Difficulty with Public Restroom Diaper Changing

Updated on March 04, 2008
D.W. asks from Walled Lake, MI
4 answers

My son is 19 months old. He has recently begun to be very difficult when diaper changing. At home, I can sing, give him a toy, book, or some other object to distract him.

However, when I'm out in a public place and take him to the restroom where they have those changing stations, it is next to impossible now to change him. He gets close to hysterical when I try to change him. If it's a wet diaper, I can wait it out, but if it's poopy, I have to change it. I do the same things I do at home (singing, toys, etc.), but they don't work there. I know they have the strap, but he just ends up turning over onto his stomach once I get him strapped in. The past couple times, I've had to take him home, but luckily we were on our way out anyway. If I had 4 hands, then I could probably do it with no problem.

Does anyone have any tips or ideas of how they got through this? I'm sure I'm not the only one whose had this problem!


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answers from Grand Rapids on

D., maybe this sounds really stupid but have you tried changing him while letting him stand up? He is getting to the age where he is asserting his indepence, and maybe the changing table scares him. Any way, before lots of those tables were in restaurants I changed my daughter, who always pooped when we went out to eat, standing up. K.



answers from Benton Harbor on

I know with my son, alot of times I just change him in the car. Just be firm so he knows you mean business and dont give in. Whatever you decide to do, just be consistant.



answers from Detroit on

Does your stroller recline all the way back? If so, maybe try reclining him, unstrap him, and put the pad under his tush to change him.

Or, Pampers makes Easy-ups diapers for young children that are like pull-ups. They are absorbant like a diaper. We used to use these for when we would go out in public and our kids were too big for the changing tables. When he is poopy, rip open the sides (like a diaper) and carefully pull straight down while trying to trap as much as you can. If it is well forms, you can just pull them down like underwear. You can then dump it in the toilet. Then wipe him as best you can. He may cooperate more because he is being more like you.



answers from Detroit on

My daughter is 20 months and is a bear to change at times also. If she gets out of hand I use a very stern voice while looking into her eyes and she knows I mean business and just lays there. You have to set limits with children. If you let them always call the shots they will start running you and not the other way around. Little ones are SO SMART! They want to do what they want when they want period. You have to change that cycle or it will just get worse!
Good Luck,
J. in Macomb

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