Disneyland for a 4 Year Old

Updated on February 07, 2010
D.P. asks from Redwood City, CA
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Just wanted to know if anyone had any tips about spending the day @ Disneyland - we will only be visiting the older park and only be there 1 day. Our daughter loves the princesses. We also haven't been in over 10yrs - so anything you have to share about savings and how to use our time wisely is GREATLY appreciated!

Thank you!

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answers from Hartford on

Most of my expertise is in Disney World, but I have visited Disneyland and I have done the parks with a young child. My biggest recommendation is stay on your daughter's schedule. Nothing ruins Disney faster than a cranky child! I So eat when she's hungry, leave to have her take a nap (if she still naps).
haven't been there in several years either, but I bet they have a character breakfast with the princesses which is the best place for your daughter to see them. If she already has a princess costume that can add to the fun if she wears it to Disneyland (just be extremely careful of long skirts) or they probably have someplace for her to get "princessed out."
For discounted tickets, I always go to AAA.
I think the older park is a better bet for your daughter, so you're on the right track. I don't remember anything particularly scary there, but I have to admit my kids were a little older. Use FASTPASS if it's available and don't try to see everything. I always try to focus on the experience of Disney rather than trying to go on all the rides.
Since you're daughter is so young, she'll probably only remember flashes like meeting Cinderella, but you'll love seeing Disneyland through her eyes.
Hope there's something in here you can use!



answers from Santa Barbara on

I know that there are usually people on Craigslist willing to sell the last day on a park hopper ticket at super discount. I agree with making sure your daughter is well rested, well fed and if you want to enjoy the evening activities, taking a break in the middle of the day for a much needed rest always helps. Take lots of snacks, water ($4.50 a bottle for 20oz. inside the park), and a couple changes of clothes. I have pictures of my son wearing his popsicle at about 4 yo. My son used to melt down just because it was so overwhelming. If your daughter enjoys shows and parades, then make sure she does those. My son has done the Star Wars Jedi training everytime. Yes, I'm bored out of my mind, but he loves it!
Have fun,



answers from Dallas on

Disneyland is my favorite family trip with little ones. We used to live in Las Vegas, closer to Disneyland so we went about once a year when our kids were small. Here are a few tricks I learned.
1. Buy a few Disney suveneirs before you go on the trip and present it to her right before you go in (it'll save you money).
2.Reserve a late breakfast at one of the themed resturants. It is less crowded at breakfast time and your daughter will get a chance to really spend time with her favorite Princess instead of chasing them all down in the park.
3. Definately get a fast pass to go onto the more popular rides. Start off in the younger area (I think it's Toon Town) first. It is in the back and most people start in the front of the park and work their way back, so you will be going opposite of most of the traffic.
4. Have your daughter wear her favorite Princess gown to the park.
Hope this is helpful! Have a great time!



answers from San Diego on

We were just at DIsneyland last weekend with my 3 year old. son Did you know they have the 2 days for the price of one day special now? Its called the 2fer You can get it at any local supermarket where they sell the gift cards.....
I would start off at the entrance and take the big train right to Toontown, (that is if you get there when they open). Since toontown is in the back of the park you may beat the traffic there that way.
My son also loves the Winnie the Pooh ride, which is way over in adventureland ....then you can hit the castle and all the little rides over by the castle.
Have fun!!!
Also there website says you cannot bring in food but I saw people bringing in huge coolers of food.... so bring as much as you can to save tons of money!!



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi D.,

Absolutely bring your own snacks and drinks. I would go online and plan with your daughter what attractions are most important to her to go on. Bring some small toys or bubbles or something to keep her busy if there are long lines.

My two kids always wanted to take turns picking rides> I stopped this quickly because they always seemed to be at opposite ends of the park. Now we go by "lands".

If you do go to California Adventure they have a great little park playground across from the River raft ride. It is great for down times for adults. Usually not so crowded and the kids love it.

Have fun!


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