Do I Need a Double Stroller When #2 Arrives?

Updated on August 31, 2009
D.C. asks from Fresno, CA
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I am having a baby in November and my son will be 20months old. We really want to buy a jogging stoller but are not sure if we will need a double. My husband wants to go on long walks and roller blade so we are sure we want a jogger. Will my toddler want to sit in the stoller by the time his little brother is ready to join him? For those of you who have a BOB does the infant seat converter work well? I'm a little hesitent to spend the money for the BOB but don't want to get stuck in the house with two small children. My husband really wants a BOB and they are on sale at REI. I would appreciate any advice you experienced Mamas have.

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Go for the Bob, I think they're awesome, my kids are almost 3 years apart, so I couldn't really justify it, but if your husband wants one, get it! Getting the husband on board to spend money on a stroller is more than half the battle! Plus the resale value on Bobs are awesome. I've heard only good things if you're fine with the size, they roll like butter, what a dream, sad I'm so excited about a stroller!



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Our children are 21 months apart. I used a Bjorn carrier, but a double stroller was still essential for us. My son was still at an age when he needed to nap even when we were out and about (hard for a little boy to do that walking or with a sit'n'stand). And there were times when I did not want to wear my baby girl (such as trying on clothes and eating lunch). I couldn't have lived without my double stroller.

I had a Maclaren and love the side-by-side strollers (loved watching my kids interact with each other). I don't know much about the BOB in partucular, but I can say that if you intend to take it to the mall or the store or a restaurant--anywhere with a door--you will want a stroller with a width smaller than 30 inches. Otherwise you will have a problem fitting through many doors easily.

And about spending the money on a good stroller--remember that a well-made, well-kept stroller can be resold when you're done. I bought my stroller slightly used at a discount, and then recovered much of the cost by reselling it later. I am so glad I spent a bit extra on a GOOD stroller, rather than trying to save money on a chintzy one that I would have been frustrated with. (I had actually thought of going cheap by joining two umbrella strollers together. Wow, I would have ended up hating that!)



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You have a few options-- if you are into baby wearing, get a ergo or bjorn carrier--carry the baby and push your 20mo old in single stroller for walks. If you are set on getting a jogger, I would go for the double so that you have the option of putting both children in the stroller. Good luck! Congratulations on your new baby coming~




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our kids are 16 months apart and tried holding out on getting a double stroller. then we needed it, for long walks and lite jogs. we tried a chico but it didn't compare to our Bob we loved. so, we put out an ad on craigs list that we needed a used double bob and someone responded. we returned the chico and love love love the double bob jogger. i have a honda civic 4 door and it fits in my trunk when you take one of the wheels off (easy to do). i wish i had a bigger car but hey, i'm happy i got the double bob, one thing at a time.



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The Bob is a huge stroller and in my opinion not practical for anything except going on walks. I bought the Baby Jogger City mini double stroller and it is wonderful. It folds up easily, fits through doorways and is very durable. It is not technically a jogging stroller, but it could be used for one. It seems really roomy and my 30 pound 2 1/2 year old loves riding in it.

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