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Updated on January 29, 2008
B.R. asks from Ocoee, FL
24 answers

I was wondering if anyone tried Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, or any of the other types of diets and had success? They have a deal right now with Jenny Craig of loose 20 pounds for $20. But of course you have to pay for the food. Which is where they make their income. I was wondering if anyone knew how much the food was? Do they deliver it to your house or you go get it at a store or center? I'm trying dieting to loose 20 pounds (15 pounds more likely).

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answers from Punta Gorda on

My mom in law has had geat success with the weight watchers program. She lost about 30lbs and because she learned to eat the food in her life in moderation, it was easeir for her to keep off.

Good Luck!



answers from Gainesville on

Hi B.,

I lost 20lbs just watching what I eat and walking everyday. I used the free website

You can do weigh ins, keep track of calories, and keep track of exercise.

I just used it to stay within my daily caloric limits and lost 20lbs in 3 months since joining.

I need to lose another 20lbs and have since plateaued and have joined Weight Watchers with a friend, and its really great to attend the meetings and speak out about having a common goal, losing weight.

There are people in the meetings that have lost so much weight and have the same struggles as I do, its good motivation. There is one guy that has almost lost 100lbs, he hasn't even been a member for a year.

Being around people who are successful as well as people who are going through the same things you are, helps (I think) the weight loss.

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answers from Tallahassee on

I've tried WW, JC, and NS and the one that I had the most success with was Weight Watchers b/c I could eat food I liked and didn't feel confined to eating prepackaged foods. I found JC and NS to be expensive and some of the food I couldn't even stomach.



answers from Sarasota on

Hi B.,
I lost 30 pounds last year on Jenny Craig, in spite of 2 weddings in the family (one my own son!) and the holidays!

The food can be expensive unless you really do buy less at the grocery store. Also, you can get discounts on the food depending on the program you buy into, and how much food you buy.

I augmented their foods with veggies and fruit, as they suggest. They don't deliver, as far as I know. The Sarasota store is convenient for me, so it worked out well.

The idea is 3 meals, controlled portions (hence buying their food), plus 2 or 3 snacks per day. They offer support, which I didn't schedule. I found a few favorite meals and pretty much stayed with them.

I haven't had any trouble getting back to "real food," although some people find that an issue with these programs.

I haven't done any kind of nutritional comparison between programs.

Hope this basic info helps. Good luck with whatever you choose!
M. M.



answers from Tampa on

With Jenny Craig, you go in weekly and meet with your assigned counselor. My mother in law goes and pays about $97/week for her food. She is loosing very little - like 1/2 lb a week. Weight Watchers is the best in my opinion. It's the cheapest adn you buy and make your own food and the family can eat the same thing you eat. Good Luck!



answers from Orlando on

Hi B.,

I have used almost all of them and finally had success with a plan that I help others with. I've gone down 8 sizes. This is not at all to pressue anyone into looking at what I have, my I do tell my story and have some pictures in a blog (soon to be web site)

I am passionate about helping others who want to lose weight because I've had such great I love how the plan has helped my health so much, when other plans have been harmful to my health...

Also, our company guarantees results with the products or your money back.

So, if you want to read my story, or find out more, feel free to visit.

M. Caskey



answers from Jacksonville on

OY! I've tried Metabolic Research Center, the one who guarantees that you can loose 50 lbs in 15 weeks, eating normal food and eating out.

Total BS!

You can't eat out, only 1 time a week or you're 'off program' You HAVE to buy protein drinks and foods to eat 6 to 8 times a day or you're 'off program' You HAVE to buy expensive vitamins and suppliments to take 3 to 4 times daily or you're 'off program'.

All of these things add up to about $35. per day to stay on program. This does not count the cost of your food that you buy at the grocery store.

In the end, I did loose 20 lbs in 5 weeks. Unfortunately, it cost me $1,200 to do it and I quit because I couldn't take it financially anymore.

