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Updated on March 03, 2011
M.D. asks from Washington, DC
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We took our kids to Disney World Christmas 2009 - AMAZING! It was so busy that we decided to go back in 5 years, but my husband and I got the bug and want to go back, so we are going in September. We were looking into the cruise, but now the prices on that have doubled and I REFUSE to vacation on credit. So I don't want to stress us that badly to do it right now. I started looking into Disney Land and that is totally do-able (thank you Southwest for your cheap flights! Lol). But I've never been to California (from MD) before. Or Disney Land. Can anyone tell me if it is better or not as good as Disney World? Or if you've been on the cruise, is that a must? Our kids will be 4, 6, and 8 on this trip. I'm thinking if we wait 2 or 3 years to do the cruise, they may get more out of it and enjoy it more.

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answers from New York on

Walt Disney World (Florida) is much bigger & better than Disneyland. I don't see the cruise as a must; there is just so much to do already while you are in Disney World. If you go during their 'off season' times you can get better deals in Disney World resorts. (You would have to take the kids out of school, though. Any time the kids are off from school is a 'peak' time for Disney World.) Late September is pretty good time to go, as is early November. Have fun!

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answers from Salt Lake City on

Quite honestly I actually prefer Disneyland to Disneyworld. Disneyland is much more compact and there are many of the same attractions that you find spread out over ALL the Disneyworld parks in one area (which is really nice when you there is a lot you want to see/do without wanting to travel such long distances from park to park). Personally I think there is just a much to do in Disneyland as there is Disneyworld, but in a much more convenient layout.
Also, I like the weather that time of year in California WAY more than Florida (I am a wimp in the humidity). I was in Orlando last August and the combination of heat/humidity nearly did me in!
I haven't been on a Disney Cruise (waiting until the kids are older), so I can't comment on that other than they look like they would be a blast!
Have fun and enjoy!

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answers from Boston on

I've never been to the one in California but everyone I've asked has said that the Florida one (I think DisnayLand) is better! There's also Universal and other activities to do there.
Also keep in mind that California is much more expensive otherwise such as food, hotels, gas if you're renting a car etc.
P.S. I've heard from a disney salesperson that prices increase in August so I'd get them before then!



answers from San Francisco on

I live in California and have been to Disneyland probably more than forty times. I have been to Disney World also, three times. We are about, this coming November, go on our first Disney cruise on the Disney Wonder.

Disneyland and Disney World are two completely different experiences. I don't think you can describe it was better or not as good. But I would say that Disneyland is like a slice of the whole pie if you are use to Disney World because it is so much smaller. With it being smaller, it is not as overwhelming. Within four/ five days you should, depending on how busy it is, feel like you have seen and done everything.

I think it is important to use Disneyland like it is suppose to be used...as a pedestrian park. The concept is that you never have to get in a car, bus or any mode on transportation to move around the resort grounds. So, staying on site, in one of the four hotels really augments your experience.

If you are staying for a longer period of time, I would suggest going to some of the other parks and activities the area has to offer. There is Knott's Berry farm (if your family likes roller coasters) about twenty minutes away and Legoland (about an hour and a half away). There is also Medival Times (which is a show and a dinner).

September is going to be a great time to go. The weather is warm and comfortable. I like going in October though because they really decorate to the hilt.

Have fun!



answers from Pittsburgh on

If I were you I would go to Florida and spend the extra money to upgrade-stay at either the Polynesian or the Beach Club and do the meal plan. Plus-you won't have to fly across country with three little ones. Do CA when they are a little older and you can do a tour of California in addition to the park.

You will like WDW so Much better without the crowds. I wouldn't worry about the cruise. Do it when the kids get a bit older-4 is still pretty young.

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