Divorced Moms Advice in Skokie , Illinois Area

Updated on June 08, 2008
C.H. asks from Skokie, IL
10 answers

I need help with a good lawyer for I am going to get a divorce

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answers from Chicago on

I have been divorced and remarried myself.
I have an attorney friend who does divorce, he is very ethical.
Michael F. Jordan
ofc @ Lawrence & Western
My son Tom is his office manager

Best wishes, A. J., RN Home Care RN in Skokie
PS: John Boyles is my personal attorney. He's great too!!

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answers from Chicago on

The cheapest and best way for you to get a divorce is thru a mediator, not a lawyer. Here is the name of someone that I trust: Bill London. He is both a mediator and lawyer. I have worked with him and found him to be fair and honest, and he works for the interest of the children. Ask your husband if he will go with you to talk with him, for the kids sake. If he won't go call Bill and he will either work with you or refer you to someone that will work in your interest. 1-###-###-####

My 2nd choice, because of money constraints, is Forrest Bayard. ###-###-####. His office is in Chicago also. I was part of a panel and met him there. He has an incredible, positive way of helping people thru their divorce. You may want to check out his fees.

In a divorce the goal is to focus what is best for your kids and then you will get what you need.

My best advice is to go with someone positive. You bring into your life who you are. Find someone that believes that this will all work out for the best.

I think what Forrest asks his clients sums up what you are looking for: "If you were sitting here 5 yrs from now, what would you want your children to say about you? How do you want them to feel about themselves? About this divorce experience? Have you modeled for them how you would want them to live their lives?"

Former Professional Psychotherapist

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answers from Chicago on

I am in a divorce now and highly recommend my legal representation, but it is not free. I have been working with Jessica Bank Interlandi at Schiller, DuCanto and Fleck for almost a year - and I recommend her without qualification. She is honest and all those other good things. If you want to call me, I'm at ###-###-####. If you want to call Jessica for a consultation (which is not free), her assistant can be reached at ###-###-####. If you call her, tell her M. sent you. Good luck -- it's AWFUL!!!!



answers from Chicago on

Hello C. -

Our good friend Michael Helfand is a lawyer who specializes in finding the right lawyer for your needs. His website is: www.findgreatlawyers.com
Feel free to mention that I referred you. The best thing is his services are FREE to connect you with a great lawyer!

Good luck, K. Lindner



answers from Chicago on

I'm sorry to hear that this has gotten so ugly. I don't wish divorce on anyone - even my worst enemies! There are two firms that do a fabulous job. One is owned by a woman in Elmhurst. She is very, very tough and specializes in divorce. However, I don't know her prices. It might be worthwhile for you to interview a number of firms to find one you feel comfortable. Remember, you are the client! So it is ok to "shop". Here is her info:

Law offices of Laura M. Urbik Kern, LLC
Laura Kern
386 N. York St., Suite 204
Elmhurst, IL 60126

The second firm is in Downers Grove. I know several of the attorneys there; their reputation is impeccable. They boast that they have the resources of the big downtown firms, without the downtown prices. I can't remember the gentleman that handles divorces; I'm told he is a very good "hand- holder", very compassionate, and a good listener. This is important that you have someone listen to your needs. This is all he does; if you call the main line, you can ask for the specialist that handles divorce. The main line is ###-###-####. Good luck! C. B.



answers from Chicago on

Contact John Boyles. He is great and on Old Orchard Road just west of 94. He took good care of me.

Tell him A. Gippe sent you.


Good Luck.



answers from Chicago on

Dear C.,
A few years ago I worked with Andrea Hoeflich who is in Downers Grove. She helped me through my divorce. I liked working with her a great deal and found her knowledgeable and capable. Her number is ###-###-####. Good luck.



answers from Chicago on

Dina Warner is wonderful and her office phone at Berger Shatz is ###-###-####. SHe is tough with opponents , but warm and empathetic with clients. A good fighter to counter ruthless and angry husbands.

Also Leon Finkel is in the same firm and has been great with friends of mine.
Both are honest and good! Good luck and fight for yourself as you have earned what you worked so hard to get!
Sincerely, Susan Alberts



answers from Chicago on

Hi C.,
I hope you are doing great, I got the phone, maybe you already found a good lawyer, I hope so, but anyway, here's my friends lawyer ####-###-#### Bob Hirsh and the address 180 N LaSalle St Suite 3150 Chicago, IL 60601
Good Luck!!!



answers from Chicago on

I do not have a good lawyer for you. I hold a paralegal certificate so I know a little but I know a lot more from my own divorce than my studies. Or work.
Remember the movie, WAR OF THE ROSES?
Believe him when he says he will take you to the cleaners.
People are not nice when they are getting divorced. I divorced many years ago. I tried to be nice all the way through. And it doesn't work. It hurts. Because even the person that you thought was so wonderful many years ago has that horrible side. So unless you are great buddies back to my original premise. He will take you to the cleaners. Find yourself a good backup plan. Do not leave your house (that is abandoning your house).I actually had a lawyer tell me to do that and found myself and two small children living in an apartment that cost more than my mortgage because the lawyer said to do that and when I went to court I was told I had abandoned my home. Start your own separate bank account. Get a generic part time job for money. Hubby will not want to be spending money for your lawyer. He will see all of this as 'his' money. Examine all your work documents for your business. What is the ownership? Will you be entitled to half the assets or did you sign something like we so often do without looking at the contents? What about retirement and social security? Are your children healthy or are there any disabilities that will need to be provided for down the line?
Don't count on having much money at all after you find a good lawyer. They require huge 'retainers'.They are the only ones that win. You might come out alright but you will never return to what you once were.
Really think about why you are getting divorced. Even a wonderful rich possible new handsome husband can have bad breath in the morning. If your husband is leaving you (which it doesn't sound like it) but if he is why is he leaving? Are you bored? Is he bored? That is a long time to be together. So what prompted this after so many years. By all means if he is beating you down physically or you are so emotionally battered get out, like yesterday. But if this is just empty nest syndrome and you both want newness and freshness perhaps you should take all the money that would be wasted on lawyers and mediators and counselors and paying off the loan on your house and go on a cruise. You might be able to win back some of the passion.
Are you really ready for a divorce? Think about that. Because there are a lot of attorneys out there and some are wonderfully good and honest, but they do charge a lot of money to help you. Since I am not an attorney you need to check all legal facts with a lawyer but I hope my opinions have helped. I have been divorced and when there is enough anger to 'take you to the cleaners' then I'd believe it. You have worked very hard. But you need to be prepared.

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