Do Wool Diaper Covers for Cloth Work?

Updated on May 28, 2008
R.H. asks from Berea, OH
12 answers

I am looking to cloth diaper our next baby and I want to use wool, but I'm afraid it will leak all over and I'll still have a wet lap. I wondered if any cloth diapering mamas would have any experience or advice to share with me? I've read about lanolizing, but does it keep the wetness inside the cover?

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answers from Cleveland on

I don't know anything about cloth diapers, but my girlfriends has started using these and loves them:

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answers from Bloomington on


I have used both wool & PUL covers. I have some WAHM made wool soakers and also some Stacinator snap stretch wool covers that I really like. I wash them in Sudz n' Dudz wool wash. Wool is naturally water repellent. I love the fact that it is a nature fiber too and very breathable. This can be really nice if you have a baby who is prone to diaper rash.

I have never lanolized my wool covers because I have mainly just used them like shorts in the summer. They are super cute! I haven't had any problems with leaks, but I try to change my little guy right away. I hear that lanolizing makes a great difference too!

The website "diaper pin" has a lot of great information on cloth diapering, plus many product reviews. There is a link below for you to this site along with some others that might help you decide on what is right for you. I have 3 boys and finally decided to cloth diaper on the 3rd. I wish I would have know all the benefits and how easy it is to cloth diaper with the first 2! Good luck!

P.S. You might want to consider purchasing 1 wool cover and seeing how you like it. Ebay can be the way to go in getting a good price. Also, some online companies offer sampler packages to get you started and to help you decide.



answers from Indianapolis on

Wow, I'm surprised that these cloth-diapering mamas haven't heard of wool covers! They are everywhere. They are great, no itch, scratch, OR rash.
Lanolizing does wonders, you'll have to read up online for how often you need to treat them. The cool thing about wool is that if you know how to sew, you can go get cheap sweaters from GoodWill (or other thrift stores) and make them yourself and save TONS of money.

Check out these website for more info:

They have message boards and sale forums. You could buy a couple used to try before investing in a bunch of new ones to find out you don't like them after all.

You can also get fleece soakers if you are worried about the softness of wool.



answers from Indianapolis on

Years ago I used wool diaper covers from Japan and I do not recall that they leaked at all.



answers from Dayton on

Check out to get detailed info about cloth diapering. Don't worry about leaking. Cloth diapering has come a long way and if done right you won't have leaks any more than you would for sposies. Remember you have to learn the proper laundering techniques. Good luck and enjoy!



answers from Cleveland on

Hi R.! Good for you for wanting to go with cloth! I've never heard of wool covers, but let me tell you what we used....

I cloth diapered my first 2, and a little less with my 3rd....then we moved right after our 4th, so the cloth diapers just didn't get unpacked LOL. We did use disposables when out, and overnight once they started sleeping through the night.....

We found these great diaper covers by Dappi. They have a cloth outer cover, but have a liner, though I don't think it was plastic because it would still get the cover wet if left in a really wet diaper for too long. There's no need for pins either!

The only thing we didn't like was the velcro tabs when they got a little bigger and crawling, because the velcro would scrathch their tummies. So we took a few sets and removed the velcro and added snaps instead. It may sound complicated, but it was easy. I'm sure that you can find others, but these were not very expensive.

We bought ours at Target (8 years ago). I don't know if they still sell them.....we didn't have to buy them again for the younger ones that came along, so they last a while. I'd probably try on-line first.

Good luck! I hope this helps! And once again, good for you! I didn't mind the laundry; don't bother folding them, just put them into a neat pile out of the dryer....dont' bleach the dappi covers too much or they'll not last as long.



answers from Kokomo on

Hi R.,

I have never personally used wool covers. But if you are looking for a good cloth diaper that doesn't leak, I swear by BumGenius as well. They are so soft on baby's skin. These are pocket diapers. The outer part of the diaper wicks wetness away so well that my itty bitties often feel dry until I pull out the inner liner. It is amazing how much fluid they can hold. I use these A LOT, nighttime especially. They are one size fits all kind of diaper. So you aren't constantly having to buy new diapers as your baby grows. These just adjust with snaps to fit your infant up to toddler. LOVE THEM!

I've also become quite fond of G diapers. They have a flushable liner. They are nice to go out and about in. Easier than hauling around a wet bag for me. A little trick I've learned is that you can take prefolds and use them in the center of the G diapers for daytime use. Although, I don't feel they are absorbent enough for nighttime. It's great for laundry day when your diapers are in the wash. good luck! and congrats on cloth diapering. You won't regret it!



answers from Lima on

WOOL??? Itch, scratch, and rash.

Use regular cloth diapers and plastic diaper covers.



answers from Evansville on

I was going to use cloth (until I found out I had twins and decided it would be too much - initial cost and laundry). I found diapers that had "built-in" covers - the diaper and cover were one piece, like a disposable diaper. I know this doesn't answer your question, but it sure sounded easier to me than using a diaper and cover.



answers from Cleveland on

Rubber pants that you put over the cloth diaper works well. IT also works well when potty training.



answers from South Bend on

Hi--on my 2-1/2 month old I'm just using the synthetic covers our diaper service provided, but my mom used wool covers on me and said they worked great, only one case of diaper rash ever. I guess the wool is absorbent enough that they will keep the wetness in, just switch them out every few changes so they don't get totally soaked.
Kudos on using cloth, hope you find some that work well for you.



answers from Indianapolis on

Wool covers? This is a new one for me. I am only responding to learn about this. I used cloth diapers but had plastic pants for them. My children are 28, 26, and 10.
I would think wet wool would smell really badly!!!
Forgive me, I am just curious about this.
P. R

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