Disposable Diaper Crafts

Updated on June 09, 2008
K.A. asks from Plaistow, NH
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My daughter and I are going to a baby shower and decided to turn our baby gift into something memorable. My daughter has already made a bouquet of flower basket using socks,tee shirts ect. I have made diaper cakes before but I saw on line animals made from disposable diapers, sock and washcloths. There was a giraffe, elephant and lion. I have searched the internet and came up with nothing. Does anyone have any idea how to create these cute animals?

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I just know of "Boo-Boo Bunnies".. made from washcloths.. If you search for that you'll come up with instructions for them and a poem to attach.



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here's some info for you:
I found this at this webpage: http://askville.amazon.com/find-directions-make-diaper-an...

"I assume you mean animals shapes made with cloth diapers, right?"
by: bethy on Apr 09 2007 (14 months ago)

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If so, then I would suggest actually looking at some napkin folding websites, or look at instructions for doing this with washcloths. I'm sure with some modification and imagination, you can adjust the following instructions to cloth diapers.

Boo Boo Bunny (made with a washrag and a few art supplies, great idea for using ice in the bunny's head for first aid)







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have you searched origami sites?? maybe you could adapt the diaper to that??



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No clue, but I did go to a showerr once and they made a boo boo bunny out of a face cloth so that you could put an ice cube in there for boo boos.

Also, sew some fabric together, or open up the belly of a stuffed animal and fill it with corn. This can be heated up in the microwave for belly aches and is just plain soothing. Works very well. Good luck!



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I know of a craft you make with a wash cloth and it is called a boo boo bunny. It is folded like a bunny and you add google eye and bows to the ears. The trick is when you fold the bunny there is a hold to hold ice for any boo boo's. I am not sure of a web site that tells you how to fold it but I hope this info will help.

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