I'm dying to go back to Weight Watchers again. I'd check them out first.



answers from Orlando on

Try Weight Watchers. It has worked for me and everyone else I know that has tried it. I lost close to 40 lbs last year and didn't feel like I was dieting. It helped my family lose weight and learn how to be healthy too. You don't have to buy their food. The leaders are very motivating and a weekly weigh in keeps you accountable. I would try this before anything else and see how you like it.



answers from Orlando on

I'm starting a Holistic Health and Nutrition study group at the end of this month. The topics include Food and Nutrition, Weight Loss and Children's Nutrition. The nutrition I teach will help you understand how to get all the nutrients you need without worrying about calories and portions. This is a long term solution to health and wellness, not a diet plan! You will lose weight without risking your health because you will learn how to prepare nutritionally dense whole foods and how to sleep better, fit more exercise into your schedule, handle stress, etc.

It's $30 to register, which includes your study guide, plus $5 per meeting you attend. The study group is 6 weeks but then you can join my Yahoo group and continue to check in and email me with questions free of charge. I have meetings in Longwood/Lake Mary and College Park but I'm willing to start study groups in other areas if you have at least 3 other friends who would like to join.

Send me a Private message for details.

G. G., Certified Health Educator



answers from Memphis on

i have tried jenny craig after having my first child. it was very expensive b/c of the food and very strict. they had the same $20 special then too.i did not have good results at all---

a few years ago i did weight watchers and loved it. i lost 20lbs and could go out to eat, eat at parties etc. it was so easy-- plus you shop for everything at the grocery store. i would reccommend doing that instead.

good luck. M.



answers from Sarasota on

I was on Jenny Craig for about a year. Lost about 20 pounds, and I enjoyed the food for the most part. Whatever I didn't like, I'd substitute for something else. Lots of choice, good desserts, etc. I also loved having the one-on-one support and would have been MUCH more successful if I'd chosen to stick to the plan and continue with good eating habits once I'd stopped... which I didn't! MY OWN FAULT, not the fault of Jenny Craig. It can be quite expensive, especially in the beginning, so I will say don't be fooled by the 20 for $20 part. But they were really WONDERFUL, and I kick myself often when I walk by the door of the Sarasota Jenny Craig on my way to Publix... I see the posters of Kirstie Alley and now Valerie Bertinelli and know it could have been me!
Also, I think the most success-- permanently-- I've ever known anyone to have is on Weight Watchers. Much less expensive, buy your own food, etc. There are a bunch of different plans, so you can tailor it to your own needs. I lost about 15 pounds after my first child on WW, and I still use quite a few of the recipes. Once again, the failure comes from temptations of donuts, not enough exercise, and pizza night with the kids. My own failure, not the program.
Good luck on your quest. I envy your willingness to go for it!



answers from Jacksonville on

I tried Nutrisystem. I think it started to work-I felt skinnier. The food is not that great. There are some really good things but the majority is kinda blah-yuck. The best part of it is that it teaches you portion control-how much/how little you should really eat. I tried it last year and still have a box UNOPENED in my cuppord and am still paying for it. Good Luck!



answers from Tampa on

I have never tried one of the programs. I always walked the weight off. With my youngest though I couldn't do this. My doctor put me on a diet plan that was flexible with the recipes and this still did not work for me. I just moved to a warmer climate two months ago. I not walk again and yesterday managed to walk 1.6 miles on my daily walk. I do regular walking as part of my life as well, but then I also do a daily walk just to push the limits. This combined with portion sizing. I don't watch calories, I just watch how many servings I am having in a day. I was really eating a lot. Smaller servings throughout the day will help your metabolism come back up, and it will help with energy as well.



answers from Melbourne on

Many years ago I was on Nutrisystem and it worked well. My only issue was I got tired of eating prepackaged foods. When I stopped the program, I put all the weight back on. This time I started walking on the treadmill and worked up to running. I spend 1 hour every other day and it has worked. This has worked. I cannot run on the pavement, but with the treadmill I went from walking 4 miles in the hour to now running over 6 miles. It has taken about 5 months though, but it is the only thing that has kept my weight off.

