Disneyworld Park Hopper Question

Updated on June 02, 2011
A.S. asks from Normal, IL
7 answers

I was wondering if anyone has tried using someone elses Park Hopper tickets? My cousin has an extra day left on her Park Hopper from a vacation package a few years ago. Do they expire? Will we get in trouble if they have different names? I am all for saving money, but I don't want to be embarrassed and feel silly about trying to use them! Anyone tried before? Of course, on the info from Disney it says that they are non-transferrable, but..............

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answers from Pittsburgh on

We just returned from there. We did not have the park hopper option (frankly the parks are big enough that hopping is not really viable) but your cards state that everything expires at midnight the last day of your stay so I am sure they are not valid anymore.

Plus everyone is correct - all adults need to scan their finger when using their pass so it is linked to that individual.

Since you're into saving money, make sure you cash out all of your snacks etc if you are purchasing a meal plan. Maybe take an empty suitcase for the return trip.

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answers from St. Cloud on

Did they purchase the "No Expiration" passes? Because otherwise they DO expire....... I believe it's within 2 weeks of the first use.

But you could always bring the ticket with and after you are in a park, take it to the "help" building (can't remember what it was called) and ask them if there are any days left. We found a couple tickets in the park and went to ask if they were any good. They WERE good! They said someone had been in to look for them but there was nothing they could do if we choose to keep them. (We DID give them back!)

The last time we went was in Jan. 2010 and they did scan our fingerprints. But I think it's kind of a joke...... Because there was 7 of us in our group and ANYONE in our group could use any of the tickets.......??? So I kind of wonder if it's more of a scare tactic...... But I really don't know.

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answers from Washington DC on

When we went in 09 they had our tickets by using our fingerprints!! Ugh! But we were in line with people who got their tickets from someone off of Craigslist. Sorry, because I know this isn't a lot of help...but I'm not sure if the passes are able to be used by more than one person now or not.



answers from New York on

Fingerprints are used so I would not do it. Back in the 70s the tickets were
good forever, however, that changed as they added more parks. Sorry.



answers from Washington DC on

When we went in April we had to scan our fingerprints. I am guessing this is to keep you from using someone else's ticket. I didn't see anyone get pulled over or anything, but I wouldn't want to try it unless I had a convincing reason why our prints didn't match.



answers from Boston on

When we went in 07 they scanned fingers and unlike mw we had to write our names on the back we could not get in if they didn't match but I believe they can be reset we had to do it the second time we went to go in the park.



answers from Norfolk on

I don't think they're transferable these days. The old tickets could be passed around and NEVER expired (these are the REALLY old tickets I'm talking about, like from the 70's-80's). On the new tickets, you have to pay extra for the "no expiration" option...and that's on top of paying extra for the Park Hopper option! You'd have to see the ticket to know if it's non-expiring. But I don't think I'd use someone else's ticket anyway. Potentially humiliating if you try to use it and get busted down!!:)

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