Do Children with CVA (Cough Varient Asthma) Have off and on Again Cough?

Updated on July 30, 2012
D.B. asks from Grand Prairie, TX
7 answers

Anyone else with a child with cough variant asthma? My son had a dry cough back in Feb, March, April. We put him on zyrtec, which kind of helped. Then it gradually cleared up. June and first half of July were no coughing at all. Then 2 weeks ago, he began dry cough again. the zyrtec did nothing for it. Doc prescribed singulair and an oral steroid (steroid for 4 days/singulair for 3 months) to help with swollen/inflammed airways. He also had blood work done to test for allergies. We are waiting on allergy results. Is cold air, allergens and exercise the main things that can cause CVA? And is it normal for kids with CVA to have a cough, then it clear up, then it come back? Just trying to figure if my child has CVA or just allergic to something out there.

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answers from Washington DC on

Yes. My kids are going through the same thing.

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answers from Reno on

my son had a dry cough for months and i took him to his doctor and couldnt figure it out. then i had a fill in doctor (mine was on vacation) and she was like he has asthma and sent me to a allergy/asthma specialist. they confirmed he had allergy induced asthma.(they did a skin scratch test and determined he was allergic to well nevada, where we live) daily singular and an emergency inhaler have been a God send. its hard and actually scary to see your child like that. wishing you many good thoughts.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

My allergist has told me that asthma is not a disease but a symptom. If you treat the underlying problem (most often allergies) you will relieve the symptom.

I believe this to be true because when I was in high school and ran track I had what they deemed "exercise induced asthma". Later in my 20's I started allergy therapy (injections). Today when I run I have NO exercise induced asthma/constrictions. I asked the allergist, 'Did I outgrow my asthma?' He said no that my allergies are now under control.



answers from Tyler on

It sounds like it is time for you to see an asthma specialist/pulmonary specialist. Personally, I would not be happy with my doctor prescribing an oral steroid all the time. You could easily have your son on an inhaler for these conditions.

Just FYI, the singulair is a great preventative medicine. If you can keep track of when your son get set off, start taking singulair before that trigger point (ie. my son always get sick in January - so we start him on the singulair around Christmas time and that has really helped with January). Further, he always gets sick in March and June. Since I now know those are trigger times, I start him on the Singulair in advance of those times.

Good luck,



answers from Minneapolis on

My 16-year-old has cough variant asthma and was diagnosed at age 2. I would definitely have your child evaluated. Yes, they can have an off and on cough and there are a variety of triggers. Each individual can be different. My son's biggest trigger is viruses. The good news is that it can be well controlled with inhaled medications. It doesn't sound like those have been tried yet. A pediatric pulmonologist can be VERY helpful.



answers from Dallas on

Yes, cold air, allergens, and exercise can bring on coughing. I would also add that the coughing in response to things like common cold can be really severe. I don't know about it 'clearing up', but it could certainly seem better if you had been able to avoid triggers. I had CVA as a child, and although I still have episodes, its much much better. Good luck.


answers from Austin on

Yes! There are just times that certain things would bring it on.. She grew out of it by about 13..

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