Do I Need to Buy Another Stroller for Baby #2? - Evansville,IN

Updated on August 30, 2010
K.C. asks from Evansville, IN
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We are pregnant and have a 2.5yr old. We have the Chicco travel system with extra car seat base. Spent lots on it. Do I need to buy another stroller that can fit 2 or a sit and stand to put both of them on it? If I do that... than do I need to buy another carseat too so the infant carrier will fit into the stroller? I really don't want to have to buy all new, since what we have is in good shape and we spent close to $450 on the other system. any help would be appreciated?

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answers from Dallas on

I have a 2.5 year old and a 5 month old. First, with a baby on a schedule, we don't get out much. But when we do, I have baby in a bjorn and toddler in the stroller. When baby's old enough to sit well I plan to get one of those wagon things for them to sit in IF I feel we still need something. Haven't needed a double stroller at all.

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answers from Columbus on

Your 2.5 year old is old enough to walk. I have my son (3 yrs old) hold on to the stroller as we walk.

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answers from Spokane on

Don't waste the $...your 2.5yr.old can walk...

If you are going somewhere that requires a lot of walking like Disneyland or the mall, they rent strollers there!

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answers from Houston on

My daughter was 2 years and 5 months old when my son was born and we bought a sit n stand stroller. We have probably used it a total of 10 times in 2 years. We mainly used it in places like the zoo or the mall where there was lots of walking. We also used it at Sea World once and it was actually a great thing to have at that point since they both ended up napping in it, but I really don't think it was worth the money we paid for it. I will probably end up trying to sell it in the next few months since we just don't use it. I am guessing your daughter will be closer to 3 by the time the second one comes along, so I would probably not waste the money on a double stroller unless you can find a used one for cheaper on Craig's List or something like that. Just my 2 cents. Don't get me wrong, the stroller was great, but we just didn't have a big need for it, so it really depends on your activity level and what you are out doing on a regular basis. Hope this helps!

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answers from Grand Rapids on

Hi! My daughter was 2 years and 2 months when my son was born. I wasted way too much money on a double stroller. My daughter wanted to walk everywhere we went. Every child is different. If your son still likes riding in the stroller then it might be easier for you if you get a double stroller. Unfortunatly the Chicco carseats don't fit in just any old stroller. Good luck and congrats! :)

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answers from Cleveland on

My son just turned two about 2 weeks ago and I'm about to have baby #2.
I was thinking about getting a double stroller but, like you, do NOT want to spend the money. I decided that I'm going to get a baby Bjorn baby carrier instead. That way if i ever need to go somewhere I can put my son in the stroller & the baby in the carrier. Also it's a difference of $70-80 on the Carrier or $300+ for the stroller.
I also figure if I absolutely NEED a double stroller later on then I'll deal with it when the time comes.

I'd say if you don't REALLY need the double one don't get it. I guess it would all depend on how much you use your stroller.

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answers from Houston on

My 1st was 18 months when #2 was born. I have a double and a sit and stand and have used them a handful of times. When the little one was born I carried her in a baby carrier and the older rode in the stroller or walked, a single stroller. He doesn't really like to sit in strollers anymore so I use a cheap umbrella stroller for the little one now cause it is so much easier than the heavy strollers. If you and your husband are out a lot together you can make do with a cheap umbrella stroller that he can push the older child in instead of investing more money on a double. I also think it depends on the child, neither one of my kids have ever napped anywhere other than at home, but if your oldest likes to nap while your out and about having a double would be nice so he can lay down too.

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answers from Chicago on

I guess it depends on how much you use your stroller with your 2.5 yr old now. If you still use it a lot, then you might want to consider a double stroller. If your older child would be okay walking, or one of you could carry him/her, then don't bother getting anything new. If you do get a double, look at the same brand at your travel system to see if they offer one that is compatible with your current car seat. Another option would be to get an infant carrier or wrap and "wear" your infant while you push the older one in your current stroller. Just also make sure there haven't been any recalls on the carseat/stroller that you have. Congrats on baby #2!

