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Updated on March 31, 2012
M.M. asks from Spring Branch, TX
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My ex has visitation first, third, and fifth weekends. I'm trying to figure out if this weekend counts as fifth or first weekend. Saturday is March 31, and sunday is April 1. When I look ay future years I will never have them on Easter if next weekend is the first weekend of the month. Sorry if this question is confusing.

*I was told that they change terms every couple of years so it's not the same for all families. Anyway, in reading my decree, Easter seems to be the only holiday not addressed in my papers.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Easter is sometimes in March, sometimes in April, sometimes it is even in late April It is not on the same weekend all the time. It may just be that the next few years it is on that first weekend of April but that is not common.

It's on 8th April 2012, 31st March 2013, 20th April 2014, 5th April 2015, 27th March 2016, 16th April 2017.....

So it looks like he'd have the kids every other Easter except for this year and next year.

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answers from Los Angeles on

This weekend is the 5th weekend in March, so I say it's his...either way it would be his if he gets 1st weekend too, right? So it is kinda a mute point, isn't it?

~You should really get your parenting plan adjusted b/c not having Easter accounted for is kinda a LOT messed up and if you have the language changed to every other weekend things will be a LOT easier. *If you have a good relationship w/your ex you should bring this up to him and maybe you guys can come up with some wording yourselves and write it in, then you can just initial each other's papers and that should work until you go back to court/mediation and get things changed.

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answers from Albuquerque on

This weekend is the fifth weekend in March. The first weekend in April is the 6-7th. That's how the government counts it, at least.

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answers from Dover on

I think this weekend is the 5th weekend in March since both Friday and Saturday are in March...next weekend is what I would consider the first weekend in April. Since it's a holiday weekend, why not split it?

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answers from Washington DC on

The point of the 1st and 5th weekend thing is really to clarify which weekends are his "every other weekend." This weekend is probabl BOTH the 5th of March and 1st of April. He'll have them this weekend and not next weekend because that will be the SECOND weekend of April.

That being said. The Easter thing is not really the issue you think it is. Easter falls on different weekends every year. It is not a "first weekend of April" type of holiday. Get out a calendar and map out which years you'll have them. If it's a big issue to you, call their dad and see if you can stipulate something around Easter specifically.


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answers from Dallas on

yeah i agree w/Everley. this is the 5th wknd of the month and next wknd will be the first b/c it's the first FULL wknd of april.
that was a good question though! i had to think twice myself when i first read it! are you & your ex amicable enough for him to have the child(ren) on the 4th & 5th wknd leading up to Easter so you can have them on Easter. for example he would've had 'em last wknd & this wknd so you could have 'em next Easter & the following wknd (2nd wknd which is yours) and then back on schedule the following wknd. IF he's normal (lol b/c mine's not) then maybe that could work?? idk...this visitation thing's NOT easy. i wish you & your babies luck!!

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answers from Redding on

Sorry, but I AM a little confused.
First, third, and fifth weekends? I haven't heard of that arrangement.
Why doesn't he just have the kid(s) every other weekend. That makes life so much simpler.
Also, Easter and other holidays are usually alternated.
That's how we do it and it's fairly standard procedure.

Best wishes.


answers from St. Louis on

Why didn't they just go with every other weekend like everyone else does?

It is the fifth and the first so you have them next week on the second.

What is really strange about the way yours is set up is at some point it will end up with him having them two weeks in a row. With every other week things more naturally shift.

Look into whether spring break is addressed because that is where Easter is on ours. We have a choice between Easter and spring break.



answers from Houston on

In most divorce degrees weekend begins on Friday since that is the day of pickup so this is the fifth weekend. Not all holidays are addressed individually but sometimes there is a paragraph that states just the word Holiday that visitation either odd or even year. If you would like to have your children just ask him to exchange weekends with you. Ha! Ha! Never worked for most but does not hurt to try.



answers from Dallas on

1st, 3rd & 5th are standard visitation in Texas. There are times that he gets them 2 weekends in a row. Just discuss it with him and see if yall can work something out if you are wanting them for Easter. My ex and I don't even go by the standard visitation form, we do want is best for the kiddo.


answers from Jacksonville on

Also, even if first, third and fifth weekends are specified, usually visitation alternates major holidays. Does your Final Judgment not address holidays differently than "regular" visitation?



answers from Austin on

If you find a way to be very accommodating to your ex, and he sees that you will happily work with him when he has schedule conflicts, this will not be an issue on future Easters. If this becomes a battle of what's fair and not fair, he is not likely to work with you. Your kids need for the both of you to be very pleasant, flexible, and willing to let go of what you yourself want.

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