Do I Need a RX for Ringworm?

Updated on April 25, 2012
K.R. asks from Durant, OK
11 answers

i first thought it was just dry skin, but everyone who sees it thinks its ring worm. I would love to avoid a dr visit because she is just terrified of him, but i will go in need be;
do you know if i need an RX??

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answers from Washington DC on

no you don't need a Rx. Just go to the store and get some lotramin cream. Put it on 3 times a day for about 3 weeks and it will be gone. We have all had it before

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answers from Houston on

If it is on the skin, you need to get some anti-fungal cream, like Lotrimin, jock-itch/ atheletes foot cream or something along those lines. Put it on the infection, cover with a band-aid the first 3 days so as not to pass it around, then continue to apply the cream until it's gone (usually a few weeks). Wash ALL bed linens, soft toys... all surfaces b/c ringworm is fungal and the spores can spread and reinfect other people. Go to your local pharmacy and ask the pharmacist for his/her recommendation on the best over the counter cream.

If it is in the scalp or hairline you MUST get an oral prescription from a Dr. because creams don't work on those spots and can cause permanent baldness.

I know from personal experience as a mother of 2 boys who had ringworm (on the skin and scalp), and also as a hairstylist who got to take an *exciting* 3 hour class on skin infections!

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answers from Dallas on

When I got ringworm from a stray, I didn't have the Dr. told me to just get athletes foot cream from the store. It worked. However, I think you might need to make sure it actually is ringworm first.

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answers from Dallas on

we used a $3.00 tube of antifungal cream.

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answers from Charlotte on

If anti-fungal cream doesn't get rid of it, it's not ringworm. If it's not ringworm, THEN go to the doctor.

Hope you get rid of it fast!


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answers from Houston on

Go to the pharmacy. If it is ringworm they should be able to identify it and sell you an over the counter medicine to clear it up. I had it several times as a kid and young adult.



answers from Waco on

lotrimin or lamisil should work if it truly is ringworm. It may take a few weeks, though.



answers from College Station on

Yes. It is a prescription anti-fungal cream. Though, there are probably some homeopathic products on the market at a healthfood store.


answers from Minneapolis on

When me and my two sisters got ringworm a couple years ago, my mom read that we should put iodine on it a couple of times a day. Worked for us! :)

Do a little research to get the exact instructions on how to do this.


answers from Chicago on

I would go to the pharmacy ie Walgreens/CVS or a trusted neighborhood pharmacy and ask for the best option - I recall getting one as a child but not going to the doc for it, just OTC stuff.


answers from Beaumont on

No you do not need a doctor. Get an over the counter anti-fungal cream like what is used for athlete's foot and put on several times a day. If it is ringworm it should go away. If it spreads or does not go away then I would see a dermatologist.

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