Do You Get Along Well with Other Women?

Updated on March 08, 2012
E.D. asks from Olympia, WA
23 answers

Hah hah. I'm on the question train now!!

Another question got me thinking and I'm curious what your experience is.

Do you get on well with other women? How 'bout men? Why for?

Separate Question (if you care to answer): Do you think women see each other as a threat?

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answers from Jacksonville on

I get along with both sexes equally. Honestly it depends on the guy or gal who I talk with the most. Usually I end up with the gals. I have met extremes on both sides though. The really girly girls I don't normally get along with, the super guys guys I don't normally get along with either.

If they are somewhere in the middle then we are all good.

I think it depends on the woman. I don't personally see other women as a threat, but I know girls who do.

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answers from St. Louis on

I get along better with men in general than women in general. I have some very good friends that are women but finding women I get along with is a lot harder than men.

I do not understand all the game playing. Like if I say you look fine it means you look fine, don't try to find some deeper meaning in that. Guys won't try to find deeper meaning in things so I like them better, ya know.

I suppose some women do but I am really guessing. I don't so I don't see why anyone else would but that doesn't mean other women don't. Errrr I have been told I need to act more like a threat so maybe. Then again the woman that told me that was just icky evil so maybe she is just nuts.

I don't knowwwwww

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answers from Los Angeles on

Sure. But I like surrounding myself w/ people who are real, loyal, have their life's priorities together, are easy going, (generally) fun and like to laugh. Male or female. The clingy/needy/high maintenance types need not apply.

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answers from Albuquerque on

Yes, I get along well with other women. Just not the b*tchy ones!

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answers from Dallas on

GREAT question. I normally don't get along well with women and I get along great with men. My other half says it's because I think more like a man so it's harder for me to emphasize with women.

I have just now realized the need for women friends (like call you up and say hello and lets have lunch kinda friends), but it's hard to compete with women who've had lasting bonds with their BFF's to fit in anywhere.

I for one do not like drama in any way so when women start with it (or men for that matter) I tend to distance myself from all the BS. I also don't blow sunshine up someone's arse and smile while it comes out their ears and that's hard for some women to handle (translated: if your but looks big in those jeans I will tell you, your butt looks big in those jeans) Which I think is why it's been a struggle for me to keep friends. But I'm a work in progress.

I do not ever see women as a threat tho. And I've never been one to compare my life to someone elses. But I do think I threated other women. Or so I've been told....

Cheers. :)

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answers from Chicago on

I get along with women who are similar to me (down to earth, honest and real). I can't stand the fake, caddy, flashy types who stand around at school pick-up and judge everyone else and gossip about everyone else. I have met several really great moms at my kids' school and it's been so nice to have friends that I have something in common with.

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answers from Houston on

I tend to get along with everybody but I'm more comfortable in a group with my husband and his friends.

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answers from San Antonio on

I get along GREAT with other men of all ages (probably b/c I was raised with two older brothers who were very outgoing/outspoken).

I get along with other women my age, but don't always feel very comfortable around them. I guess I feel uglier than they are or my clothes are not as 'in fashion' as theirs are. My jewelry not equal to theirs. I am most comfortable around women 10 - 20 years older than myself. I think it's because I am not the same age as them, so other things (jewelry, clothes, makeup) does not have to be equal as well. So I don't personally sit there and think "That peer is a threat to me" but I am more reserved when I am in a place where I know noone. In the end, the older women are the 'nice' ones who come up and approach me and meet me. The women my age might be to 'click-ish' to want to meet the new gal. Or they're just too occupied with catching up with their friends. Not sure of the reason, but that's my experience.

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answers from La Crosse on

depends.. I get along with most everyone.

If Im around women too often I tend to not stand them :s I don't like the games alot of women play.. the constant complaining about what ever, the back stabbing that seems to go along with it... Im not saying all women are like this! But I have seen it more than not and its not just in one age group... actually the older women I know seem to be the worst! ( some of the 70+ women that came in for coffee every morning were horrible!)

