Disney World in July--Any Suggestions?

Updated on February 06, 2012
X.O. asks from Naperville, IL
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We will be going to FL in mid July for a wedding in Jacksonville, so we want to make the most of our trip & also go to Disney World while we are down there.

The wedding will be on a Saturday. We are planning on being gone a total of 5 or 6 days.

What do you think we should do first--
a) Disney World for Tues-Fri, wedding in Jacksonville Sat, relax on Sunday, fly back to Chicago Monday (from JAX)....or
b) Jacksonville on Fri-Sun morning, drive to Orlando after church & breakfast; do Disney Mon & Tues, return to Chicago Weds (from Orlando)

How hot will it be there in mid July? 90s??
We will have a lightweight double stroller for our 2 youngest, who will be 1 & 3 yrs at the time

Which water park is better for our kids' age groups (oldest is 5 yrs old)?

Are the Disney resorts worth the cost, or better to get a non-affiliated hotel in the area?

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answers from Chicago on

If you thought summers in chicago were humid, you have not experienced anything like florida in the summer. I have been there twice, when I was 17 and again when my son was 17. I will NEVER go to florida in the summer again.

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answers from Orlando on

I also vote for wedding first. Try to stay at one of the moderate or value hotels at Disney. You will get the entire experience and its nice to take a break in the afternoon and go back to your hotel and let kids swim(resort pools are awesome!) or take their naps and then venture out again to do dinner at the parks and watch fireworks. We have stayed at many. Carribbean Beach resort and Port Orleans are considered "moderate" and usually have good deals. Both are nice and Port Orleans has a boat that will take you to Downtown Disney. You can use all the free transportation on the property and they take you pretty much anywhere. I like Typhoon Lagoon water park, it is older but good for little ones. Aquatica is awesome too as it is new.
It will be hot in July. Animal Kingdom is the hottest park so if you go there, make it your first stop of the day. Animals will be awake too! If you stay at the resorts, certain days you can have earlier or later access to certain parks over other guests. Take advantage of that!
There are also hotels at Lake Buena Vista that are nice and have bus transportation to the parks.
Have a magical time!

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answers from Lakeland on

You should check the flight prices in and out of Orlando, they are usually cheaper than the surrounding airports. It would be cheaper to rent a car and drive to Jacksonville. Temps in July are usually in the high 90's, but the humidity makes it feel like 100 and higher. Drink lots of water and make sure you have plenty of sunscreen.

My daughter is 5 and I still occasionally bring her stroller, it gets so hot and she tires out walking around the parks. I think people under estimate the size of each park. The Disney parks rent them daily if you need one.

We have not visited any of the waterparks (even though we live so close). My daughter is not a good swimmer yet and I worry that the big kids will run her down. I think most are geared for older children and adults, but I am not sure. LEGOLAND will be opening a waterpark this May so you may want to consider theirs, they gear toward the younger kids.
The resort hotels in the parks are covenant, but if you are only staying a few days in the area you can find better prices outside the parks. There are so many hotels in the area so check out any and all reviews on them before booking.

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answers from Atlanta on

Just know we have VERY hot and humid summers down here. If you aren't used to the humidity it will drain you fast. Bring water bottles with you.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I googled average temp in Orlando for _____________. We went in August and I have to say, it was hot and humid (mid 90's). I was extremely pregnant with twins, so maybe more sensitive to the heat. The kids don't really seem to mind though, you know them. I hope you guys have a great time.

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answers from Lansing on

We went one year in August...Holy Moly!! HOT AND HUMID! I took along a spray bottle everyday and misted the kids down on a regular basis. I got heat stroke but they did not! Also bought a sarong (large light weight material to cover up bathing suit) and made shade in the stroller. It was fun but we all had to drink LOTS of water and constantly mist the kids. Good luck!

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answers from Orlando on

We moved to Orlando last year and it does get pretty warm in July and humid. I would want to do the wedding stuff first that way the kids might have something to look forward to and won't be overly excited about just going to Disney during a wedding. I haven't been to the water parks yet with my son who's also 5, but he LOVES the animal park. So if yoh can do that one. Sorry I don't have any tips on the hotels since we live here no need for them. Enjoy your trip!

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answers from Houston on

Hi. Yes, go with a Disney value resort for the extra perks . Book dining NOW!!!!! Even if you aren't sure of dates Disney restaurants book up 6 mos in advance. Any kind of stroller is awesome at Disney. Enjoy your magical vacation! Can I come? Lol!

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answers from Dover on

I think I would go w/ option B. This lets you get the "business" side to your trip done and then have fun. The other way would work but kids may be all wound from their trip and not we willing to cooperate at the wedding festivites. This way, you can use Disney as the incentive for being well behaved.

It will be HOT HOT HOT in July. I went in June before and it was so unbelievably hot and humid...when it wasn't raining, you were wishing it would and when it did you realized it was just as hot/humid when it was done. Of course it was the raining season according to the locals.

We took our 2 year old to Typhoon Lagoon and we loved it. My son (17 at the time) and husband did Blizzard Beach and from what they described, TL was the best choice for the little one. I also personally prefer the island them better than the snowing theme...but in July, I may have welcomed the "cooler" atmosphere.

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answers from Orlando on

I live in Orlando and it's hot here in July--low 90's and humid. I would recommend going to Disney after the wedding too. I would imagine that Disney is less crowded earlier in the week and it will give the kids something to look forward to.

Water parks: Aquatica is supposed to be good. We also love Sea World--there are chances to get wet and cool off. It's fun for the littler ones.

You have to be careful with hotels because there are a lot of dumpy ones that look nice on the website. Stick with a brand name hotel--Marriott, Best Western, Hampton Inn. The great thing about a Disney resort is you get the Disney vibe, they are close to the action with transportation to the parks, and they are all very well maintained so you know it's going to be a great experience. It all depends on your budget. There is a Nickelodeon hotel near the theme parks that is fun for kids.

Have a great trip. It's too bad you won't have more time in Orlando to explore the real Orlando. It's so much more than just Disney.

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