Disney Value Resort?

Updated on June 05, 2007
S.G. asks from Fort Worth, TX
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We are trying to plan a trip to Disney World in September. Of course we are also trying to do that getting the best deal possible. Sept. seems to be a great time to go pricewise. We stayed in one of the moderate hotels on the Disney property last time and it was ok but nothing real special so we were thinking about going with one of the value resorts this time around but we would like a little advice from someone who has stayed in one or at least seen one before. Are they clean? I know we won't be in the room all that much but it seems like staying on the Disney property is a pretty good deal with the transportation all being taken care of as part of the package now. Anyway, any advice would be great!

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I'm going to WDW in October... and after pricing out everything, I opted to go with www.vrbo.com and find a house to rent. I got a 5 bedroom house for a week under $850. I'll have to get a rental car, yes... but it'll save time in the long run because of not having to wait for busses/monorails etc. I'm also going to make most of our meals at the house... we'll have our own pool / grill / hot tub / big screen with sattellite... Ive been to WDW 4 other times and stayed on property and for the price this just seemed like the best value, best bang for the buck and best option for MY family... good luck! :)

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We just went in Nov. & stayed at the Pop Century Resort. We loved it & it was just perfect. Pretty basic- Motel 6 style, but for all the time you spend there- who cares! And with a cafeteria on grounds, it is PERFECT!

True about the Disney Transport, but it is such a great deal & the crowds will be thinned out in September, I wouldn't sweat it. If you do have a bad day- like you just want to get back to the hotel- period- grab a taxi. They are always available at the parks.

I always recommend the Disney Dining Plan, too. You really save & the food options are wonderful. And again, having a cafeteria on grounds help you use your plan to the fullest- saving on "cheap" meals like breakfast, & using your pricier meals at the parks.

A great website that helped me mucho was www.allears.net.

Have fun!



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We love Disney resorts, yes, the transportation is great and just not having to deal with traffic, parking, directions, etc. is a great asset to our vacation!
As far as I'm concerned, the values are the way to go. We're never in our room anyway and they were bigger than I expected.
I think the free dining promotion is still going on, so I'd definantly check that out and save on eating costs!
Have a great time!



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I worked for Disney Travel Co for several years in Orlando Fl and been to most the hotels. Disney has a Higher Level of cleaniness than you will find in other hotels. Whether it be high end or the value hotels they all have to hold up to there standards.

Renting a house can be a value, if you have a large family
but I don't want to be spending my whole vacation in the kitchen.

As a Mom myself I am planning my kids 1st trip to Disney and
I am planning on staying at the value resorts because
the pools are more fun for kids and the resorts have large structures of the characters and the kids think there great.

Yes staying on property has its bonus of transportation.
We don't want to drag the car seats everywhere, so
we are gonna use the Disney transportation. You just hop
on the motorcoach.

Sept is usually a value time, its right after the kids go back to school and the next big time is Halloween.

You can go to any hotel and eat, so take advantage of the
character breakfasts.

Have a great time !



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We're going in September too! Can't wait. Anyway, although I've never stayed in them myself, I know people that have and the only complaint I've heard is that when relying on Disney transportation (buses), the value resorts are the first on and last off, which makes for a long ride to and from the parks. With little ones, that could be a negative. Good luck and have a great trip!!

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