Do People Buy Used Crib Mattresses?

Updated on September 11, 2011
T.R. asks from Altamonte Springs, FL
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I'm thinking about selling the 2-in-1 crib/toddler bed that we have, and want to know, do I also try to sell the mattress? It's going on 4 years old, but it has never been wet or dirtied, so I think it's still in good shape. It's a Simmons that I paid $99 for new. Do people also look for used mattresses when buying a used crib? TIA!!

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I will include it with the crib, and let the buyer decide if they want it or not. Thanks Moms!!

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answers from Medford on

People beg for them and sell them and give them away and people are always wanting them at garage sales and thrift stores. Ive bought used ones and sold used ones. I gave away one that had no cover on it but advertised it as a dog bed. A couple arrived in a truck with the biggest golden lab Ive ever seen and put it in the back of their truck. Im darn certain it never ended up with a baby on it and the dog was happy.

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answers from Lake Charles on

I'd think so.. they're like plastic lined so I can't imagine why not... We got ours second hand, just washed it really good with a bleach-water mix, I'm probably going to buy a used crib here pretty soon and I'll be thinking "jackpot!" if it comes with a mattress too.. I've seen ads with and without them so just be sure to list everything that comes with the bed. But if you don't have a use for it I'd sell it, maybe even separate for like $25..

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answers from Seattle on

I bought my daughter's mattress used, paid $20 for it! It's in great condition. You can always put it with your crib and if they don't want it put it on craigslist. You may find someone. Or, garage sale it. Seriously, I know a TON of people that have no issue with buying used baby mattresses. Adult matresses are a different matter.

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answers from Anchorage on

Most people will not buy a used crib mattress because you can get one pretty cheap new. I would just include it with the crib when you sell it.

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answers from Rochester on

Definitely include it, but offer to sell the crib without in case someone's interested but squeamish. I've never had to buy one, used or new, and was blessed to be given my first crib (used!) with the mattress (also used) from an unknown source. I checked it out and it looked good to me--intact, clean, etc. The second was given to me by a co-worker and they had only used it for a year or so, so I had no problem with it.

It might just be the blessing some parent needs who can't afford a new one. Just let them know how old it is and what brand if you know.

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answers from Washington DC on

Offer it and if the person doesn't want it, let it be their choice. There is likely someone who does want it. Our crib mattress came from a friend who was retiring the crib but the mattress was still good (no damage). We also accepted a full mattress from a friend who sold us a bunkbed.

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answers from Chicago on

I sold my crib with the mattress and a changing table. It was a package deal. The mattress was 2 years old and in very good condition (never wet). The couple that bought it were happy it was included plus I got a little more for the crib than.

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answers from San Diego on

Donation places like Goodwill can't take used mattresses. It's a health issue. I have taken mattresses from family members where I knew the history but I wouldn't want one from a stranger. Too many variables.
You could offer it in the listing as an "if wanted" but not "included" and let the person decide for themselves.

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answers from Omaha on

I would think so. My husband's brother and SIL offered a crib mattress to us when our son was born. God love them, their hearts were in the right place but this thing had been put in a storage unit, had one side ripped off of it and it wreaked of smoke....umm, really? thank you. They ended up taking it back to storage and I am sure some other family member or friend ended up using it. That was not gently used in my opinion. If it was in the condition that you describe yours, we probably would have used it. I would offer it with the whole bed set and if it sells without then see if you can donate it to a shelter or Goodwill. Good luck!

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answers from St. Louis on

Why not, I think those darn things are so water lined you could use them as a flotation device. Even if peed all over you can still clean them, I think that is part of the design.

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answers from Sacramento on

When we sold our kids' crib, the people wanted the mattress, too. Since it's covered in plastic, it's different than trying to sell a regular mattress.

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answers from San Antonio on

Sure. Worth a try. If not, your local thrift store/donation center will take it I'd think. The local place near me sells beds with mattresses all the time.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I'm sure there are people who would find the idea of buying a used crib mattress revolting, just as I'm sure there are people looking for a great deal on a gently used, previously loved crib mattress! Can't hurt to try, right?

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answers from Houston on

I would never buy one used, im scared of bed bugs and possible urine and fecal remnants. Im not saying thats the case with your mattress, but i want to unwrap my own mattress and know im the first to do so.

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