Disney with a 2 Year Old

Updated on August 27, 2008
J.C. asks from Bronxville, NY
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Hi All,

I will be going to Florida in November to see family. We will be so close to Disney that I hate not to go. Will it be worth it to go with a 2 year old? I've heard that it's most beneficial for 5 year olds plus. Has anyone gone with a 2 year old? I don't want her to cry all day becaue she's too little to go on any rides (frustration) or enjoy herself. Thanks for your input!

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answers from Dallas on

I took my two year old to Disney and we had a good time. If your two year old is familiar with any Disney Characters they get really excited to see them live. We bought the park hopper but thought Magic Kingdom was best. They have a Disney Clubhouse with Mickey which is fun. We did stay all day, and by night had a major meltdown...to much stimulation. They also have a fireworks display which was a little scary for her. Honestly, we did have fun, but I took her again when she was older (four) and she got a lot more out of it. I currently live in Tampa, FL(moving to Glen Cove next month)and I have a two year old. We have season tickets to Busch Gardens and I prefer Busch Gardens to Disney. They have a huge Dragon Land Display, Jungala with play area's very suitable for two year olds. I don't know how far away you are from Tampa, as it is very close to Disney as well but you can check that out as well. Also,
The weather in FLorida is perfect in November so wherever you decide to go you'll have a good time.



answers from New York on

We went with our daughter when she was 1/1/2 (last year) and we had lots of fun. She had most of her naps in her stroller and she enjoyed animals in Animal Kingdom and she went on most of the rides with us at Epcot and Magic Kingdom (Peter Pan, Dumbo, It’s a small world, Nemo ……). She screamed every single time she saw a character walking around and the parades where a blast (she was hysterical). We took her to the “Characters Breakfast” and just enjoyed walking around for most of our trip. We also had my in-laws with us so my husband and I managed to go to some of the adult rides alone and the in-laws strolled around with the little one. We had a little (bear) backpack with a leash (I know, I know that sounds horrible but it is very useful when you at the places like Disney World where is very crowded with people and kid can just easily take off) so I can recommend you to bring something like that.
I think you should GO FOR IT!! It will just make you happy to watch her face light up when she see all the fun stuff….
Let me know if you would like me to give you some tips and MUST SEE things, I would be happy too….



answers from New York on

Disney is SO kid friendly at that age I think... we were there two weeks ago, my youngest is 5... and November is an amazing time to go.. They have the special Christmas event but that may be too late in the day for you to take a little one on (from 4pm - midnight I think) but great cause the park is almost empty...

there are a few rides that have height requirements but there are tons that dont...

Magic Kingdom - she should be able to go on everything in Fantasyland and Mickeys Toontown fair. (this area is for kids) The rest of the park does have attractions she may be able to see.

Epcot - Nemo the ride and I highly recommend turtle talk with crush, she may not totally understand it but its amazing you'll love it...Journey to Imagination the kids love. Walking around World Showcase gives you a glimpse of other cultures and its great.

Hollywood Studios not to much for little ones but the Little Mermaid is nice, Playhouse Disney is live on stage in there and kids love that one, its interactive... They also have honey I shrunk the kids play area so she can run around...

Animal Kingdom - Camp Minnie Mickey is perfect - the lion king show is full of color and dance its amazing, but may be too loud but worth a shot. Nemo the Musical is also amazing and full of color. Lots of animals to see throughout the park..

Disney also has on their website a section for preschoolers, it gives you a list of things to see for that age group... there are also 2 Waterparks and downtown Disney to see...

Here are some sites to check out...




Can you tell I love Disney! lol....

Having that little backpack with the leash is a great idea... I would also look into getting an ID Bracelet. I purchased a velcro bracelet for $8 that held my information inside and my daughter wore it the whole time... nothing happened but you never know.

Have fun..



answers from New York on

I went with a 2 yr old, and so not worth it. I went when he was 14 months, and then when he was 2 exactly. At 13 months we did go on some rides, though he was mostly intrested in the people watching aspect of it. At 2, he was terrified of the rides (even the ones that we went on at 14 months). All the rides we were able to take him on were dark and loud, and that terrified him. For months he was scared of everything. I do recommend visiting the DownTown Disney area (it's free), which is all shops and places to eat. They have sprinklers for kids and my son went nuts playing with the toys at th estores. He had much more fun at the free downtown disney than the parks that we paid a ton of money for. Plus, it is so not worth going to the park and coming back for nap. Good luck, and if you go to downtown disney, bring extra set of clothes, the sprinklers are a ton of fun with the water shooting out from the floor.



answers from New York on

OMG!!!!!! Disney is great no matter how old. My husband and I have been going with our 4 year old daughter every year since she was 13 months. It is all she talks about all year. She has loved it every year. I would just stick to Magic kingdom the first year. Also before you go, order the free Disney DVD from Disney.com, and let your daughter watch it a few times to pump her up, and also put on Mickey Mouse Club House(disney channel) as much as possible. By the time she gets to Disney she'll know everyone. Have a blast.



answers from New York on

We go to Disney every year (and our dgtr is 2 now!). We love it! First suggestion - don't overplan! There is WAY too much to see and do!

If you want - there is plenty to do that's free - like the Boardwalk (not too much actual Disney type stuff - but lots of 2 yr olds like to feed the birds and there are bikes that 4 people can ride in to rent - little stands to check out, etc) and Downtown Disney (lots of places to eat and different stores w/ lots to look at - my dgtr at 18 mos loved DD the best! They have a Lego store made out of legos and people and dogs made out of them too - Lelo and Stitch store, a patio that spurts water into the air in different spots - you have the Disney feel without the Disney price!). You can get Disney enough without spending the money on it for a quick trip. Oh - although it's money - you could always do a character breakfast too - they have different ones and my dgtr LOVED it!!! She was yelling 'Hi MICKEY!!!' across the rest. as we walked through! But - it can be scary too to see them up close - my nephew hated the brkfst when he was 2!

Now - if you want to go into the parks - I would recommend choosing one park. They do sell the park hopper, but your little one will be so overstimulated in a couple hours - it's not worth it! We took our dgtr into the Magic Kingdom - 18 mos and she pushed her stroller - looked at flowers (the ones we grow in NY - not even the great ones for down south!!) and wanted to play with a garbage can before she took a nap in her stroller. We decided to still go into the park b/c we would have if we were by ourselves - but it was $150 for the 2 of us to get in (I can't remember the age they start charging for kids).

Just remember - she won't remember a thing - most kids who spend a week at Disney say they liked the pool at the resort the best - and as much fun as it is - it's crowded (even when it's not peak season) and is overstimulating. It wouldn't stop me from taking her back again at 2 1/2 (we go to FL in November - but more south and head back usually in January to the Orlando area - family in 2 different spots!). So whatever you choose - go with the flow!



answers from New York on

We took my son at 18 months and we were a little unsure about how he would react - he LOVED it - he doesn't remember much (now 3) but he had a blast with the characters and shows.

I would suggest taking a look at what attractions are there and mark what your daugther will like - disney website offers a free map to map out what you are interested in - this helps you navigate the park easier and you can make the most of your time. also I would schedule in naps so plan one day to hit the park early and leave mid day before a nap or go to the parks later in the afternoon and spending the evening in the park - depending on your daughters schedule of course - Have fun!!!

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