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Updated on July 25, 2007
B.M. asks from Sterling Heights, MI
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Has anyone ever received prescription diet pills from a Doctor? If you have how did they work? ThanksFor your time

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answers from Detroit on

Hi, B.!

I know the frustration of dieting and losing weight. I seem to always be needing to do more of it myself but I don't think I can warn enough people about this. I was in the test study for Orlistat which is now being sold as Alli. This is really disgusting! It is now over the counter but it seems that a lot of people are on the bandwagon. The pill blocks your intestines so the fat goes right through you without being absorbed. However, you can't always control WHEN it goes through you. They are now warning you by saying you should carry extra clothes. YOU ARE GOING TO NEED THEM!

The supplemental information also says that it wouldn't happen if you didn't eat any fat in the first place. If you cut out the fat, you would lose the weight without the pill. The loss rate and long-term losses are so minimal that it isn't worth the embarassment.

A friend of mine did try the prescription route since she was morbidly obese and she was so jittery, either from the caffeine or the thought of becoming addicted, she was too scared to keep trying. So that is all I can offer for that route.

Good luck. I know it is hard and I have to begin again. I lost 80 pounds in a year by counting calories and exercising every day. I had my kids and, while my diet isn't too bad, I haven't got the hour each day to devote to aerobics so I regained about half. I'll be watching, though, in case someone else comes up with a better response.


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answers from Benton Harbor on

Hi B.~
Yes, I have a while ago and the doc I work for has some patients on them. It's a controversial topic so I'll send you what I know in a message.



answers from Detroit on

Hi B.,

I was on a prescription for Adipex several years ago and I lost around 30 lbs on it. I did gain the weight back though which is my own fault for going back to bad eating habits and not taking the time to exercise. The pill didn't make me jittery or keep me up at night like some of the others that I had tried in the past and it did a great job of curbing my appetite. I would definitely take them again but I want to be in the right mind frame to actually make changes to keep the weight off this time.

Ultimately it's up to you and your doctor to decide what is right for you.

Good Luck!!




answers from Detroit on

I am currently taking Phentermine (generic for Adipex). I have been taking it for about a week. My doctor has me taking only half a pill. The first day I noticed I had lots of energy for about an hour after I took it. The second day, I felt pretty normal. I have noticed that I am eating alot less, and not thinking about food all the time. My problem was that I was constantly eating, whether I was hungry or not. I am diabetic (not because of my weight, I have been diabetic since I was 8) and would like to lose weight before trying for baby #2. I only need to lose about 15lbs. Good luck and let us know what happens.



answers from Detroit on

Dear B.,

I work for Arbonne International and we have an incredible diet program that is SAFE and you get results.

If you are interested in hearing more, email me back. Actually it is a great part time (home based business too). You could earn your product for free and have it be safe. I went on there weight loss program, lost 10 lbs. in two weeks and have not gained it back. I felt so healthy and with two children it was just what I needed!!! I not only lost the weight, I felt as though I was a teenager again! That is why I started to sell the product. You can have a home presentation where I explain it in detail and you earn free product too!

Let me know your thoughts.

My website is if interested.

Good Luck!


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