Do Car Seat Bases Have Expiration Dates?

Updated on November 24, 2009
C.A. asks from San Francisco, CA
5 answers

Do carseat bases have an expiration date? I got a Graco SnugRide and 2 carseat bases second-hand, and I just noticed that the carseat itself has a Dec 2009 expiration - but I DON'T see any expiry for the bases. Are they still good, or do they also have a 5-year expiration?

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answers from Buffalo on

i would say that if the car seat has the expiration date then so does the base that goes with it. i know in NY state the troopers have incredible knowledge about car safety guidelines so it wouldnt be a bad idea to check with them or your local sheriffs. good luck



answers from Yuba City on

Yes they do. Do not use carseat past their expiration date. If you are in an accident the company wont back them!




answers from San Francisco on

I read somewhere that if the carseat does not show an expiration date, rule of thumb is 10 years...but I think that rule applies to the older seats. Just my two cents. I agree with the majority, use the carseat expiration date.



answers from San Francisco on

My guess is also, yes. Just as the plastic components of the car seat itself are exposed to extreme temps in the car and wear from everyday use, the base is also. I would treat it the same.



answers from Atlanta on

Hi there - I work with Graco, and yes, the car seat base expires the same time as the seat. It should also be on the bottom of the base either punched into the plastic or on a white sticker. Let me know if you have trouble finding it. Hope that helps!
- K.

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