Do I Need a Carseat on a Plane?

Updated on February 27, 2008
K.C. asks from East Peoria, IL
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My son is two and a half. we will be flying to Florida in May. He will be two months short of 3. I dont think he will weigh 40 lbs yet. I have read both suggestions about bringing a car seat on the plane for him. Does anyone have any suggestions? Is it a good idea or a bad idea? His car seat is so clunky and big I cannot imagine dragging it on a plane with my toddler. (it will be only the two of us).

I also have looked into checking it in as baggage. Is there an extra charge for it, I know it weighs less than 50 lbs.

Any advise would be great. This is the first time my son will be on a plane.


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answers from Peoria on

I myself have traveled a few times on a plane with a two year old, suggest taking it if you know your busy two year old will be all over the place. My son found out real fast how to undo those easy airplane seat belts, so I usded it as a safety device and for my sanity of not having to fight him to stay in the seat, I understand each child is different. Another thing to keep in mind is if you are going to rent a car when you get to Florida or if you will be with other family. Most rental car places have car seats that you can use, much easier than checking in for luggage, you know how rough they are with your bags, do you trust your childs car seat to that kind of care? Hope you get some positive and help ful answers.



answers from Peoria on

when in doubt. it is always the best thing to call your airlines you are flying with...they have their own rules to follow...

I do suggest a backpack full of your little ones favorite things...and let him be in charge of will help him to understand that mommy has to carry things, and so does he..



answers from Peoria on

I would advice checking your carseat in along with your other baggage. Keep in mind that it does count for one of you items, and last time I flew... just in December... I do believe I was allowed to check two bags and the carseat, and it was at no additional charge. If your baby boy sleeps ok in your arms, I would just say do that. No use in tagging along anything more to keep your already busy arms even busier. I would also say bring an umbrella stroller... this you can check onto the plane as you board. Hopefully, the stewardists would give you no guff... sometimes they can be funny, but I would just do all I could to look practically helpless (which isn't hard when traveling with an infant - I know - plus a toddler!). They should do their best to accommodate you and your precious little ones, and if they don't, then I'd remember that for next time you fly. Go with another airline, right?! Good luck. Hope this was a lil helpful for ya!

p.s. Just click the carseat into the base, and then it's all one item. This is in case you're needing it for transportation, obviously, once you get to FL.



answers from Peoria on

Depending on the airline, they require a seperate seat purchase for any child over 2. Also required is a car seat. Make sure to check if the car seat is FAA approved. It will say on one of the stickers on the seat. Take my advice and check ahead of time because they will and if it's not approved your stuck. It is a nuisance to drag the clunky thing but unfortunately (or fortunately) it's the rules. Have a nice trip!!

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