Do I Tell an Interviewer I'm Pregant or Not???

Updated on January 14, 2010
J.G. asks from Akron, OH
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Hi Moms...

I lost my job of 12 years in July 2009... the place I worked closed it's doors. I have been on unemployment since then & I finaly got a call for an interview which is later this week, only after job hunting for over 6 month. My question is do I tell the inerviewer that I am about 3 months pregnant... I'm not showing yet, or atleast not to the point were anyone else can tell. My fear is that if I tell I won't get the job, but if I don't I might be asked to leave when they do find out since I can't hid it forever.

I'm just wondering what you all would do... and am greatful for any and all input.


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answers from Dallas on

Absolutely not.

While it is federally mandated that employers not consider pregnancy when making a hiring decision, they will. Keep yourself on an even playing field by not giving them anything that will negatively differentate you from other candidates.

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answers from Indianapolis on

I wouldn't say anything in the initial interviews unless you're 8 months and really showing. The reason is because you may or may not get the job at that point, and like it or not, it may affect a prospective employer's decision even though it's really not supposed to.

Once they make you an offer, then you can tell them (gracefully) that you didn't mention it because you weren't sure if you'd get the job or not, but you are pregnant and due on whatever date. At that point, if they decline then it could be considered discrimination. It wasn't that you weren't necessarily completely truthful, but whether or not that information was necessary at that point. If you end up not getting the job, then they didn't need to know in the first place.

Just a few thoughts, for what it's worth, and good luck!

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answers from Cincinnati on

If you want this job, DO NOT TELL THEM. It is none of their business, and in fact, legally, they cannot ask you. They also cannot legally fire you for being pregnant, and if they do, you should sue them for all they're worth (and you'll win).

Having said that, you need to fully consider what you are doing. Although some companies will offer maternity leave to those who have worked for them for 6 months, the U.S. government does not mandate maternity leave unless you have been employed for a year or more at one location. That means that you may not be entitled to maternity leave for this baby. This is the position I found myself in when I became pregnant in 2008. If that is the case, you and your husband will need to discuss how you will handle a new baby when you only have vacation time and sick leave to burn. Good luck.



answers from Dallas on

Just sharing here to help you make your own decision. When I told my employer that I had worked for for a little over a year about my pregnancy, my hours went from 40 hours a week to 8 a week over the course of one month. They basically backed me into a corner to make me quit. When I applied AND interviewed for two jobs following this, I thought I would be considerate and let them know that I was pg, and despite having 2 wonderful interviews, I was not hired at either place. Just goes to show you how rotten employers are.
Good luck! I wouldn't tell them if I were you.



answers from Augusta on

I would honestly say it depends on how far along you are. If you are in the beginning stages and not showing yet, then I don't see a need, just make sure you ask about maternity policies and how long you have to work there for them to offer maternity leave, and if they do allow maternity leave how long they allow a new mother to take. If you are showing and someone could tell just by looking that you are pregnant then I would be honest with them and tell them. The worst they can do is not hire you, and honestly if they are willing to overlook experience because someone is pregnant, then maybe they aren't worth working for in the first place (in my own opinion).

Good luck and I hope that your job hunting is successful.



answers from Cleveland on

I dont think you are required to tell them. Unless this a job where you have to have a physical. If not, I wouldn't volunteer the info. If you get hired, after it starts to become obvious then of course share your news. The economy is tough right now, and they probably would be less likely to hire you if they knew. Good luck! And congratulations!



answers from Cincinnati on

I agree--don't tell them if your not showing. They can't legally ask in the interview. Legally they can not hire you because your pregnant but if you tell them in the interview, you won't know their reason. If you wait until they offer you a position to inform them they can't do anything about it. Good luck on the interview!



answers from Columbus on

This exact thing happened to me about four years ago. I was 3 months pregnant and I didn't tell them I was pregnant during the interviews, but I did tell them when they were making me the offer. Most employers will allow that to affect their decision to hire you even if they are not supposed to, but if you wait until after you have been extended an offer or after you have started, it is kind of a moot point! Good luck!

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