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Updated on June 01, 2012
D.P. asks from Sacramento, CA
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Has anyone dealt with their dishwasher not drying very well? Lately whenever I go to unload the dishes they are still pretty wet. It's irritating because I usually try to make that the kids job, putting dishes away, but being that they are kids, they dont always think to dry the dishes completely. So if you have had this problem with the dishwasher, what was the fix for it? THANKS!

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answers from Austin on

I know it sounds simple, but have you checked to see that the settings are still set correctly?

Especially if your kids are helping with the dishes, they may have hit a button and turned off the "heat dry" cycle.... I always have mine set to "Air Dry", to save energy.

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answers from Portland on

I also set my dishwasher to air dry. Once the washer has completed the wash and rinse cycles, I open the door a crack and within an hour or so the dishes are dry and ready to put away. If there are hollow spaces on top of glasses and cups I dry those while they're still in the dishwasher before putting them away.

If you want to use the dry cycle check to see that it's still working by opening the dishwasher while it's in that cycle. You should feel heat and see the coil red hot. Your dishwasher may need a new switch.

Call a repairman and ask over the phone for possible reasons and probable charges for repair.

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answers from Kansas City on

Are you using Jetdry?



answers from Eugene on

You can go online to the manufacturers website and see if they have a "troubleshooting" tab. Or find the contact number and call them. Often they can tell you what might be wrong and if you need a repair.



answers from Sacramento on

I had the exact same problem! We started using Jet Dry and not one dish comes out wet!

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