Disinfecting Bath Toys

Updated on March 11, 2011
B.R. asks from Pleasant Hill, CA
12 answers

Hi! I was just wondering what other moms use to disinfect bath toys? Thanks for the input!

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answers from Dallas on

I put them in a laundry bag(the kind used for delicate items) and wash them in the washing machine. Then I air dry them.

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answers from Dallas on

I use vinegar as well. I like the idea of something non toxic, especially when little ones sometimes put these things in their mouth.

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answers from Chicago on

3/4 water 1 part bleach and let 'em soak for 20 minutes

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answers from Cincinnati on

I throw all the toys in the diswasher and run a regular wash with Cascade...I do that about once a month.

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answers from Dover on

Be sure to squeeze excess water out every time to avoid mold growth. To Disinfect, we use Sol U Guard. Great disinfectant but also kid friendly and environmentally safe.

When you use other stuff, even once you have rinsed it, there are traces of the chemical on/in the items. I hate bleach (yes, it is very effective at disinfecting. It should be, it is a presticide!).

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answers from Columbus on

If they can be saved, I use a 1 part bleach to 9 parts water solution and soak them for 10 min (that is a proven disinfectant). Then I rinse it off and use dish soap to clean it off completely. Some things, though, I just throw away.

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answers from Miami on

Those squeeky toys with the little holes in the bottom....they always get "yuck" inside of them. Yuck! I make a basin of water and some bleach and I squeeze the toy to pull up some bleach water and let them soak that way overnight, shaking them from time to time while they are soaking. Then the next day, I squeeze out all the yuck and squeeze in clean water and keep doing that until I don't smell bleach anymore and until all the yuck comes out.

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answers from Dallas on

I'm feeling bad, I don't clean them, I usually throw them away if they get scum built-up or look yucky.



answers from Kansas City on

I'm generally fairly lazy and even though I know I should disinfect toys, I'm really bad at it! So...what I do is shake some Ajax over my basked of toys, give everything a quick scrub and then rinse. I use the Ajax to clean the tub almost every time before I fill it so the tub starts out clean and although I don't wash the toys that often, I feel like it's easier and faster than using bleach.


answers from Minneapolis on

Hi There~

I use Shaklee's cleaners because they are safer than your typical brands on the market and yet very effective!

Take care~



answers from San Francisco on

Hi B.~
I used to put all of my son's bath toys in the dishwasher (not with dishes) and run a cycle. You can use dishwasher detergent or just let the hot water clean and sanitize them.

Lucy B.



answers from Sacramento on

Hi there, I always put them in a diluted bleach wash for awhile and then rinsed them well and let them air dry. The squirty ones you can clean by sucking up the bleach water, shaking, manipulating and then doing it over and over again! Sometimes easier to throw them out and buy just one new one! Hope this helps! Patti B

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