is the cutest thing ever. Also, I do love me some James Spader. Oh, yea, I really dig my boys' doctor, but please don't tell anyone!

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answers from Kansas City on

All of my crushes are imaginary, for example, Captain Jack Harkness, Methos, Prince Caspian, the Ninth Doctor

I do have a crush on one of the Pirates at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival, which drives my husband a little crazy because he's a real person, but I keep telling him he's not a real pirate and it would ruin it for me to find out he's really an accountant or something. :-)

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answers from Redding on

Id let John Travolta in the door without thinking twice
edit: OH YES Jacqueline C,, James Spader!

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answers from Salt Lake City on

Haha! I don't have a crush on anyone we know in our lives, but I am SICKLY in love with Mark Ruffalo and John Mayer. :)

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answers from Los Angeles on

The Rock
Ryan Reynolds

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answers from Chicago on

Rob Lowe. He's mine so everybody .... back off.

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answers from Phoenix on

Jason Statham.... I could watch him ALL day!

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answers from Seattle on

Ryan Reynolds! Mmmm good piece of beef cake if you ask me.

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answers from Cedar Rapids on

I actually think it's great that your husband is "in on" this with you. It makes it seem less clandestine and tempting. I'm sure you'd never actually take it anywhere, but the fact that you're wanting to hide these emotions away and keep them from your husband is edging close to an emotional affair. Especially because it's someone in your day-to-day life. You get a feeling of excitement and anticipation when you make an appointment with this person. You think about him when he's not there in person. Those are feelings that you need to redirect toward your husband. Sorry to be the party crasher here, but thinking a celebrity is nice-looking is one thing, having feelings for your chiropractor is another!

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answers from Houston on

You go girl!

Aahh, so many crushworthy people in my life. I've been crushing on the pharmacist at a local grocery store - young, built, thick head of hair, white short sleeve medical coat. I started getting my 'scripts filled there 5 yrs ago when my kid was born and my insurance company will RUE THE DAY they switched coverage on me a year ago where I have to go somewhere else now for my meds. Sigh. Sometimes I walk by that pharmacy just to see if i can catch a glimpse of his moptop from the "Consultation Counter".

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answers from Kansas City on

I used to adore Tom Welling on Smallville *blush* and Marion "Pooch" Hall *grin* . {Fanning myself} Lol

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answers from Provo on

Love your question!! And isn't is so funny when our guys get "man crushes"?

Both my husband and I have crushes on Nathan Fillion. He also has a man-crush on that boss dude from Parks and Recreation, the one that loves bacon (can't remember his name). I think most of our crushes are from tv, but I usually keep them "to myself" , not because my husband would be jealous, but because he would never be quiet about it. He teases me enough as it is, no need to give him more ammo!

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answers from Rapid City on

I will let you all know my age... Pierce Brosnan... I call him my 3rd husband. People, hearing this, has asked how many times I have been married. I answer "twice"

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