Direct TV Vs. Xfinity Vs. Uverse

Updated on May 18, 2012
J.P. asks from Sugar Land, TX
9 answers

We are paying around $156 a month for standard cable,
and premium channels (HBO and STARZ) and two HD/DVR boxes.
This bill does not include internet or cell phones or
land lines.
Do you recommend any of the three listed above.
I feel like I'm paying too much.
Do you ever lose your tv signal with any of the three?

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answers from College Station on

We have DirecTV and LOVE it. Would never go back to standard cable. We pay $100 for 2 HD boxes (one a DVR) and no premium channels.

My brother had Uverse in Austin and liked it and my dad had FiOS is Plano and is very happy with it.

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answers from San Antonio on

We had DirecTV and hated it. Lost signal with every single rainstorm! We switched to cable as soon as it was in our area (GVTC) - $157/mo for standard, one HD/DVR box plus broadband internet.



answers from San Francisco on

We had Directv for about 11 years and then Uverse became available in our neighborhood. We switched because hubs works for AT&T and we are paying about 1/2 of what we paid for Directv with more features. I loved Directv and would have stayed with them had it not been for the smokin deal on Uverse. I will caution you though that we had problems with the actual DVR box with both companies. It's basically a computer and very susceptible to crashing. Can't tell you how many hours of shows we had recorded and lost because the DVR box failed.


answers from Dallas on

We have Uverse and our bill is about $120 I think. We LOVE Uverse! We have 3 dvrs, it never goes out, we have the top 300 channels with Starz and Cinemax.



answers from Washington DC on

I have DirecTV and we pay @ $130 a month and we only have HBO, one HD/DVR box and one HD box. Personally, I would get rid of DirecTV in a second if my husband didn't want it for the NFL package. I think they are extremely expensive and where I used to say that there customer service was the best I ever received, my last experience with them left me with an awful taste in my mouth for them.



answers from Clarksville on

I vote Uverse, I had it before I moved. We only pay $120/ month, had two boxes, internet and phone. The only time it was out was when the power went out. We had tons of channels and between the two boxes we could do 6 different things at once, like watch two show and record 4 shows or just record 6 shows. It was really nice.



answers from Houston on

I use Xfinity, but I believe Direct TV is the cheapest.


answers from St. Louis on

Our Uverse is 146 a month with the highest speed internet they offer. I think the TV package is the U200 so clearly fast internet is more important to me than premium channels.

I think the U400 which has all the premium channels is another 20 or 30 a month.

Oh we also pay an extra ten for two more boxes so if you don't need five TVs hooked up it is ten dollars less. :p


answers from New York on

We have had DirecTV for almost 10 years now, and we hardly ever lose the signal. The only time we lose it is just before it is going to rain very hard; by the time the rain is actually here, our signal is back (few minutes tops). We have 4 boxes (2 standard, 2 HD) with the whole-house DVR, upgraded package (which includes HBO & Starz channels & upgraded sports package & additional music channels). (No phone or internet bundled with DirecTV.) We are currently paying $125/month. Sounds like you are paying quite a bit for what you have. We love our DirecTV. We won't switch to cable, even though it's cheaper. The channel selection is much better (including Sprout & NFL Network), the picture is superior, and the DVR stores so much more than the cable DVR available here.

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