I get along with men alot better... maybe its because Im more of a tom boy myself and I enjoy their conversations alot more! I love talking ( and doing) about fishing, animals, jokes... just having fun! Men don't seem to get into deep talks or whatever. When Im around them they are more about light conversations and having fun. That's more how I am :)

My two best friends are males. Don't get me wrong I still have female friends from high school, but we don't talk on a daily basis like I can my guy friends.

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answers from Chicago on

I get along with both. However I know woman are very catty, judgmental, etc, so I have to be on my toes to not get involved with these types of woman.

My female and male friendships have been long term, anywhere from 6 yrs to 27 years; most are in the 13-17 yr range.

I even stood up on my best male friends side for his wedding. I was the only female on his side along with 3 guys.

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answers from Washington DC on

Depends on the person. When I was younger, I got along with fewer women. Now that we are older, maybe we can find more in common. Or we've calmed down a bit.

There are people of both genders cannot stand, usually for similar reasons. Most of my friends are straightforward, honest, trustworthy and don't feed into drama. I have a couple of acquaintances from the play group that will never be my close friends because they are too dramatic. I also like people who give as much as they take and who treat people fairly. I don't get along with women who think they have to be b*tchy to be assertive or think they have to let it all hang out to be attractive. One of my best friends could be tacked up as wall art, but she is respectful of herself and others. I have a deep respect for where she's been and where she's going.

The threat thing - meh. I don't take people as a threat unless they threaten, follow? I don't like one-upmanship. My preschool is better than yours. My kid is smarter. Etc. Right now that kind of thing is causing extended family conflict where it doesn't need to be.

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answers from Chicago on

I do not get along well with other women in general - too many games and I can get cought up in them by accident and it makes me crazy b/c I am too competative and then I get mean, so women generally bring out the worst in me.

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answers from Dallas on

Yes, I can get along with other women. They just don't like me :( The problem is, I don't find many women who I have things in common with around here. I also look younger then I am. I am almost 30, but most people think I am around 21. When I take my son to places, I would say the moms generally range from 30-45. I am ALWAYS the youngest one, and they seem to think I am younger anyway. I definitely feel the judgement. I don't know what they would have against someone they think is young. Especially, since they are so busy gossiping to notice it's THEIR children that are being terrors!! I struggle with meeting women. I have never struggled with meeting men I get a long with. I can always have good conversation with men. Maybe, that's my real problem. Do they see me as a threat? I don't know. Maybe. I don't see why they should, but I guess women in general can be that way.

I actually am quite friendly and it's not that I don't enjoy women. I feel like I'm rarely given a chance. I do find I have always enjoyed the company of men more. (In a totally platonic way, but I suppose they don't know that.)

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answers from Boston on

I get along well with women and men, and I don't think women see each other as a threat.

It has been a privilege to share my life - at school, at work, at home, socially and in the community - with many, many wonderful women. Women who are smart, hard working, compassionate, funny, capable, generous, and sharing. I think that because I've been a mom my entire adult life, most of my contact with the world outside of work and family has been through the prism of motherhood, so most of the people I know well and see frequently are moms. That said, I work with mostly men and have a house full of sons, so I also interact with men (their coaches, teachers, friends' dads) on a regular basis and get along with most of them as well.

People are people. It drives me crazy to read people say things like "I don't get along with other women; they're all catty and jealous" or "I hate men they're all stupid." Such a sad, narrow way to look at the world.

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answers from Jacksonville on

I think I probably get along with most people pretty well, both male and female. But if you mean am I best friends with every woman/man I meet(?) then the answer is a resounding no. I am rather finicky about whom I choose to spend my time with. I would rather not be around folks (male or female) who are more concerned with their hair than the fact that their child is a brat. Or with who's doing who on the latest TV reality show. Or generally feels like, as an adult, it isn't their responsibility to ACT like an adult.

Does that make me judgmental? Maybe. But I am not going to be rude or say something out of line to someone who has habits like I mentioned above... I will be nice and polite when we are in each other's company, but I will amazingly reduce the amount of time that we are IN each other's company.
Likewise, if I have nothing in common with you, I probably won't enjoy your company all that much---or you mine. Doesn't mean we can't "get along well", just that we aren't cut out to be "friends".
I don't go around attacking people leaving a wake of haters behind me. So I guess I get along well with others. :)

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answers from Tulsa on

I thought I did until I had a child and some women don't respect that I am raising MY child.
My child is friends with a girl whose mother wants me to NOT go on a three day school trip because she thinks my child is too dependent.
It is my call and frankly the second time she brought it up it I was annoyed. NO means NO. My dog gets it. Women need to back up good parents even when we disagree.