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answers from Cleveland on

Totally depends on you, and how much you use your stroller now. My kids are 17 months apart and then 23 months apart, so DS1 was just over 3 when my DD was born. We did buy a double stroller when my second son was born. We lived on the west coast and used our stroller a LOT, since the weather was always so nice. Chico does make a nice double stroller that would use the car seat you currently have, so if that is what you want to do, you could just replace part of your travel system, and not the whole thing.
However with my third we simply went back to the single stroller and replaced the carrier, they make these lovely straps that attach to a wrist or a stroller and have little places for kids to hold on to them, I got two, in different colors and each boy had a strap to hold when we went out. If they didn't hold on, they didn't go out with us, period. it kept them close and worked for walks around town, since we were living in OHio then, and didn't go out nearly as often. once she was big enough we bought a wagon, but i only once had any issues with my boys walking and behaving well, and they never complained or wanted carried.

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answers from Boise on

My son is 28 months and my daughter is 3.5 months. We also have the Chicco. I keep looking at those strollers, but haven't bought one yet. I think it depends on your situation though. Towards the end of my pregnancy, my son started walking a lot more. If we go out now, I either put my daughter in a front carrier and my son in the stroller, or put my daughter in the stroller, and my son walks or is carried by dad. I'm a working mom though, so if you are a SAHM, the situation may be different for you if you are taking them everywhere.

I would wait till you have the baby. Make sure you have a sling or something, and see how it goes. You won't gain anything by buying early.

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answers from Houston on

this isn't a NOW solution but I highly recommend the new radio flyers that have the canopies and have seating for 2 with seat belts. as soon as the baby is able to sit on his/her own this is the best thing ever to cart both of them around.



answers from Detroit on

If you want to keep the stroller you could always get a buggy board to go on the back for your toddler. If you buy a sit n stand you should be able to use the carseat with it, most of them have a universal car seat attachment for the front seat.


answers from San Diego on

It really all depends on what kinds of activities you do as a family and how much you use the stroller and in what situations. I have 3 kids ages 9, 6 & almost 15 months. We are the kind of family that never holds still and loves to do very active all day here and there "playing" and spending time together. We have Disneyland annual passes, we go to the Zoo, we go to the San Diego Comic Book Convention, we go to renaissance faires, museums, etc. When I had #2 we had a single Graco. One thing, we never used an infant car seat with any of the kids to carry them around-car seats belong in the car as far as I am concerned, it's not for carrying the child around in everywhere else. I was always able to move them from the car seat to the sling or stroller if they were asleep and never had problems, they were so used to it. I also had a couple ring slings. Some of the time I'd carry the baby in the sling while my oldest rode in the stroller and other times the older one walked while the baby stretched out and laid in the stroller (you could put the seat completely flat for an infant and sit it up for the toddler). If it was just errand running then the baby would go in the sling and the older one would walk or go in the shopping cart unless we were somewhere like walking the mall and if I was maybe hoping to try on clothes or something LOL When #2 was old enough to sit up we did get a sit and stand that we used for ages. In fact we used it so much that our first one broke and we had to buy a second one. All day activities like we usually do were to much to expect them to walk the whole time and Disneyland at Christmas is a sardine can so we always felt safer having them corraled ;) With #3 we are back to a single and ring slings. On really long days #2 rides in it sometimes and #3 in the sling. #1 will sit in it when it's parked sometimes when it's hard to find a seat. Point is...we had to buy a double stroller when we had #1&2 but the single's been fine with #3..but that's partly because there is 8 years between oldest to youngest and 5 years from 2 & 3. It depends on the temperment of your oldest too. My oldest is naturally fussy and picky, we needed to use the stroller with him longer as a result. No need to ruin a day over something so small. The sit and stand we have is compatible with nearly every, if not all, infant car seats so you would not need to buy a new one of those, just the stroller. Good luck!



answers from Cleveland on

great question! going through the same thing..It depends on your child honestly..My son LOVES strollers so we just bought another one instead of using a big double,but i have a double for when i am going to be by myself with him and the baby..If your child doesnt really care for the stroller,I wouldnt waste the money....but if you want to i would get the double because even if your older one doesnt sit in it the whole time you have extra storage space lol The only thing is make sure you watch your dates on the carseat to make sure they dont exspire if you are using it for the new baby :) Good luck!

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