Do I Have a Problem with My Newly Installed Wood Flooring?

Updated on December 27, 2008
R.C. asks from Colorado City, TX
4 answers

Hello Mamas! We recently had about 1200sf of engineered hardwood flooring installed...about a week ago to be exact. The top layer is maple with a butterscotch finish. I've started noticing some "staining" in a few boards. By that I mean I'm seeing very dark, almost black patches and striations. At first I thought one of the kids had taken a permenant marker to my new wood floor, but on closer inspection I realized its actually the wood. On two boards it's a series of squiggles, not quite aligned with the grain, on another board nearby its a couple of patches of darkend wood...again, not necessarily aligned with the grain. I'm confident these boards were not installed that way. The discoloration has only appeared in the last couple of days. I can live with a few boards that don't match, but my bigger concern is if it's possible that the wood has actually been damaged somehow! I would hate for it to become a widespread problem! Has anyone ever had this problem with wood floors? What could possibly be discoloring the boards?

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answers from Dallas on

I would contact whomever you purchased it from- I do also have a friend that has a business that can refinish hardwood flood
Todd at Buff and Coat- ###-###-#### Im sure he can help you out.

Good Luck!

As per my friend:
It sounds like she has used a floor cleaner that contains "wax". This is typical on hardwood floors because the wax is much softer than the polyurethane and more easily "accepts" dirt. She should check the label on her cleaner and make sure she is not using anything that contains wax. The only cleaner that should be used on hardwood floors in water and vinegar. If she is not using a wax cleaner then she should contact the company who installed the floor because it is not normal. The only normal condition like this on wood floors would go along the grain of the wood.

Tell her to call me if she has any more questions.

Todd Harris
Buff & Coat
Hardwood Floor Renewal

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answers from Los Angeles on

Moisture under the floorboards can cause this. They should have done a moisture test before installing them, and put down a moisture barrier under the floor. My in-laws are having the same problem with their new hardwood. Theirs is dark, however, and the stains first appeared darker, then started to bubble, now the finish is bubbling off in places. They are less than a year old and still under warranty. Contact the installer right away, if they don't take care of it try your home owners insurance. Sorry about this nightmare, How awful!!



answers from Dallas on

it is hard to say if you have a problem without seeing the floor. I would definitely call your installer or company where you purchased the materials.

Maple does look the way you described when it is stained. It has areas of dark and light.



answers from Amarillo on

I would call your installer, or whomever you bought the flooring from and have them come take a look. I really don't think the floors should be changing color like that, sounds like something isn't right. Those floors are expensive, and you shouldn't have to "live" with any imperfections in the boards at all. I would certainly have the boards that are affected removed and replaced, and any reputable contractor would do that for you if you are unsatisfied with the floors. I don't think its normal for them to look like that.

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