Diseases Carried by Kittens That Can Trasfer to My 11 Yr Old Twin Daughters

Updated on August 18, 2012
J.S. asks from Maumelle, AR
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One of my twin daughters has had itchy, bloody sores on her scalp and lumps on the back of her head and behind her ears that come and go. We got 2 kittens 4 months ago and one just got really sick, stopped eating and was skin and bones so I took her to the vet and found out she has FIV which is like HIV in humans. Feline Immunodefficiency Virus, which I have been told and have researched that it CANNOT be transferred to humans. What disease from kittens can be transferred from kitties to humans that might be causing her symptoms. My chiropractor said get rid of the kitties and have them tested and we had bloodwork done on my twin and are awaiting results on Monday. I have MS and am suffering from some really odd symptoms that I have not ever had since I was diagnosed 10 years ago....throwing up, nauseated, no fever, extreme pain in all my joints and lumps showing up in my wrists and in the balls of my feet. Please help. It seems too cooincidental that the cats are sick and now us???????

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So What Happened?

ok, we just got the bloodwork back on my daughter and her PCP is referring her to our Children's Hospital Infectious Disease Control....her white blood cell is low 4.3..her lymphocytes high 48.6 and her ABS SEGS very low 1.8. Anyone have any experience with what we may be up against??? Waiting to hear when our appt with infectious disease will be?

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Ringworm is not bloody, they are not bumpy, they are small, red,sometimes crusty, sometimes clear circular wounds. They dont come and go, generally they stay till treated. They can be itchy but generally they are not. This is a FUNGUS. It needs to be treated by a doctor not a Chiropractor. This doesnt sound like what you kids have. Though its a good idea to have them get to the doctor soon.

Toxoplasmosis, but this does not manifest in any sort of lesion as others have said. It is a parasitic infection and gives off flu like symptoms and swollen lymph nodes.

cryptosporidiosis, giardiasis - Parasitic. Causing digestive issues and diarrhea.

Fleas, and worms. Flea Allergies can show up as itchy, lesions about the body.

Salmonellosis - Intestinal issues, diarrhea

Cat-scratch disease - Swollen Lymph nodes, fever, fatigue, general run down, icky flu like symptoms.

Leptospirosis - stomach ailments, fatigue, fever, headaches, Muscle pain, can turn into meningitis, Hepatitis, and other issues.

Lyme Disease - carried by the actual tick that might be on the animals. These have many manifestations and not all of them are the same.

So in a nut shell. Yes cats can give you ailments. That is why you should vet cats, and take them in for shots regularly. If ONE kitten has FIV, then the other has it by now. Its passed through litter boxes, and saliva. Some FIV cats do fine there entire lives with it. ITS HIGHLY contagious to other cats, so you dont want these cats to be roaming free. Some kittens dont live long with it. Depends how compromised the immune system is. Sounds like one of them is not doing well or wont do very well. So now for your daughters. What i think and suggest is just plain old, severe allergic reaction to CATS in general. Even though they are twins, one may not be allergic and one is. I would try keeping the cats away from the girls for one week. If they improve, well its the cats. Not the disease.

You? I would suggest Cat Scratch complicated by your MS

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FIV cannot be transferred to humans and most illnesses cannot be transferred from cat to human. They could be flea bites, ringworm or scabies. Which I think can transfer if the animals are dirty or live out doors.

Cats with FIV need a lot of attention and medication so I would start calling rescues and/or shelters in your area.

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Cat Scratch Fever
Ringworm (not a worm, but actually a fungus)
Fleas (prefer cats but can go to people)
Intestinal parasites, such as roundworms
Other possibilities in people with compromised immune systems

Thing is, you cannot diagnosis this on your own. You need to have your kids seen by their pediatrician, you by your own doctor, and mention that you brought home the kittens 4 months ago. If they really suspect something from the kittens, you may need to seek out an infectious disease specialist. Not really sure how much help a chiropractor will be in a case like this. Good luck, hope you get down to the bottom of it and that's nothing serious.

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answers from Honolulu on

Yes, I also thought of Cat Scratch Fever.

Who did your bloodwork? The Chiropractor? A Doctor or Specialist?

You also have MS.
So, did you see your Doctor that you usually see for MS?
I would do that.

When you did get the cats, 4 months ago... did you take them to the Vet for shots and an exam????
Where did you get the cats, from?
Maybe they were already sickly, when you got them.

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answers from Jacksonville on

There is also the remote possibility that toxoplasmosis might have been transmitted. It's the disease that you worry about when you are pregnant and have to clean the litterbox. Weakened immune systems make you more vulnerable.
Flulike symptoms are characteristic, apparently. There is also a rare form of it called cutaneous toxiplasmosis, that can produce nodules and lesions. Obviously, it might NOT be either of these... but I would certainly bring it up to the doctor who is trying to make a diagnosis, that you have these kittens, etc...


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well until i read the whole post and just saw tthe first line where it said sores on the skin i was thinking maybe ringworm? .. but the other symptoms you talked about make me think it has to be something else

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answers from Topeka on

My MIL had mentioned cat scratch fever.

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