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answers from Salt Lake City on

I can get along with women I have girlfriends but I also hang out with my husbands friends more than the other wives- I like boxing and MMA so I go to the fights with him. I work with women we get along but we are not "friends".

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answers from Seattle on

Hum.....I get along with moms I can relate too...Have similar parenting styles.

I have never been the personality type to have ALOT of girl friends. Girls are just to caddy and competitive for me. Because I just do not care that much.

So....when you have a girl who is mom and one of the ubber moms.....It is hard for me, for all the same reason I had trouble hanging out with those types in HS or College.

Dads are the same deal for me...We just have to click...There are those dads that you can tell will just be rockin and other's that you know will be hard to communicate with or be able to level with.

I have always had trouble judging a book by its cover and love when I am wrong about people..and it does happen (often) where I think something of someone and then find out otherwise...and I think in my mind when I have mentally made that assumption and find out otherwise I try and make up for being super nice to them....and the funny thing is of it is someone I stay friends with...I always rat myself out somewhere down the road to get the guilt gone.

I do not see anyone as threat. I can however have a bit from the jealous bug...which after some scratching I realize it will get better if I just leave it alone...and it always does.

Choo chooo...come and ride the Ephie question train...Next stop her next question:)

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answers from Fargo on

I get along well with both women and men. I don't get along well with people who are manipulative, unkind or untrustworthy and those definitely apply to both genders.

Women can see each other as threatening. It's a good learning experiene to see if we are confident enough in ourselves! Of course, this also applies to men. Insecurity is miserable to experience AND to witness.

Great question, as always!

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answers from Kansas City on

I think I get along with most women pretty well. If I'm in a casual situation whether it be friends, a party, a meeting, school event, etc. I can relate and chit chat pretty easily with just about everyone. When it comes to making friends that I call on the phone and hang out with, that is a little harder for me. I can be judgemental and bitchy. It's not one of my finer qualities. I try to reign it in, especially now that I'm in my grown up years and I will admit that sometimes I am too judgemental of people that I don't think are smart. That's a big one for me. Sorry. These are the reasons that I might not get along with someone or someone might not get along with me, but speaking generally and on a day to day basis, I would say yes I do.

I get along with men just fine too. Before kids I used to hang out with my husband and his friends a lot and I feel like I formed my own type of relationship with his closest friends. I'm a chatter, so I think that helps me get along with just about everyone!

I do think women see other women as a threat sometimes. It depends on the setting and I think it also depends upon each woman's own personality. People in general like to be liked, like to be noticed, like to be appreciated and I think women are more prone to the idea that if a new person comes in to a situation some of the focus might be on the "new girl" instead of themselves. I would venture to say a lot of women feel these feelings but would never admit them or might not even know they are having them exactly. As women we are more emotional about things, this is both a positive and a negative because we can be good compassionate mothers and friends, but sometimes also catty and bitchy when we feel threatened or confused!!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I get along very well with women and enjoy the company of women a lot! I have been told I am sort of like a guy though in many ways (straighforward, practical, logical, low-key, not into dramatics) so maybe that helps. But i also have my girly side. I grew up with 5 sisters, I have mostly female cousins, and my mom and my aunts are very central to my life. In many ways my family is kind of like a girls club. I had a lot of experience with large groups of females in school- girl scouts and sorority life in college... I really like my girl time.

I'm cool with guys too. All my husbands friends or my guy friends, I end up bonding more with their girlfreinds and wives :)

Never felt threatened by other women at all. I wouldn't think many women feel that way... do they?

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answers from Dayton on

I have a very few women that I enjoy and get along with. For me, women seem to have too much drama and I get drug into it. I prefer to hang out with drama free women even if there are only a handful of people I see. I don't hang out with men much aside from my husband and family.

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answers from Boca Raton on

I get along with most women... Get along with all men.. Yes, I think women see each other as threats :)

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