Disneyland or Disneyworld Anyone Been to Both?

Updated on February 11, 2011
B.C. asks from Dallas, TX
16 answers

Hi Mamas! I need your help. We are planning our summer trip to disney but don't know which is better. Has anyone been to both? I would love some advice about which is better. Our kids will be 5 and 9 when we go!

Thanks in advance

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answers from New York on

Disney World is bigger and in this case... better. The CA park came first and I really think they worked out the "kinks" when they built the FL park.

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answers from Dallas on

As most people pointed out, Disney World is bigger and has more parks. Both Dworld and Dland are great. One thing we did like when we went to Disneyland was that we could go one day to the big, expensive amusement park and then spend the rest of the vacation days doing less expensive things and more "local flavor" things. We went to the LA Zoo, which isn't as big as San Diego, but we still enjoyed it, the Santa Monica pier, a science museum, etc. There ARE other amusement parks around LA--Lego land, Knotts Berry farm, Magic Mountain, etc. if that's what you wanted.

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answers from San Francisco on

I think Epcot Center is more cool than California Adventure.

So I would go for Disney World.

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answers from Tucson on

If had the choice and money wasnt an issure i'd go to Disneyworld. There is a lot more to do and see there. You should check out this blog. couponingtodisney.com She has lots of info on both.

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answers from Denver on

I have been to both - not very often, but I've seen both. I tend to like Disneyland better - especially for the little ones...
1. It's less crazy busy because it's just the Magic Kingdom (which is more than enough at that age)
2. The weather in the summer is better (less humid) so I'm happier...
3. You can also get away from Disney quicly enough to see the beach and other S CO things you may want to check out.

I vote for DisneyLAND!

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answers from San Francisco on

I have been to both. I like Disneyworld a little better, but your kids will have a great time regardless of which you pick! HAVE FUN!

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answers from Johnstown on

Disney WORLD is 10x better--hands down!

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answers from Washington DC on

My husband's been to both, but not in the last few years. He preferred Disney World. Said Disneyland was 'old' looking.

Also if your 9y is a boy, they might enjoy Hollywood Studios and/or Universal Studios. My 9y boy was bored w/ Magic Kingom (DW)

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answers from Detroit on

Disney World I agree with Erica M. 10 x better. Disneyland is much smaller than Disney World and The California Adventure park wasn't that impressive.

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answers from San Francisco on

My family have been to both several times. We are Disney Vacation Club members and have been to many of the on site hotels at both properties.

I think they are both wonderful and can not be compare as better or worse because they are like comparing apples to oranges.

Disneyland is considered a pedestrain park; meaning that you can walk everywhere and do not need a car, bus or other mode of transportation (as long as you stay at the resort or across the street).

There are two parks at Disneyland. You can completely get through these two parks and Downtown Disney and feel like you saw and experienced everything in three to five days (depending on how busy the parks are).

Disneyland is like a small piece of what Disneyworld is. If this is your first time, I would go to Disneyland. Why? Disneyworld is overwhelming. It is literally a world. We have been four times and we have not seen or done everything. I will say that the food is better at Disneyworld. I was devastated last time we went to Disneyland because the sushi restaurant closed. The cast member I was speaking with to make reservations said that it was not getting enough business because people wanted the run of the mill meals. Not to say there are not nice restaurants there but there are more in Disneyworld. But no matter where you choose to go I highly reccommend making priority seating arrangements months before you go. All you have to do is call the disney dining number (found on their website under the restaurant descriptions) and the Disney cast members will make reccomendations on what you tell them your food likes and dislikes are. It is probably smart to make one reservations a day so that you know you don't have to wait in line.

Your kids will like both and if you will most likely want to go back. It becomes an addiction and it is fun for the whole family.

You will probably spend less money at Disneyland. The tickets are less expensive (you get less parks) and you don't have to stay as long to get a complete experience (Disneyworld you at least need 7 days).

Have fun!



answers from Cleveland on

disney world for sure they have a lot more things to do when i went to disney land a few years ago (probably like 8 years) most of the rides were closed and it was a waste of money i think



answers from Dallas on

I have been to both (Disneyland once with a 3 yr old and 1 yr old) and Disney World tons of times at various stages in my life from me being age 5 to taking my daughter when she was 2. I really love both Disneys and I think it will come down to how much do you want to do.

Disney World is MUCH bigger. There are 4 parks and 2 waterparks (which are also fun) instead of 2 and Disney World is spread out. At Disneyland you can easily walk out one park and into the other. When we did Disneyland we also did a trip to the San Diego Zoo and stopped at the beach along the way.

You need much more time to see all of Disney World. We are going this summer for about a week with our children who are now 6 and 4. Also because of the size of Disney World I am bringing a stroller for my 4 yr old AND one for my 6 yr old (she is still tiny--only 36 lbs) because of the amount of walking and I want to cut down on the whining because of all the walking. I LOVED Disneyland for my kids when they were a little younger because it was smaller and it seemed to have a lot more "kiddie" rides. There are plenty of rides for older kids and adults. But, I think the small size made it easier for us when the kids were younger. However, I grew up on the East Coast, honeymooned at DisneyWorld and have been there lots. There is so much to do. That being said if you go in the summer be prepared to deal with LOTS of people.

I would recommend going to the Disney website and looking at the parks. Their website is FULL of information. Their calendars are posted for the next 6 months. It tells you the benefits of staying "in the world" and dining options. When we go to Disney World we like to stay on property for LOTS of reasons. AND--they have various levels of hotel prices and good packages. At Disneyland they have 3 hotels actually on the property and then some that are Good Neighbor hotels. We stayed at the Candy Cane Inn and we were able to walk to the front gates in a SHORT amount of time. You can also request a planning DVD from the website. Also, once you decide on your destination there are some GREAT books available to help you plan on going with kids.

Please feel free to send me an email if you have any questions.



answers from Minneapolis on

I agree--Disneyworld is way better. Much more to do and a lot more fun!



answers from Chattanooga on

No comparison whatsoever. DisneyLAND is one step above a regular amusement park like Six Flags. DisneyWORLD is amazing...more to see and do than you could do in a week! Definitely go to Disneyworld!



answers from Tyler on

I would definitley say DisneyWorld. I was born in FL and went as a kid and it was wonderful. Then, I went a LOT as an adult because I had a friend who worked there. I always had the best time.

Well, I now have a friend who lives near Disneyland and so we met up and took the kids to Disneyland this past year (6, 6 and 2). The kids had fun, but I was SUPER disappointed. Disneyland is so much smaller than DisneyWorld and it was just not what I was expecting. On the flip side, it is very manageable for young kids. I recall the lines being very long at DisneyWorld.

Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

DISNEYWORLD!!! We have been to both with our daughters and they ( now ages 8 & 10) say hands down Disneyworld is the best. There is nothing wrong with Disneyland but it is smaller (at least it feels that way) and older. DW has Cinderella's Castle which is grand. DL has Snow White's castle which is nice. My family and I lived in the NE and have also lived in California. Now being in TX I would head east if I wanted to go to any Disney attraction. Just my opinion.

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