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E.T. asks from Littleton, CO
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I am going on a business trip soon to Orlando and wanted to have my husband, 4 year old and 1 year old meet me out there afterwards to get to spend a few days at Disneyworld. I haven't been since I was a kid (and I only went once at that), so wanted to get some advice from you Disney experts. #1: Is it fun for a four year old??? Is there enough stuff for her to do/see? #2: where do you stay and how do you find good deals? I was thinking we'd want to stay at one of the park hotels so we don't need to drive/rent a car, etc. #3: How long should we stay- is 2 or 3 park days enough for this age?

Thanks for any advice- I'm so clueless!!!

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answers from Dallas on

Have fun....You will love it... YES your 4 yr old will have fun!

We always stay on the monorail line, specifically at the Polynesian. We started going wwh daughter (now 14) was 2 and went at 2,4,6,8,10,and 14. Each time she has enjoyed newfound things for her age.

One perk of being on the monorail line is easy access to MK and special buses to other parks. Also, we were able to go on a semi-private safari (conceirge guests) which was the biggest hit of our last trip in March 09.

The Character dining is fun...Contemporary resort has Chef Mickey which is All American buffet, Polynesian has O'Hana with Polynesian theme and 1 luau is Character. We've always enjoyed the more traditional luau which is great. There is a boat shuttle to MK from Grand Floridian and Polynesian.

Fireworks at night from Cinderella castle, 3pm daily parade is a must, 7pm light parade is fun.

I do all of my booking online with WDW resort OR the WDW customer service directly. You can also get an informational dvd from WDW so you can make choices. I deal directly with our airlines for tickets and WDW for lodging/tickets/misc. I know there are some "deal" sites out there, just be wary...if it sounds too good to be true....you know the deal... Our motto when we go on any vacation is to "do it right". We don't purposely overspend but we don't go cheap.

The tickets we buy are hoppers (I think)...they are good from the time you check in until after you check out.

We fly to Orlando and take a private cab (about $80) to our hotel. They do have free shuttle service but no guarantee on how long it will take you to get to you destination because a lot of people take it.

No need for a car, especially if you are on the monorail line. We have never stayed off the monorail line so I can't answer anything about resorts other than Polynesian (our favorite), Grand Floridian (the top resort, country clubbish, very nice) and Contemporary..(cool place because the monorail goes through it.

Enjoy and feel free to PM me if you want more info.


answers from Dallas on

Hi Elyse,

My daughter (6) and I just went the beginning of August for 10 days. We flew and stayed on resort and with food, 10 day park passes and 10 days resort we did it under $1,100!!

This is what I did: go wo www.mousesavers.com best discount info!

also allearsnet.com is great

buy park tickets from undercovertourist.com they have discount disney. (only a few ppl have legit and theirs are) I saved about 200 dollars with them.

Dont get the park hopper or water pass. Your kids are two young. I would do 3 days. 1 day Magic Kingdom, 1 day Animal Kingdom and 1 day either go back to one of them or you can do one of the other parks (there are a few things at Hollywood studios for them, Epcot is more for the older crowd)

Also check out The unofficial guide to Walt Disney World with Kids from the library get the new one i think it was 2007. Don't buy it its like 30 bucks get it free at the library.

It has soooo much info also it has plans in the back for parents with toddler etc. It tells you where to go for them, how to pace, where to eat etc.

If you want more info just hit me up





answers from Dallas on

We just went to Disney World last month with our 4 year old and 2 (he turned 2 while we were there) year old. We all had a blast. I would say do atleast 3 days. 2 days at Magic Kingdom (so you don't have to rush and be able to see everything) then one day at either Universal or Animal Kingdom. The last time we went we stayed at the All Star Movie hotel and this time we stayed at the Carribean. Both were great hotels. I don't think you can go wrong with any of the Disney Hotels. We stayed for 7 days and used Disney Transportation and had great luck with them. I would do at least one Character dining. It is great to see the kids faces when they come to your table. The best ones were Chef Mickeys and the one at Crystals Palace in Magic Kingdom had the best food for a buffet. My daughter loved the dinner with the princesses. We did the one at Epcot but they have one at Magic Kingdom too. We bought the dining plan and it was so worth it. We did a character dining everyday and the bill was at least $100.00 everytime. We booked everything on Disney's website. Go online and compare the prices for different hotels and the moms panel is also great for giving advice.

Hope you have a great time!



answers from Dallas on

GET READY FOR A GREAT TIME WITH YOUR FAMILY. DISNEYWORLD actually has four theme parks: MAGIC KINGDOM, EPCOT, DISNEY HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS AND ANIMAL KINGDOM so you may want more time to explore more parks and have some down time, too. the resorts have great pools and play areas.
The parks are wonderful -ask for a brochure on what to do with Under five year olds. It will point out things of special interest to little ones. There is a lot of great information on the Disneyworld website. I would also look at Mousesavers.com Staying on Disney property is a great idea. That have several classes of hotels. The ones on the monorail system are the higher price properties, but all of the hotels have bus transportation to all of the parks.
We have had good experiences with Disney Magical Express, the free transportation from the airport, but I have heard there can be a wait at peak times. We usually have a carryon bag with us with clothes and change and head out to the park after we check into our hotel, we don't wait on our luggage to arrive..
The character breakfasts (or other meals) are worthwhile so your child can visit and you can take pictures of their favorite characters. But you have to schedule these in advance.
The fall is a great time to go--it is not quite as crowded and it is not quite so hot. It does rain often in the afternoon, so you might bring or buy ponchos.
Have a wonderful trip. You might pick up Birnbaum's Walt Disney World 2009 (or even an earlier edition) It has some great information that will make your trip more enjoyable, same you time and money.

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