Diva / Glamour Girl Birthday Party Help Please

Updated on August 10, 2010
J.S. asks from Slatington, PA
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Hi! My girls are turning 8 & 9 and I want to do a Diva/Glamour/Girls Rock/Girls Only party for them. I'm trying to be as frugal as possible because we're moving and won't have a lot of money for it. I have a few ideas, but any suggestions would be helpful. I think I'm going to do a musical nail polish game, thinking of a nail polish or purse pinata. Craft ideas I'm at a loss LOL. I've seen about grabbing some outfits at a thrift store for dress up but I think that would get pricey.

Thanks so much!

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answers from Philadelphia on

We've done one of these for an 8th birthday party. I agree with the nail polish and maybe lip gloss and some hair accessories too for favors. The dollar store or other discount stores will help you save money here. If you can get small makeup type bags inexpensively, they would make great goody bags too (we found some for $1 at Target). For a craft we made tissue paper flowers and had vases for each girl (also about $1 each). If you didn't want to buy the vase, you could just tie a bunch of the flowers together with a ribbon to make a bouquet. You may want some extra hands if you're planning on doing nails, hair, and/or makeup, depending on the number of girls attending. I know the hardest part for us was squeezing everything in. Have fun!

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answers from Columbus on

We just did this for our 3 year olds bday. My MIL and SIL baked the cake in the shape of a nail polish bottle and then I went to the dollar store and bought fake jewelry and those super cheap (where they almost fall apart on you, haha) sunglasses with glitter on them and spread them out on the table. They were used as decorations and then after the party the kids took home the fake jewelry as their party favors. Then we just used streamers and hung from the ceiling to fancy the place up. Oh ya, we went to JoAnnes and bought in bulk Boa's (the feather necklaces) and cut our selves to length and then went to a party store and found the cheap plastic Fedora (sp?) black hats (kind of like top hats but more fun shape) for the boys. Granted our kids are 3 and 4 but they still had a blast. Also, went to WallMart and bought those little bottles of nail polish that are like 50 cents each and each girl got to pick out a bottle of polish to take home with her. But I agree with another poster that you could do make overs and hair and nails. I am sure they would love that.

have fun!!



answers from Dallas on

One of the hotels, embassy suites I think it is, does a party package where you get the room with extra beds and linens for a girls party, and includes pizza. Here it ran abt $130. They get to use the pool, and my friend just brought all the stuff to do each others nails and have a good time.



answers from Erie on

Stringing necklaces is always a fun craft project. You could buy bulk beads (or even hit the thrift store for some old costume jewelry that you can take apart and re-use the beads). The sparklier and gaudier the better ;)

If you decide to go with more of a "Girls Rock" theme, you could get some cool temporary tattoos. Not sure how soon the party is, but Oriental Trading usually has some fun things like that for favors.

If you want to do dress-up REALLY cheaply, ask each girl's mom to raid their closet (or sibling's or grandma's) for one outfit that can be tried on by everyone (since I'd assume everyone has something that they don't mind sharing for that purpose). Encourage them to bring fun accessories, too :)

Sounds like fun... this is the only time I've wished that we had a daughter (in addition to our boys, of course)...



answers from Dallas on

why don't you let the girls make lip gloss? there are easy recipes on line. Also you could set up a runway and let the girls walk the runway to some upbeat music. You could set up at at home spa and let them (or get an older teen) to help paint their finger and toe nails. You might borrow a karoke machine and let them sing. Record their performance and then play it back. Those are just a few ideas from my daughter who used to run these kind of parties. Have fun!



answers from Philadelphia on

For a craft idea, let them paint a picture frame from an inexpensive craft store. Then, when they are looking pretty at the party, take their picture so they can put it in the frame. It makes a great party favor as well!



answers from Tampa on

Makeovers! Do their hair and makeup, I have a sister who is 10 years older and for all my birthdays, she would do that for me and my friends. We loved it!



answers from New York on

If you have a karaoke machine (or know someone who does, borrow it) and let them singing and dance their hearts out LOL! Paint their fingernails and toe nails. Give them mini facials and/or style their hair. Dollar stores have those fur like boas and they can use your heels and purses to dress up in and then have them walk the catwalk (party stores have rolls of plastic tablecloths that when unrolled are of the "red carpet" style. Serve their drinks in plastic champagne glasses and food on clear plastic plates. Some party stores (usually private small stores, not chain stores) have life size cut outs. You can get a Hannah Montana, Jonas Brother, or who is "hot" with them right now LOL! The craft can be to decorate a wooden or plastic picture frame with fake rhinestones (clear or colored), sequences, and/or glitter. The you can take a picture of the group and insert it in the thank you card you send and it double as a party favor. In the pinata, or goody bag, you can get (from the dollar store) mini nail files, hand lotion, polish, lip gloss, and even put ring pops in there. If there is ever a "lull" in the party, put on a favorite CD or DVD to play in the background. Best of Luck and HAppy Birthday to your divas!!!!!

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