Do Department Stores and Clearance Shops Have Nice Clothes?

Updated on September 18, 2012
M.R. asks from Mount Holly, NJ
21 answers

Some of my friends have been b****ing about how pissed off they were at the quality of the clothes at Marshalls, Macy's, JC Penney, etc. It's been a long time since I've bought an article of clothing for my daughter and myself from MarshallsI don't even know about department stores these days. Haha. Which department stores do you like the most? And which ones are simply cheap in both quality and price?

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This question is closed. Kay bye.

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answers from Salinas on

CLOSED? You're not going to shut me up, nice try...

I think you're better off shopping sales at a department store then outlets or the Marshalls/Ross places. Macys, Lucky Brand, Anthropologie etc. all have huge sale sections filled with discounted clothes that just came off their floor.

I agree that kids clothes don't matter as much. The little ones are still growing and the older ones are changing their taste still. I think experimenting at places like Forever 21 and H & M is fun for teen girls. The quality isn't great but the prices are so low it doesn't really matter. Also, for girls thrift stores are great. One of a kind pieces that are creative and different and almost always fairly well made as they held up through at least one owner.

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answers from Erie on

You know, some kids in this country grow up in used and hand-me-down clothing. Just something for you to think about.

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answers from New York on

Aren't you the lady who thinks you should wash your daughter's jeans after each wear? So if you don't buy clothes for her, is she old enough to buy them herself or you have been washing the same jeans for quite a long time...

Ok, I see you edited it to say it's been a while since you bought from Marshalls...stilll a bit confused though...

Ok, so on to your question. I don't usually shop at department stores since I prefer boutiques. I think the best are White House Black Market, Ann Taylor Loft, and Banana Republic. For Kids, the best stores are Gap, Children's Place, Gymboree, and Carters.

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answers from Phoenix on

"This question is closed"?!! Alrighty then...

I don't know... I don't shop at dept stores because I don't want to spend 30 bucks on a kid's shirt. Price doesn't always dictate quality. However, I don't care about super high quality clothing for my child because she just trashes & grows out of it anyway.

I don't get the point of this post.

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answers from Houston on

Ross is pretty crappy, the clothes fall apart before you even wash them. Marshall's often has upper end clothes that are decent, but even the quality of those and the no name brands quality have gotten pretty bad. I usually shop outlets for higher end name brands. I will even go to thrift stores and consignment shops, you can often get great quality and hardly worn clothing for very cheap. A lightly used name brand shirt will last much longer than a brand new shirt from many of these stores. I like to buy quality things like Abercrombie or Anthro, so I will often go to ebay for things like that.

I also wonder why you said you haven't bought your daughter anything lately, when you just posted about buying her tons of stuff all over the mall last month.

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answers from Seattle on

I don't think she was saying she doesn't shop for clothes for her daughter, she is saying she doesn't shop at DEPARTMENT stores.
If I am going to buy jeans for my son I will probably not spend $100 at Abercrombie, but that's just me. There is a way to shop and buy "cheaper" clothes without losing quality.
I find it pretty amazing that you don't know what Marshalls, Macy's, and JC Penney's are since you mentioned them.
I like whichever store I can afford.

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answers from Dallas on

I personally have good luck at JCPenney. Other than that, I have to shop at Lane Bryant since I'm fat. For our kids, I have found that Old Navy is hit-and-miss on their quality but have cute stuff. I think Macy's is overpriced for the quality for teen clothes. I love Coldwater Creek but it's way too expensive, but nice stuff.

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answers from Sacramento on

ETA:: Seriously are you for real?? You just had a post in August of the shopping trip you and Paige had and all the money you spent on her clothes, yet you say it has been a long time since you have bought an article of clothing for you or Paige. All your posts seem to be about clothing. Buy and wear what you want and what is comfortable for you, dont overindulge your daughter, nothing good comes from overindulging kids. Whether you have the money or not is not the question, teaching a kid to appreciate what they have and work for expensive things rather than having them handed to them is important. My kids like stores like Tilley's and Justice. I tell them I will give you the amount of money I would normally spend on an item, like a tshirt $10, if you want the $20 one at Tilley's you better earn the extra $10!

I see a few unhappy Macy's shoppers, I dont shop their too often but when I do I have found good deals on the clearance rack, better stuff and cheaper than I could get at Ross Marshalls (and I do like both of those stores!) My mom got my daughter a Mudd peace sign double tank for $2.50! I used to like Penny's but lately their clothes seem cheaply made. Old Navy good for my daughter(9), especially the jeans. We also like Kohls, espcecially with coupons! I REALLY miss Mervyns and Weinstocks! No matter where I shop I always hit clearance first! I love a good bargain!

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answers from Tulsa on

I shop at lot at Cato. Their stuff is very reasonably priced and for the price, the quality is pretty good. Plus they always have stuff on clearance. I order most of my shirts online because I like them longer than most stores stock. Lately I have ordered from Roaman's and Ulla Popken. Roaman's is ok, although one shirt was cinched in the middle of the bust and the seam broke right in the middle of the day while I was out of town on a business trip. A safety pin has made do, but for it to break after a couple of weeks was pretty quick. I've only ordered the 3/4 sleeve V-neck shirts from Ulla Popken, but they have stood up very well to multiple wears and washings.

