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Updated on March 15, 2010
J.P. asks from Greenville, PA
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Hi! Does anyone have a dishwasher that they really love? I want a washer where I don't have to wash my dishes before I put them in. I only want to have to scrape off the food, not rinse! Any recommendations? At this point I'm not going to give a price range, because if it works well, I'll consider it! Thanks!

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answers from New York on

Mine's just ok. I wish it were stainless steal, but it's porcelean which chips. I really don't have to rinse the dishes first, but I do. I only have to replace the scrubbers on it every few months and it really doesn't use too much electric....It's very "green." The band name is "The Human Touch." Yep, no dishwasher machine, because I'm it.....Sometimes my mother-in-law does them and sometimes my hubby.....Boy is he really _____ and cute when he does dishes!

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answers from Kansas City on

this coming from a renter, so i have never bought a dishwasher, BUT, i have heard of dishwashers that have some kind of garbage disposal built in, so they get rid of any food that is on the dishes?? call me crazy, i may have no idea what i'm talking about, but i heard about them and always thought what a GREAT idea. might be worth googling!?



answers from Pittsburgh on

We recently bought an LG Direct Drive and I really like it. For the record, our appliance guys told us specifically NEVER to rinse dishes before they go in the dishwasher--just scrape. They need to have the "food" on them to attack it and work. Also, he told us not to use liquid dishwasher detergent. He rec's the packs with gel & powder.
Maybe the problem is not your dishwasher--run some vinegar through it or buy the "dishwasher cleaner" and run.....ours had to be replaced b/c a toothpick had lodged in the motor and the motor was shot & SOOOOO LOUD we couldn't take it anymore....Good luck!


answers from Chicago on

My Bosch is beyond wonderful. I had top-of-the-line Kenmore for about 12 years and when it pooped out so many people recommended Bosch I decided to listen. I love it. Super quiet and super cleaning.



answers from New York on

J. this is a wonderful question, sorry I dont' have the answer but I feel the same way you do and would really appreciate it if you would kindly forward to me the responses you received -not sure how it's done on this website but my email address is....

thank you



answers from Seattle on

I love my kitchen aid dishwasher. I never have to rinse dishes. It has a built in food grinder for any "extras" that don't get scraped off. It simply is a great washer. I can't even remember how much it was, but I am sure it wasn't super pricey. It has stainless steel on the inside, 5 different wash cycles and a wash delay, which is the best thing ever! I can't set it to wash in the middle of the night, instead of while we are relaxing in the evening. It isn't the most quiet dishwasher in the world, but it isn't very loud either. Totally love it.



answers from New York on

I've had a Kenmore dishwasher with turbozone and ultra wash for a bit longer than a year and it's a disappointment. I wish I had gone with a Bosch.



answers from New York on

We have and Asko diswasher, and it is AMAZING. The interior is entirely stainless, and it is the quietest dishwasher I have ever heard. We never wash anything and everything always comes out clean. It is rather pricey (we bought ours 3 years ago for about $900) but it is worth every penny. Check them out.



answers from Detroit on

I bought a dishwasher last year, it's a mid-range priced Maytag. It's ok, not great, kind of chinsy compared compared to the GE that I had. However, one thing that I learned is to not go with a very cheap one. Make sure you buy a dishwasher that will break up the food and dispose of it by itself. I've heard that Bosch, Kenmore or Electrolux models are very good, but I can't say from experience only from people I know.

Hope this helps,



answers from Chicago on

To be honest with you I think that most dishwashers, not portable but regular dishwashers, I scrape the food off, put them in the dishwasher and away they go. They always come out clean. About once a month I will fill the area where the soap goes with vinegar and let it run its cycle. The vinegar will clean your dishwasher of all debris (if there is any) and you will always have clean dishes. The vinegar works as well in your microwave. Every once in a while put a 1/4c. in the microwave, set it for 2min. and at the end you just have to wipe it out. Vinegar is a great solvent and doesn't harm your appliances. Good luck!!

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