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Updated on November 12, 2008
S.T. asks from Parker, CO
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We just booked a trip to Disney for the beginning of next June. We are staying at Animal Kingdom and are really excited for our first trip as a family to Disney. I have two little girls, ages 5 and 3. I'm looking for ideas about the special events that Disney has to offer....such as the princess teas and such. I'd also be open to hear other exciting things to do there and what your sugestions would be for us.

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answers from Chicago on

You'll love the Animal Kingdom Lodge! My sons are 6 and 3. We were there in October. It is such an amazing place. I suggest getting the events calendar from the front desk when you check in. There are soooo many cool things to do right at the hotel. Night vision goggles to see the animals, treasure hunts, safari guide talks and crafts, etc. For a really fun dinner, I suggest the Whispering Canyon at the Wilderness Lodge. You'll need a reservation but the food is fabulous. They have an all you can eat BBQ with all types of meat that is so delicious and if you are on the dining plan-It's the best value for one table service that I found. Have your kids ask for ketchup or an extra fork and the servers have some great antics that are really fun for kids. They do wooden "pony" races around the restaurant once every hour or so. My boys loved it so much, we canceled a different restaurant later in our trip to eat there again! I also suggest buying the Disney Photopass CD when you leave. The photographers take your picture all over the parks and you can buy a CD of the pictures when you leave. For $50.00 more you can add a family photo shoot. The Disney photographers take your picture all over the beautiful hotel and you buy a disk from them to take home. You can print the pictures anywhere because it comes with a photo release. I left with 290 pictures-some of the best we've ever had! The best part is that the whole family is in the pictures because they take them instead of you or your husband. We did character breakfasts at O'hana at the Polynesian and at Tusker House in the Animal Kingdom. Both were tons of fun! Have a great time and if you have any questions, I'd love to help. It's my favorite place to visit.

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If you want to do any of the special dinners, you will need to call as soon as the phone lines open something like 6 months in advance. We didn't do that and when we called, there were no openings. There are character meals that have all of the classics- and those are so worht it because you will wait in long lines to get those autographs. The parades are great. Depending on how long you are there, I wouldn't waste $ on the park hopper. I took my son when he was almost 3 and he would get too worn out. We were lucky to do one park a day!

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you have to do the Family Magic Tour. It is the BEST BEST BEST thing you will do as a family. We loved it. We went when our kids were almost 6 and 2 1/2 and it was great. Also do the meal in the castle. It was amazing.

Did you JUST book your trip? They have stay 3 nights, get 4 nights free right now so make sure you got in on that deal.

Have fun!

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answers from Springfield on

Hi S.,
If you haven't already check out the Mickey Mom's club. They are there to answer all you questions, also try All Ears.net. My kids loves Chef Mickey's (I know it is hard to get into so you will need to be a little flexible). I have also heard (but never gone to) THe Camp Wilderness stuff is fun. The girls might also like the Bibbity Bobbyity Boutique(sp) if they do the priness dinner!
Have fun and happy planning!

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