DisneyLand (California) Vacation Packages

Updated on May 09, 2007
H.K. asks from Houston, TX
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Hello, My family and my husbands brothers family would like to travel to California in September to go to DisneyLand for the first time with our children,(we each have 2) We really want to go but not spend our life savings. Does anyone know of some good vacation packages or special discounts for this kind of vacation. Thanks

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answers from Houston on

Most Disney Stores have package info and if they don't have a wall set up with info you can always ask a store employee!!

Good Luck and Have a Blast!!



answers from Beaumont on

You can go to Disney's website and book everything through there. I had a family member that just went to Florida that way, and they really had everything mapped out through the website. BUT, you can book it so that you don't even have to pick up your luggage at the airport, that is always nice when traveling with kids. It will be delivered to your hotel for you. I just looked on the site and basically for a family of four with 7 day park passes, 6 day meal plan and, hotel it was around $2500, would have to look closer to get flight info. Which if you think about it isn't that bad of a price for Disney. Just put into a search engine Disney Vacation Packages and it will pull up something. Would at least give you a price and then you can see if a travel agent can beat it. But the way to go is to get the meal plan included that way you don't have to wait to eat and all you have to do is tip, which I think that may also be included in the price.



answers from College Station on

Hi H.,

I am a travel agent and am happy to help you out. Please email me at [email protected]____.com. Include the dates of travel that you are interested in and the ages of your children.




answers from Houston on

Continental.com is running great sales for direct flights. $218 per person. That's the lowest you'll see especially for straight flights. I know, we do the trek all the time. Also, if you have Costco, they also sell coupon books for So. Cal. And it wouldn't hurt to look up The Entertainment Book website and see about ordering their book for So. Cal. You can get great discounts like buy one meal and get one meal free type thing for restaurants in the area that you are traveling as well as coupons for other entertainment other than the Disneyland Theme park. I've also like the idea of buying the multi day passes. Trying to cram the entire park into one day is too much for the parents and the kids. Also look into "Breakfast With The Characters" your kids should have a blast unless they get freaked out by the fact that a cartoon character is actually walking and touching them. Lots of crying babies and toddlers go through this. In my opinion the Disneyland Hotel is not all that. We've stayed there 3 times because of company related function and I didn't get the correlation between price and what we got. I think it was like $200/night for a room that would probably go for much less. Also hotels that offer complimentary breakfast will help you save some money as well. Kids just want to sleep in a different bed and have a pool nearby.

Good luck, have fun.



answers from McAllen on

My family traveled to California a year ago during the summer and went to Wild Animal Park, Laguna Beach & Hollywood. We went for about a week and a half. We budgeted close to 3k but ended up spending closer to 4k. As far as a vacation package, it might be a tad more cheaper if you do it yourself or a travel agent that you trust. But you will have to do more work. I do recommend looking on your own, but if you find it to hard or just not worth it (you might be staying at a cheaper hotel), just go with a travel agent, and if all else fails go to the site and book or go to the Disney store.

As far as not spending your savings. Go online and check out sites from the city or search forums about when they have specials like KIDS EAT FREE! I know in some big cities almost every restraunt will have KIDS EAT FREE on tue-thurs. Also sometimes a vacation package will come with a coupon book if you get a package that's a bit more expensive, but most of the time famlies don't have time to clip coupons and plan out every meal! IMPOSSIBLE! Another tip might be to keep a mini cooler or fridge with drinks and fruit, that way you only have to order an entree without having to get a drink and fries.

And remember, it's good to plan, but not to the tee. Plan one major thing per day (or every other day). And this has happened to us twice. We drove and didn't get there in time for something and we all decided to stay an extra night to spend all day at this one place, and that cost us an extra night at a hotel plus food & souvuniers! So ask both famlies to have an extra $200-500 on the side for emergencies.

Since your traveling with children it might be a good idea to get vacation insurance. That might be a bit pricey, but more than half the time someone always gets sick, and heaven forbit it be serious.

GOOD LUCK, HAVE FUNE, and always remember there's no "RUSH" when on vacation!

ps. I'll be happy to be your p/t T.A. Let me know!



answers from Houston on

FYI- I've been to DisneyLand in Ca and Disneyworld in FL dozens of times. My children prefer Florida. Florida simply has a lot more to do and see (I used to live there too). I own a condo in Orlando (1 mile from Disney). I know currently my complex is offering a 4 days/3 nights stay for $99. Plus they can add tickets to Disney, Universal, or Seaworld. Advice - get a rental car and ask for the $1000 discount coupon book.

If intersted you can call 800-375-7828. You can even give them my owner number ###-###-####. Good luck and have fun.

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