Disney World Themed Birthday Party

Updated on September 15, 2015
J.P. asks from North Anson, ME
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My daughter wants to have a Disney World themed birthday party this year, which ties in very well with her surprise that we are going to Disney World shortly after her birthday!!! :D

Does anyone have any ideas for the party? Decorations, food, recipes, invitations, party bags, games? I have a few ideas of my own, but love hearing other people's as well! The party is just over 4 weeks away, and we are aiming for low budget this year considering the trip is coming up too. I would like to try to make the Grey Stuff from the park, anyone have a recipe for that or some other park themed foods? So very excited! Thank you for your input!

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So What Happened?

So I didn't have much to work with for the party, but my daughter helped me pick out Disney character balloons and other decorations for it, which was fun! We also had the Grey Stuff on chocolate and yellow cupcakes (I messed up the yellow cupcakes a bit, forgot to add water, and FYI practice with piping the Grey Stuff, it spattered all over the cupcakes but was yummy). I also made some blue cupcakes with chocolate frosting and mini oreos as Mickey ears. We had some family members bring different snacks; chips, cookies, dips, and I made a macaroni salad. I cut way back this year, the house is usually decked out from wall to wall. But the party was amazing, we had a great turnout and the best part was my daughter finding out about our trip when she read her birthday card!

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answers from San Francisco on

Get on Pinterest, you will find so many ideas your head will spin.

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answers from Lakeland on

What is the "grey stuff" you are talking about from the parks?

Why not get some Mickey and Minnie decorations (or print out pictures). There are many different foods at the parks, but from the small stands the popcorn, turkey legs and ice cream seem to be most popular.

Is the grey stuff the castle and fake stone work around fantasy land?

Paint cardboard boxes grey and stack them up around the room or paint stone blocks on long sheets of paper.

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answers from Phoenix on

Maybe put together a Hidden Mickey hunt? You can make Mickeys out of flat glass marbles of two different sizes (or just cut out of paper or mix them up) with double Stick tape and hide them on walls, book spines, windows, bathroom mirror, etc. Maybe draw a Mickey in dry erase marker on the glass of framed photos. You could do trickier ones out side with river rocks or group 1 large and 2 smaller pots of flowers, etc. Just use stuff you have around the house or hit the dollar store, I bet you could do a great job for under $10.
Sounds fun!!


answers from Dallas on

Get a castle bounce house and decorate with basic Disney characters,


answers from Dover on

My daughter wanted a Disney/Mickey's Clubhouse party too but at the time they had the boys (Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto) or (Minnie and Daisy)...so I used a little of that for decorations and made the rest. Such as: plain sheet cake that had the typical Happy Birthday and decorated with primary colors and a dash of pink. Then I used the mini-figures of Mickey & Minnie. For their loot bags I used brown paper bags and let them decorate their own Pluto's Doggy Bags (I pre-cut dog bones for them to write their names and glue onto the bag, I also used big die-cutters to cut basic shapes in primary colors for decorations...triangles, squares, circles). I printed coloring sheets off the website too. Using a large piece of cardboard, I made a "Toodles" and had the supplies placed on it (like they show on the screen during the show...which tool do you use for this kind of thing). There was a Pin the tail kind of game but I forget which I used. All plates were just a basic color (may have used two). If I remember what else I did, I'll update my post for you.



answers from Rochester on

We did a Disney themed scavenger hunt that ended with a huge box that had a big Mickey balloon, Mickey cupcakes, autograph books, and Disney water bottle. The ballon popped out when the box was opened.



answers from Austin on

One of the simplest food ideas I can think of is chocolate frosted cupcakes (your homemade or store bought) with two mini Oreo cookies stuck in the frosting to look like Mickey's ears. If necessary you could stick a toothpick into the Oreo filling and then down into the cupcake. Those would be very inexpensive.

"The Grey Stuff" seems to be vanilla pudding, mixed with very finely crushed Oreos (those Nabisco Famous Wafer chocolate disk cookies would also work - just finely pulse either cookie to powder in a food processor), with Cool Whip folded in and then enough chocolate pudding mix to get that gray color. I've never tried making this, so have no idea how the end results would be.


Of course you can purchase or rent tons of Disney stuff, but that pretty much means $$$$$. If it's just going to be girls, you can buy plain party hats (or make them out of sturdy paper from a craft store) to resemble princess hats (those pointy cone shaped ones). Get cheap glitter, sequins, fabric trimmings, and glue and let the girls make sparkly princess hats.

You can make one large rectangular pizza, or mini pizzas, and decorate them with one pepperoni (for Mickey's face) and two mini pepperonis (for his ears). Either make lots of Mickey's on the large pizza or make individual ones on the mini pizzas. That would also be inexpensive.

I've seen Mickey Mouse shaped chicken nuggets at Costco. Not sure if they're available elsewhere but probably an Amazon search would do.

Little girls love decorating things, so you might pre-bake large sugar cookies and give them lots of cake decorating supplies in maybe the light blue and white colors of Frozen. You might also find Disney inspired sprinkles online. Let each guest decorate their own cookie or cookies with gel, sprinkles, frosting, etc. That could also serve as their take home gift instead of cheap plastic toys. Just give each child a little white paper bag (available in party stores or dollar stores) with Disney stickers (let the kids put on their own stickers) and pack the cookies in to take home. It's a fun way to spend time together at a party, at a picnic table with lots of frostings and decorations and cookies to share later.

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