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answers from Washington DC on

how do you 'close' a question?
the way ross and marshalls work is that they buy overstock. so the quality of their clothes varies wildly. it's up to the buyer to actually pick good quality stuff. i've had excellent luck there. love 'em.
i like the quality of macy's and penney's but not the prices. i only shop there when the sales are rockin'. penney's has stopped doing sales (and i've pretty much stopped shopping there) but i hit those 90% off racks and make out like a bandit.

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answers from Seattle on

So, tell, me, how do you close a question?

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answers from Springfield on

I love shopping at Macy's, JCP, Bergner's, especially when the clothes are 70% off! Sorry, but I'm not made of money :-) I also shop consignment and second hand stores.

I have trouble understanding anyone complaining that the clothes at the stores you listed are poor quality. I've always found the clothes to be rather high quality. I'm also perfectly happy wearing Dockers and Lee Jeans, so I guess you have to take that into consideration.

It seems from your posts that you hit a point with your daughter where she is very self conscious. She is aware of the fact that labels matter to girls her age. She's not wrong, you just have to decide what is going to make the most sense for your family. I went to private schools with uniforms and with a bunch of rich snobs who were going to find something to mock me for. If it wasn't my clothes, it would have been something else. When I went to a different high school than most of my classmates I said, good riddens! As an adult I feel very fortunate to not care what other people think about the clothes I choose to buy and that if they even notice what I'm wearing it's only because it looked nice and appropriate for the occasion.

Understand that your daughter is a tween and what she is feeling (or fearing) is completely normal. You, on the other hand, are an adult and should be able to shop wherever you choose and wear whatever you want as long as you dress appropriately for the occasion, location and your body type. Who cares where your friends shop ... unless you are admiring their top and think one would look good on you, as well!

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answers from Oklahoma City on

You know what, I buy the kids clothes mostly at Walmart or consignment stores. Some of the kids clothes get handed down to at least one or two more kids before they even look worn out.

It's those "higher priced" stores that don't have quality clothes. They may look cuter or better but I can tell you that each item I have bought at some of those places has fallen apart and not lasted an entire season.

So I buy clothes that are going to last, and they come from places like Walmart.

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answers from Dallas on

Macy's clothes are terrible and way overpriced. I always shop at Khol's, Target and Carters. I've found that it depends on the brand, no matter what store it's sold in.

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answers from Dallas on

Closed question........... === WEIRD

I do not shop clearance racks or outlets. Why? Because there is a reason they are on clearance or in an outlet. Quality, Irregular sizing, material, damaged, etc.

I shop for quality clothes because I believe you get what you pay for. My favorites are Nordstrom, Loft, White House Black Market, Anthropologie and Neimans for all cocktail and formal dresses.

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answers from New York on

I shop at outlets. Example: Today I got a great pair of fall pajamas at Children's place for $8.99, a short sleeve shirt for $4.99 and leggings at Osh Kosh for $8.99.

I've had no problem with shopping at Macy's, especially with all the coupons and one-day sales.

I tend to avoid Old Navy as I find the quality of even the basics like Tees and tanks, very flimsy. They shrink after one wash so if I do buy there, I buy bigger!

And remember that quality and price is subjective.

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answers from Dallas on

Almost all my clothes come from Ross. I have never had a problem with quality. I tried outlet shopping but found it to be much more expensive than Ross and lesser quality. The Ross stores near me are very nice. I went to one in Arizona once that was very tacky with little selection.
I occasionally shop at Kohl's and Steinmart. I never pay retail for clothes or anything else unless I have no other choice.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I shop at outlets too but I love Marshalls. You can get really good quality, brand name items for cheap but like all stores, there are cheap items there too. I don't do Target anymore since it's gotten too expensive for the quality (which, by the way, isn't bad, I just would rather spend that amount at GAP or Gymboree). I don't like Macy's anymore because I agree, the clothes is cheap quality if it's not the brand name and they charge you more. You might as well go to Marshalls and pay less for the cheap stuff AND the expensive stuff. Same stuff, trust me. I don't like Ross as much if you are going discount but both Marshalls and Nordstrom rack has good deals for quality items. Just be willing to spend $20-60 on something nice or $7-20 on cheaper items.

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answers from Grand Forks on

I don't worry too much about quality for the kids because they grow out of clothes before they wear them out. As for me, I do like some quality items that will last, but for the most part clothes go out of style before I wear them out. I prefer second hand stores, and I can get expensive stuff for very little money.



answers from New York on

I've found with all stores the quality can vary.

I've bought clothes at Walmart thinking, ok inexpensive and they'll only last a year but that's ok. I've had some things for 10 years and still in good shape.

I bought a shirt at Kohl's thinking it was good quality, at least it looked like it, but it quickly faded and one of the seams ripped after a few months.

Yes, I shop clearance. I've found a lot of great things. Things get put on clearance for many reasons, damaged, overstock, or got left sitting in the stock room and are now out of season.


answers from Pittsburgh on

I actually bought clothes for my 4yo son at JCPenney for the first time and have been thrilled with them. Even the socks! Everything was true to size, lasted thru many adventures and grew with him (expanding waists, expanding lengths, broad shoulders). I'm going to the usual consignment sales, then hit JCP for anything else I'm missing.

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