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Updated on April 08, 2008
L.M. asks from Meriden, CT
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We've seen a lot of advertisements for Disney Cruises and think it may be a vacation our family would enjoy. I would appreciate any information you can give me.

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answers from Hartford on

Hi there-
I went on a disney cruise when I was about 13 with my family. We went around the Carribean and stopped at Gillgan's Island and Nassau. It was boring. If you love to eat and gamble it's great. There were activities for the kids, but I was too cool at that age for most of the stuff. We were definitely trapped on the ship. It would have been more enjoyable to just go to some place and have had more freedom to do day trips and just be on the beach. The pool there was salt water and it was chilly with the ocean wind (not breeze). We had a great time at the island, but nassau is a big, not so nice port and there was no time to explore more of the island....Maybe your family would have a more positive experience- it wasn't that we hated it, just that it was not so great. others surely have had very different experiences...



answers from New York on

Hi L.,

I have a five year old daughter and we have a Disney Timeshare. We are able to stay at any of the Disney Resort Hotels and the Disney Cruise line.

I have to tell you we havent had the chance to take the cruise yet, though our timeshare speacilist has been urging us to do so, we have family members that have.

In my experience with Disney, anywhere you stay or go that Disney is in charge of is the best experience in the world.

They make every minute of your vacation magical.

If you go on there website, they will send you a FREE vacation planning kit, or call the 1800 number on the site and request specific information about the cruise. They usually send a free DVD showing everything you can do while on the cruise.

I hope this helps a little.




answers from Hartford on

We went on the Disney Wonder a few years ago and they have "kid's clubs" for every age group. The 11-14 group had a really cool club, if I remember, that is set up like a big fun laboratory. So there are age appropriate things for them to do. We had a great time with my nephews 6 and 8. Take a look through the website and see if it would appeal to them. I think you would really like it. The food was surprisingly very good, lots of options for the kids.



answers from Hartford on

I have not taken personally but my brother and his family took the Disney Red Boat (I believe that is what it is/was called). Loved it. Said it was pricy but worth every penny. ENJOY!

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