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Updated on September 07, 2011
G.A. asks from Apollo Beach, FL
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Has anyone ever dealt with discover card when you lost your job and cant pay, if there willing to work out something with you, and also we have payment plan with a theme park, how would that work if you cant pay your credit card, like will you still be able to go or will the theme park come after us?

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answers from Houston on

Often times, you can call and work out a payment plan. As for the theme park, it may be best just to cancel for now. Call and see what the fine print is, if there is a cancellation fee and such.

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answers from Washington DC on


You need to contact all the places and see what they can do to work this out with you - don't wait for them to fall past due and don't wait for collection calls - and YES! Theme parks WILL send you to collections for their money - especially if you have signed a contract....oh yeah - they'll get their money!!! So best to be proactive.

I don't know if they will let you still go if your account is in arrears. It would be my personal opinion to see if you can cancel the payment plan due to the job loss and not go as once in a park - you end up spending more money on food, etc.

I would STRONGLY recommend that you go to the library and borrow books by Dave Ramsey or Suze Orman to get financially fit...even with a job loss...

your best bet is to be proactive and not sit back and wait for them to contact you...don't let them go past due...

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answers from Colorado Springs on

It's well worth it to call the company right away and see if they'll work out a plan. The company would rather retrieve some money over time than none at all.

You'll also need to talk to the theme park people, and you won't be the first one to ask the question.

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answers from St. Louis on

You want to contact them now and not after everything is a mess and they are angry.

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answers from Gainesville on

Dave Ramsey is great on advice about this and has helped us a ton. He says when paying these kinds of bills you have to make sure you and your family are fed and have gas and electricity....then if you cant pay them just dont and when they are handed over to collections....those ppl will finally settle for pennies on the dollar. Just dont let all their screaming and bugging you upset you because if you cant just cant pay! I highly recommend listening to his radio shows, just google them and then you may even wish to give him a call. I have never gone wrong with his advice!

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