DisneyWorld, Which Park Should We Go To?

Updated on May 11, 2010
K.G. asks from Clairton, PA
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My family is taking a spur of the moment trip to Orlando next week. We will only be there for 4 days and want to fit a few fun things in. We are definitely going to SeaWorld one day. I would like to take my 8 year old son to DisneyWorld too. I think we'd only be able to go for one day, but i'm not sure which Park i should choose for the day. I don't want to buy the Park Hopper pass b/c i really don't think it would be worth it for a one day trip.

Moms, any advise on which Disney park to choose. It's going to be me, my boyfriend and my 8 year old son. I've never been to Disney so this is all a shot in the dark for me. Thanks for any help!

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answers from York on

We did Orlando for 10 days Nov 08. We did Universal and Seaworld. We only did 1 day at Disney and did Magic Kingdom. It was rough and barely saw stuff since it was so busy. I would ask him where he wants to go and what he wants to ride/see/do. And go from there. My daughter loved Seaworld and since it would only be a day maybe you could do aquatica a second day. Same price and he would get to swim with Dolphins. Also my son was 7 and really liked Universal because they had the superheros. We are going again this year and only doing the Disney Parks.

Have fun!!! It doesnt really matter how much you see or do as long as you have fun and dont get stressed, he will have a great time.



answers from Philadelphia on

I've been to the orlando parks several times, having lived in Florida. For an 8 year old, I would recommend either the Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom.

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answers from St. Louis on

I live in Florida and have been to all of the Disney and Universal parks. I have two teenagers at this time but when I moved to Florida, they were 15 months old and 3, respectively and as they grew, we took them to the parks that we felt were appropriate. First of all.....please be prepared for HEAT. We are now in the Florida summer here and it is ungodly hot and very humid. It reaches 92 during the day with 98% humidity so it feels like 102. The sun is scorching and you will need sunscreen and hats. As for the parks, your son would probably do well at Sea World like you had planned and either Disney Magic Kingdom or Disney Animal Kingdom. MGM is for an older child and Universal Theme Parks are typically roller-coaster haven and thrill-ride central for the teen crowd. Look into the two I mentioned and see what he might like better. If you did Sea World and Animal Kingdom, it would be a well-rounded animal-themed vacation! Land and sea! My kids have enjoyed everyone of these parks at different ages. I hope your family does too!

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answers from New York on

If it's your sons first time, def the Magic Kingdom
It is the "heart" of disney world!!

I am excited for you!! I am such a disney freak, the most important thing i can tell you is get there before it opens so u r in the park as soon as it opens! You can see so much more that way!!



answers from Chicago on

If I only had 1 day I would go to Magic Kingdom. We did 2 days at Magic Kingdom when we went.


answers from Allentown on

I have a vacation home in Kissimmee and we go a lot. If your son likes rides I would suggest Magic Kingdom, it has the most. Epcot is fun too and does have a lot of rides for youngsters. Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios are fun too just less rides there. Bring sunscreen and wear comfy shoes no matter which park you go to you will have lots of fun and do a lot of walking.



answers from Philadelphia on

If you've never gone, you will probably want to see Magic Kingdom. Epcot is a little on the 'educational' side...... (multicultural stuff, some technology stuff) Animal Kingdom is neat, but you can see most of it at the zoo..... Have a great trip!



answers from Johnstown on

My favorite for kids is Animal Kingdom. Definitely go on the safari ride. My favorite all around is Magic Kingdom just because it's the original. There's really waaay too much to do there to even get a taste of Disney in just one day w/ just one park. We're heading out on our 5th trip in a few weeks--with spending 10 days last year--and we have only scratched the surface. Regardless of which park you choose, you will not be disappointed. Have fun!



answers from Chicago on

MAGIC KINGDOM! It's what everyone thinks of when they think about Disney. My nephew is 8 and we went with him a few weeks ago (along with my 2 daughters) and he LOVED Magic Kingdom!



answers from Orlando on

Especially with an 8 year old, let alone us "kids at heart", definately Magic Kingdom.



answers from Houston on

If you're only doing one park it's definitely Magic Kingdom.

Have fun!



answers from Chicago on

Magic Kingdom. It has all the stuff from the Disney Movies. He will love it. Rides, Shows its the best.



answers from Pittsburgh on

we love the magic kingdom, i have been there over 30 times and it never gets old! we are going again in july and my kids are really looking forward to it. they have been there 5 times. it has everything there parades, characters, rides for everyone. if you do go there eat at the crystal palace its a buffet with characters, just make reservations call befoer you go, they fill up fast. have a great time!



answers from New York on

I would say Animal Kingdom. It has lots of great shows, it's the best place to see alot of the characters. On the downside, it's also the hotest park and very humid.

Magic Kingdom has many rides, a great parade (usually one in the afternoon and another in the evening).

I would not recommend MGM for just one day. EPCOT has more for older kids.

You may want to check the hours of the park for the particular day your attending. Animal Kingdom tends to close early evening, whereas, the Magic Kingdom stays open late.



answers from Minneapolis on

Definitely Magic Kingdom! He will love, love, love Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Pirates of the Carribean, and more! In my opinion, Animal Kingdom is fun, but does not have a lot of classic Disney rides, except Everest (big roller coaster), and AK is tough if the whole day is rainy. Disney Hollywood Studios would only be worth it if he is definitely up for Rockin Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror. My 8 year old wasn't ready for these, but LOVED all the "mountains" at Magic Kingdom. Epcot can be fun too, and is a great park if the weather is extremely hot or rainy, it's easy to move quickly to indoor attractions to stay cool or dry. He would love Soarin, and Test Track, Spaceship Earth, maybe the mild version of Mission Space. The World Showcase countries, however, are more appealing to adults. However, my 8 and 10 year old girls love that part too. I agree, don't get the Park Hopper, not worth it. Whatever you choose, get there early, before park opening. Those first 2 hours before crowds are the greatest! But really, you're going at an ideal time, crowds should not be too bad. You'll have a blast!



answers from Lansing on

I would actually suggest Animal Kingdom. In my opinion Magic Kingdom was more for little girls and the princesses. My son wasn't nearly as impressed with it as my daughter.


answers from Milwaukee on

i don't think any park is better than another....we loved them all. but i would probably suggest the magic kingdom for a one day visit!!! have fun!!!

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