Good luck.



answers from Naples on

Hi B.,
I'm not sure if you would be interested but I offer classes to help women get in shape. The classes are called Baby Boot Camp and you can bring your son in a stroller and get a great workout. This is a healthy way to get in shape while being able to also eat healthy, without feeling like you are starving yourself. Just a thought. You are more than welcome to come attend a free class at Lakes Park or Miromar Outlets. Just go to our website and look up our area; and press the button for Request a free class. Good luck in your weightloss!



answers from San Francisco on

Hi, My name is G. and I am A positive lifesytle coach and counselor
I have a product i recommend to my clients called the 5 day nutritive cleanse.
Not only will you lose weight you will cleanse your body at the sametime.
you will lose about 5 -7 pounds and that will get you motivated in eating right.
Then I can help you with what you are eating.
If You are interested and want more info contact me @
the cleanse costs about 140 dollars
it is worth every pennie and then I help you for free.
God Bless



answers from Los Angeles on

32 pounds, 3 cup sizes, and 5 inches from my abs GONE GONE GONE!!!! Extremely healthy nutritonal cleansing program. I have kept it off for almost 2 years.

It is natural and it works. It is guaranteed so you have nothing to lose, but the fat.




answers from Tampa on

i have heard that the best long term solution is Weight Watchers (i saw where they are running a special as well no registration for meetings). I have a girlfriend who credits them for her 75 lb weight loss ( along with hypnosis). They teach you how to eat for life and it changes your relationship with food. The support system is also a good thing ( I am thinking about joining myself...)
Good Luck...



answers from Fort Walton Beach on

Hi B.,

I don't know anything about either Nutrisystem or Jenny Craig except they use the Glycemic index for dieting. You can google the index and get some cooking books and do you own thing and can dodge the preservatives in the prepackaged foods. (Preservatives slow weight loss down.)

The Glycemic index is actually the way we should all be eating. It will prevent and can reverse diabetes in some cases that are not too far gone. My mother, and then I, controlled my Dad's diabetes for 49 years of his life. He is now in a nursing home, at the age of 89, and I am still controlling it with the Glycemic index, even with him on a feeding tube.





answers from Tampa on

This is what worked for me: I went from a size 12 to a size 4/6 in 30 days and kept it off. It was simple to follow and I created healthy habits that have kept the weight off for 2 1/2 years. My little boy (almost 3) drinks the shakes every day for breakfast - it is just about nutrition.

Contact me if you have any questions!
- S.



answers from Tampa on


I have ben trough Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem. The food on Nutrisystem is Horrible and I only did it for 1 week before returning the unused food. I guess that you could consider that a bonus point for them since they do take thefood back and give you a refund.

I did weight watchers online and have had mixed results, based on my own efforts. Does it work?? Sure and I think it is he best way to go because it teaches you to handle "real life" food. I guess the best way to go with them is to walk in one of their centers and particicpate in the weigh ins as that will make you more accountable for your progress.

Jenny Craig works very well too. I did that when I was single and lived alone, and it was great to come home and not have to think about what to make for dinner. i could see that being more of a problem when you have a family and everyone else is waiting for dinner on the table, and you have to cook anyway...I guess as long as you eat your pre packaged JC meal and don't nosh on your families meal you will do OK. As I remember it cost about $80-90 / week, but that was 10 years ago.

I wish you good luck!!



answers from Lakeland on

The best for me is Weight Watchers,join them and also start moving,i.e. the gym,walk,clean the house,take the stairs,etc.

Good luck,



answers from Tampa on

Glory Medical Center! This place saved my life! I was 251 pounds August 2006 & by April 2007 I was 140 pounds. They have a website with info Theres a pic of me, but its not my final pic (im the one in the grey shirt). Please email me w/any questions...I'll be happy to help. Good Luck!



answers from Tampa on

My husband lost over 40, my daughter (14) lost 45 so far and I lost 22 pounds. The key was the Matol plan. They have a system that retrains your pancreas so that you do not gain the weight back again and do not lose muscle while losing. It works. If you want to look into it you can look at joconnor/ and then look in the health center area for the matol diet, there is a complete explanation and additional info to listen online to. I'm very happy with how fast we lost (the expense was viewed as a medical expense to me) It's more of a short protocol and after that you just eat healthy at phase 4.

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