Difference Between Training Pants and Pull-ups?

Updated on August 01, 2010
K.V. asks from Northville, MI
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Hi there,
My daughter is ready - whether I am or not is another thing - to be potty trained. She's been going every day or several times a day on her small potty. I think we're ready for a step out of diapers. What is the difference between training pants and pull-ups? Thanks for your help!

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answers from Denver on

Personally, pull-ups delayed the process for my daughter because they were too much like diapers. She was a very busy little girl and since going in a pull-up was like going in a diaper, if she was playing and didn't want to leave her toy to go potty, she didn't have to.

However, when we switched to training pants, they - and her clothes became wet when she didn't go to the potty and she hated that! All of sudden, it was worth it to take a break from her toy to go potty!! :)

Good luck-

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answers from Detroit on

nothing that i am aware of. if they they pee in them they only have two pee periods and than they leak so. I have my almost 3 year old in them right now because diapers don't fit her anymore she was doing the potty thing for a month when i was 6 months pregnant thought cool have her in underwear in no time nope she stopped and refuses now the babies 13 weeks thursday and the almost 3 year old won't go on the potty. it's amazing any way for night time i use good night on her its the only difference between a pull up and good night is that a good nights just as absorbant as a diaper and pull up isn't also don't get the cheap ones they don't hold as well. i tried them. the cheap pull ups for during the day are good but the night time ones are a no no!! good luck i think its awesome take easier. i have 5 kids the first two girl and boy was a wip ti train the third was ok she does well but the 4th hang it up. so have fun there a blessing!!



answers from Kalamazoo on

Training pants are thick underwear rather then an absorbent diaper.



answers from Appleton on

Around the house I had my little ones wear training pants so they felt when they were wet. Yes I washed ALOT of training pants, but I believe they learned that they had to get to the toilet faster. When they wore the pull-ups they didn't have to interrupt playtime to get to the bathroom. I didn't remind them or say much, I just picked up the wet pants and washed them. They "got it" on thier own.
Pull ups are great when you are going on a trip or to the store.
My babies are 14,16 & 19 now, lol.



answers from Detroit on

It has been 25 years since we potty trained (and there were no pull ups invented) ; however, I found if I waited till my kids were ready; once we put on fancy underwear (Princess, Mickey Mouse, Superheroes) we didn't go back. I think it would have sent mixed messages. We did us "training pants" for the initial first week of potty training IF we had to go out. And we did use a diaper at night initially. But, at home, esp the first week, they would wear a t-shirt and their underwear and no shorts so we could get there in a hurry. We planned to have a "stay at home" week for the most part. I always believe in striving for success with my kiddos and this is another area for that. Have fun.



answers from San Francisco on

Training pants are like underwear that can hold a little bit ore than regular underwear. Some have a plastic outer layer. The child notices and is uncomfortable when wet or soiled.
Pull-ups are disposable diapers shaped like underwear.

When I trained my son, I just removed all diapers and let him bare bottom, but, as your daughter, he was ready.
At night, I would put him Huggies pull-ups because they had images that disappear when the diaper is wet, Before going to bed, my son would look at the image and tell me that he didn't want the image to disappear and in the morning, we checked. After he was 2 weeks without any disappearing image, we stopped pull ups at night, too.


answers from Dover on

Training pants are thick cloth diapers which you can cover with plastic pants to avoid huge messes. Pull-Ups are disposable training pants (made by diaper companies...Huggies and Pampers etc.). The problem w/ training pants is you have to wash them and that can be very messy. Pull Ups are convenient but they can leak, the problem with them are that they are diaper like and some kids see it as ok to still go potty in them because they are just diapers anyway.



answers from Portland on

Hi there,

My son recently made the step up to training pants.
Training pants are typically thick cloth underwear. They're designed to catch little leaks, so that when the child has a small accident whilst getting to the potty, the trainers keep the little drip contained. (I say contained as compared to thinner child's underpants, which hold nothing at all.) Training pants usually have layers of cloth much like a diaper, but allow children to practice pulling their underwear on and off, which they will need to learn. As far as training pants go, you can find them just about anywhere--I believe Gerber makes some, and it's likely many in-store brands exist. We spent some money and purchased the Hanna Andersen ones, because they are thicker and the fabric holds up very well. It was an investment, and as we are constanty washing these trainers, a good one. And yes, my son can feel when he's wet, because while they hold little drips, a full-on accident will still result in wet pants--a great motivator for staying dry.

Pull-up style diapers are just that: diapers. Some families like to use them, and they can be convenient, esp. if you are on the go. When I nannied children who were partial to pull-ups, I often limited their use to trips out of the house; otherwise, if they wanted a diaper, that's what they wore. I wish pull-ups had never been invented. Truly. They tend to prolong/delay toilet learning because the child cannot feel themselves be wet. (The fact that they had to add a chemical to make the diaper feel cold to signal the child is pretty telltale.--and do we want our kids wearing a chemical near their reproductive organs?) Children confuse the styling of the pull-up with underpants, too. We personally use a paper diaper for out of the house trips or overnights, and offer our son training pants or cloth diapers during the day at home.

If you are concerned about leaks and protecting the furniture, you can always use a diaper wrap over training pants, or rubber pants that typically go over cloth diapers. The point in all this is to let them experience the wet trainers and diapers so that they develop their own motivation to stay dry. Pull-ups are truly more convenient for parents in the short term, but deprive the child of the natural consequence of wetting themselves. Oh, and as for the mess, we just shake out any solid waste and then launder appropriately. (I should add though, that my son is highly motivated to use the toilet, so we don't have the mushed-in poop some parents have to deal with. I do know some moms who just bought lots of cheap trainers and threw away the poopy ones...each to their own, eh?:))

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