Do Designer Towels Really Work Better or Am I Insane?

Updated on October 20, 2011
M.J. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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Ok so I am a spend thrift. I have money, just dont like to use it much other than going crazy on childrens clothes. So generally is the more decorative or plusher towels from Target or Kohls. I dont go designer much with household items. So the other day I am at a mom swap, and I made a killing, but my table neighbor (who I thought had way better stuff than me) didnt do well, really didnt sell anything. So I felt really bad. I told her throw a bag together and I will take it. It was mostly household things. I really did feel terrible for her. So I was kinda looking through what she gave me and found 2 Ralph Lauren plush Towels BRAND new with tags. So after having a mini heartattack at the price tag. I called her up and was wondering if she knew about that. So shes laughing and says "oh we got them as gifts but they dont match any of our bathrooms" ummmm I wanted to say WHAT? you dont just keep extras around? I do like SO many, since my loving husband uses like 3 a shower and he is 110 lbs wet. SO I am like "BONUS"... now to the real part. I was using one and realized it did a better job than two combined. I am a big lady (can we say "jack Sprat" rhyme?) and I usualy take two to get all the way dried up. THis one did its job in one and was still only damp!!!! Am I insane or do they work better? Is it something to do with the cotton or plushness?

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answers from Iowa City on

You are probably not insane. At least based on towels : )

Some brands do work better than others. I have found this to be true with sheets. Another thing about least in my ones work better than old ones, especially if you use fabric softener.

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answers from Sacramento on

I have heard from someone else that Ralph Lauren towels are amazing. So, I don't think you're insane. :)

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answers from Seattle on

They work better. Pure and simple.

It's both the materials (higher grade cotton, waaaaay more expensive...the way the threads are spun is different, way more expensive...and the weave will be different...which is more costly and time consuming to make). Two towels, can BOTH be Egyptian or Aegean cotton, but they will be different grades of cotton, different thread technique, and different weave technique.

I have $80 towels (each one is 80 bucks).

I go to my mum's house and her $10 towels PISS me off. It's like the stupid things *repel* water instead of absorbing it. And they leave fuzzies. And I need 2-3 of them. And they are just annoying, pure and simple.

Why do I buy $80 towels? Because I used a friend's expensive towels many, many years ago and had the same "WHAT?!?" experience you just had.

Mine aren't Ralph Lauren. What they are, is really, really good towels. That are on their 9th year looking, feeling, and acting brand new. Getting washed 3 times a week sometimes (my husband KEEPS dropping them on the floor. by. the. toilet. Eeeew! Gross!! Not gonna change. I've given up. Any I find on the floor by the toilet go to the wash, although I wash "all" towels once a week, plain fact is that they're often on round 3 by that time)

Mine are 2ply (yes, towels can be woven single or double ply, but it's not like toilet paper with two sheets, it's *double the fabric* but they're woven together as a single sheet), 100% Aegean, ringspun, woven in Turkey, sold out of a London distributor (hint, the brits have faaaar more guidelines on fabrics than we do). LuxeSpa that either Bed Bath & Beyond or Linnens&Things carry as their top of the line towel.

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answers from Detroit on

A flower for your question! Funny! I just decided that I was going to start purchasing the better towels even if I have to purchase 1 or 2 at a time when I catch them on sale or with a coupon, Bed Bath & Beyond always has a 20% off coupon. I will wait for answers.

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answers from Washington DC on

I like plushy towels... I don't like to pay full price, though...
I like Ralph Lauren sheets, but can't afford them.
Some designer items are better, but some aren't. It just depends. I usually find them on the cheap....

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answers from Charlotte on


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answers from Chicago on

Yes it has to do with the material....and they do work better :)

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answers from Lansing on

My guess is it does a better job because it is newer. Although, it may be bigger in that is another reason.

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answers from Washington DC on

Most times what you will find with the Ralph Lauren towels and other high-end brand ones is that they ARE a higher quality, more cotton and more thread count...they absorb more and last longer.

The one thing I usually do splurge on is the towels, wash clothes and sheets for my family. I typically buy the higher quality because I don't replace them for the sheets on my bed...I just bought two new sets...on sale..the last time i did that? 10 years ago.

Towels? I usually buy the bamboo washclothes and towels...higher quality...last time I bought new towels? I put them on layaway and bought the thick, high thread count Martha Stewart brand at K-Mart. Donated my old ones...

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I'd bet it has to do with the cotton content, & I'd assume more cotton=higher price.
I have also learned that using fabric softener on towels really makes them less effective.

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answers from Amarillo on

I have to say yes. I have several Fieldcrest towels that are 39 years old and still going strong. They are the bath sheets (look like beach towel size) and they are so absorbent.

So go and spend the money. You won't replace them every three to four years and you will get your money's worth.

Enjoy wrapping up in one towel and drying off - pure luxury.

The other S.



answers from Chicago on

Many moons ago I worked in the bed and bath department at Bloomingdales. Yes, there really is a difference in quality. Charisma towels are wonderful, much better than Ralph Lauren. I haven't been there in a while, but Costco was carrying some of the Charisma line (the Charisma bedding is also excellent). Another wonderful brand is Christy. Expensive, but if you want to splurge, it's a great choice. I miss those days of indulgence!

And yes - do NOT use fabric softener on towels. It makes them less effective at absorbing water.


answers from San Antonio on

Wow sounds nice. Word of caution only: The nicer the towel, the worse they seem to stain with facial cleansing products. I use benzoyl peroxide on my face and when I wipe my hands on a towel, nice towels it bleaches, sucky towels it doesn't bleach. I don't get it, but the cheap towels from walmart (maroon ones) DON'T stain. But nice plush towels (Kohls) DO get bleached out. So when I go to my MIL's house, she gets out the crappy old towels for me to wipe my hands on. I have to be extra-careful to not bleach her nice new towels!



answers from San Diego on

I usually buy towels at Home Goods and they carry some high end products. They have a "hotel" collection that I usually buy (with great prices I might add) and I have to say they dry much better than mid range priced products. I used to buy at Macy's, Target, Sears but I found these with their egyptian cotton and man I haven't looked back.

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