Disciplining My One Year Old!

Updated on February 26, 2008
J.R. asks from Bagwell, TX
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Okay, I'm a first time mother and my daughter just turned 1. I need to know if it is too soon to start trying to disciplining her. She gets into stuff a lot, which I know is typical, but I've tried telling her no and swatting her hand. When I do this, she cries for a second and reaches for the same thing over and over! I just need some advice!!

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So What Happened?

Well, redirection works!! I've been doing that, and now my daughter will hardly even get into things she's not supposed to. Thank everyone for their advice! It really worked!

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answers from Houma on

My son is turning one in less than a month. I am in the same situation as you. What works for me is be consistant. My son wants to bang the doors on our entertainment center, I'll firmly tell him no and put him in front of his toys. We have to continually teach him not to. It works. He KNOWS he's not supposed to do it. We have been doing this since he was 8 or 9 months old. He tests us now by going by the doors and he'll just look at us like "I'm going to do it", now all we have to say is Lucas, no. You don't want to wait to discipline, especially if your child is 1 now. I think parents underestimate their children. Kids understand a lot more than they think! Hope this helps!



answers from Dallas on

I know how you feel. I have twin girls that are 13 months. You just have to be consistant with her. You'll get tired of telling her no, but just keep at it. Kids just have to be reminded over and over and over again. But, don't fret to much they do learn. When my other two were little, they went through the same things, but I get told all the time how good my kids are. One thing I do is take everything that is breakable up out of reach. Things that are not to important I leave down for kinda training tools. If it gets broke oh well. Mine girls are starting to get the hang of what no means, but they forget sometimes. They really like cabnit doors and drawers. I try to give them a cabnit, I have a microwave stand in the kitchen that have doors on it. I put some of their toys in it so it keeps them busy while I cook or do dishes. Don't worry about it to much. Just have fun with her, she won't be little for long.



answers from New Orleans on

Redirection usually works :) I usually grab one of her toys and start playing with it like it's the coolest thing, then my daughter will come and want to play too lol Mine is 10 months...I also have a 6 year old and 3 year old.



answers from Jonesboro on

I have been told a child really doesn't understand NO until aroudn 15-18 months. But, never too early to start to see if she's an early learner.
When she is grabbing for stuff what i do with my 14 mo old is: take his lil hand place it in mine just over my fingers and slap my palm. It makes a loud clap and I say NO! He never gets contact but thinks a second before doing it. This is ONLY after trying redirecting first a few times.
Good luck at this age they are curious about EVERYTHING!

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