Do You Dream Every Night?

Updated on April 16, 2011
Y.C. asks from Orlando, FL
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I dream every night, or at least almost every night and I normally remember all my dreams ban but if I wake up to abruptly and start doing this right away I may forget.
My husband says he barely dreams and my older daughter says she some times she dreams but some times she only remember very few things of her dreams, I would love to know what my toddler dreams about, lol.
My favorite dreams are the ones where you know you are dreaming and you can change things on your dreams, the one thing I haven't be able to do, is to wake up and go back to sleep and continue the dream, that sucks when you are having a great dream and somebody wakes you up, have you ever be able to purposely continued a dream after you wake up?
Do you dream every night?

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So What Happened?

What is your more recurrent dream?
No doubt about it our brain is still working even when we sleep, funny how it works, like when you dream all night that you clean and clean and you wake up so tired, that sucks, lol.

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answers from Bloomington on

I dream most nights, but I usually don't remember them. It seems that in most of mine I am constantly trying to accomplish something and can't. I have been able to go back to a dream after waking, but only if barely awakened.

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answers from Norfolk on

I know this one! We covered it in a class I took in college.
Yes. Almost everyone dreams (reach a REM (Rapid Eye Movement) state) every night.
But we don't always remember them once we wake up.
Most dreams are in very short term memory and are forgotten almost immediately by the time you turn off your alarm clock.
We had to keep a dream journal as part of the homework for the class.
Keep a notebook with a working pen/pencil by the side of your bed.
When you wake up (right after the alarm), write down what you remember immediately before doing anything else. Many classmates didn't remember much if the alarm woke them up but if you wake up without an alarm on weekends you'll tend to remember a bit more. Just write it down before leaving bed.
Reading back through the journal after a few weeks, you can almost see how your subconscious is sorting through things while you sleep.
Directed dreaming is taking a bit of control of the dream while you are dreaming it. For me, if I'm having a dream I don't like, sometimes I can change the channel and get a better dream.
I've rolled over and gone back to a same dream. If you don't wake up too far sometimes a dream just picks up where it left off.
If I'm dreaming I usually don't wake up tired. The dreaming usually cleans up a cluttered mind - kind of defragments and reboots it. If I'm not dreaming (I felt like I hardly slept at all for the 1st 6 weeks after my son was born) the sleep is less refreshing.

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answers from Boston on

I also dream every night. I have always been a vivid dreamer. I can still remember dreams that I had as a child. Over the years I have learned to control some of the dreams. Those would be the "lucid" dream. They mostly happen when you sleep long enough to wake on your own, and your between the sleep and waking state. I even taught myself to fly. Very cool!

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answers from St. Louis on

Good question, hmmm...I'm sure I dream every night, but the time I wake up it goes "poof"! LOL! It normally is related to the going ons during the day. I would love it to be something nice, like dreams about a nice vacation...and the likes:) I tried to purposely continue a dream, sometimes it works, but you know babies wake me up:( I wonder what they dream about, about mommy and daddy, I guess...

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answers from Kalamazoo on

We are in the process of selling our house and moving, putting stuff in storage etc.........

2 nights ago I had this horrible dream that I was moving out of some kind of warehouse type weird apartment and I had to get out THAT day. Everytime I would carry a load of boxes down to the car, when i would return, there would be even MORE stuff! It was so overwhelming. Then, when it seemed like i was actually making some progress, and could see the floor (I had piles of stuff to move!) all of a sudden I saw a rat! Then more started coming out from all of the stacked boxes! It was horrible!

I woke up very stressed! Yes, I dream every night. Sometimes I remember long story type dreams and sometimes I only remember little bits. For the longest time, I had a recurrent dream that I was like Rambo! And I was on some mission to save people! I relized that the reason I was having this dream was because i felt like in my life that everyone was depending on me, counting on me, relying on me.....and I guess that made me feel obligated to be some sort of hero, save the day, like Rambo! LOL!

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answers from Richmond on

YES and last night I had some CRAZY dreams. I taught myself early on to remember my dreams because as a child, I kept having a recurring dream and I wanted to figure it out. I love dreams and their meanings. And yes, I have lucid dreams where I'M in control. I've also dreampt about things before they happened. Fun question!

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answers from Boston on

I dream Every Night - and I remember them ! They're like watching a movie and i can "change" things in them ( kinda Creepy~kinda Cool) !!!!!!! LOL
I have been able to go back to sleep and 'continue' a few...... not sure what makes that possible for some and not for other dreams!

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answers from Jacksonville on

YES!! I am so glad you posted this! I thought I was the only one. I have vivid dreams, both good and bad and remember nearly all of them. I have both changed a dream and woken up then continued it when I went back to sleep. I always thought it was because I was a creative person (I am a writer). Last night I had tornado dreams :(

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answers from New York on

Dreams (and the whole process) are fascinating! I suggest you get a book or at least surf the web and see what experts are saying about dreams. It is key to want to remember your dreams. If you leave a notepad and pen visible for you to see first thing upon waking for you to write your dreams down, the greater your chance will be of remembering them. If it doesn't come to you right away, don't think of anything else (nothing like what you'll have breakfast or where you need to go later in the day)... just sit there or lay there and keep thinking: dream...dream... what did I dream... and a lot of times you start to remember a small piece of it. And then focus on that small peice and then more will come! Happy dreaming!!

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answers from Glens Falls on

I dream (or at least the ones I remember) in the early morning hours. When I was working, I thought I didn't dream at all or not very frequently. When I did dream, it was always something like being late or missing an appointment or not knowing what to wear - I think I was just way too stressed. Once I wake, the dream is gone, no matter how hard I try to get it back. Sometimes the dreams are clearly related to something going in in real life, sometimes they are wacky!

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answers from Chicago on

Everyone dreams every night unless they have a serious condition. We all have a dream about every 1.5 hours as part of our sleep cycle. People only remember a dream if they wake up during the dream. If they don't, they won't remember, and will likely think they didn't dream.

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