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Updated on February 18, 2010
A.H. asks from Brighton, CO
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Hello all,
So I have to go get my TX driver's license tomorrow (moved from colorado) and I tried to go today it was a MAD HOUSE.............I had to leave because my one year old was not having it! Im thinking about going in the morning befor it opens, anyone know the best time of day to go!? I know that no matter what time there will always be a line butttt im thinking maybe there is a better time of day to go...............................THANKS~!!

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So What Happened?

Thanks Yall~!! I went this morning to the Lake worth one! It opens at 730 i got there about 745 and there was only about 10 people in front of me it was great~!!! Thanks for the advice everyone!

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Just like the last poster said go to lake worth. there is never a long line. i am in and out usually within 30 min.

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Ours opens at 9 and I went at 8:30 and was still maybe 15th in line. Good luck to you. Maybe there is someone to keep the baby for a while in the early AM.


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Oh boy..... you have raised a flag for me. My daughter is schedule to go get her permit in Plano. She gets out of school at 4:15 and lucky to get to the car by 4:20 and the TXDL office 10 minutes away closes at 5.

They are only open Mon-Fri here 8:30-5. Since I've ready your post...I might have to take her out early on Monday j ust so she can get her permit.

Sorry I am no help but thanks for the heads up....



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Not sure if it is the same nation wide , but here in northern VA , a wednesday morning is always quiet!

Good luck



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Not sure which one you are going to but I would assume the Hurst location, I don't know if there is a good time, it just seems to be luck. You might want to try the Lake Worth location I have heard it's not as busy, but as a general rule don't go around lunch time or after school time they seem to be the generally busiest time of day. Good Luck!



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I have no clue if this will help, but maybe try Googling it - "best time to renew license at <name of> facility" or even go to the DMV website. I went to the website for my DMV and they actually listed the slowest/best days/times to go.



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Go to the Lake Worth location. It's not as busy. I always go there even though it's farther from me. But you do have to watch what time you go.


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Around here, first thing when they open is the BEST time to go! No one is there (because they are all working). Good luck!

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